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  1. does anyone have a Facebook page or alternative site where the Irish group chat and all so I can stay connected and in touch until the game is released.
  2. I'm sure there is but I'd love to get at least a small local community going. But for tournaments and such yeah I'd go down to Dublin.
  3. Hey all. So i'm fairly new to this world of L5R and with the help of a few friends and playing the RPG I've fallen in love with this setting and cannot wait for this new card game. (so many restless nights just thinking of my Lion deck) But unfortunately our area sees very little of any other card game that isn't Yu Gi Oh, Magic or Vanguard. Game of Thrones sadly never took off and nor did Netrunner. But I want this card game to work . Currently there are only 2 dedicated players for this game (me and a friend) and we are trying to locate anyone in the county Down area of Northern Ireland to reach out to me and join us when this game releases. It would be great to get a community going and even to make some new friends. I'm based in Bangor so hopefully there is someone who wants to join us Leave a message and if you wanna chat
  4. So I Want to run an AOR campaign but I can't seem to find anywhere to buy this book at it's regular price range. Cheapest I have found is around £90 and I ain't paying that much. Hoping someone here might be able to point me in the right direction to buy a book. I have the PDF but I always prefer the book.
  5. I live in Northern Ireland, UK and I've been looking everywhere for places that would sell some of the EoE source books but all I can find is amazon selling some of them. I'm still looking for "special Modifications" and "Far Horizons" would anyone in the UK or around Europe know of any good online retailers who would be selling these?
  6. Hey guys. I'm gonna be running a session soon with some friends coming back from University and I kinda want to get a GM screen to help with the game. I can't seem to find any for sale anywhere. Does anyone know where I could possibly get one? Thanks Davis
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