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  1. rsdockery

    Guardians of the Abyss Q.

    The possible rewards are as follows: John & Jessie Burke Cost 4 Asset (ally slot) 4 health, 2 sanity Ally. Government. [Action] Exhaust John & Jessie Burke and deal them 1 damage: Choose an enemy in a connecting location. Move to that enemy's location. Then, engage that enemy and deal it 1 damage. Ancient Ankh Cost 3 Asset (accessory slot) 3 sanity Item. Relic. Uses (4 charges). [Response] When an investigator at your location would fail a test by 1 or more, spend 1 charge: That investigator fails by 1 instead (even if he or she automatically failed). Khopesh of the Abyss Cost 4 Asset (2 hand slots) Item. Weapon. Relic. Melee. [Action]: Fight. You get +3 strength and deal +1 damage for this attack. [Response] After you defeat an enemy using Khopesh of the Abyss, exhaust it: Choose and enemy at another revealed location. Disengage from each enemy engaged with you and move to the chosen enemy's location. Then, engage that enemy. Summoned Nightgaunt Cost 4 Asset Monster. Nightgaunt. Power. Uses (3 whistles). If Summoned Nightgaunt has no whistles, or if it leaves play, remove it from the game. [Action] Spend 1 whistle and take 1 horror: Evade. Automatically evade all non-Nightgaunt enemies engaged with you and move to any revealed location.
  2. You can also do it in Forgotten Age if you deliberately throw the first mission. The first token only gets added when you deal with Itchaca; after that, you can navigate around all the other tokens by taking the "forge your own path" route but not actually forging your own path. Good luck getting the rest of your team to go along with your plan.
  3. rsdockery

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    You're right; two willpower seems reasonable.
  4. rsdockery

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    First off, here's the ad that's got everyone excited (check page 11). That would be absurdly overpowered. It's basically a free +1 to every for everyone at your location, with an additional +1 when there's 3+ doom on the table. Not even a level 5 Exceptional card should be quite that strong. The actual text is: "While there are three or more doom [...] Prophecy gains ? (while th[...] doom in play, Prophecy g[...]"; it probably just gains a willpower icon at reduced doom levels.
  5. I've checked that myself, assuming the best possible chaos bag (WDA expert, no additional tokens) and three sealed symbols. If you take into account the resources you burn on Protective Incantation (because you have to seal skulls with them to work with Wan, when you're normally better off sealing large negative numbers), you're netting one resource per round above just trading your action for a resource. That makes him an absurdly finnicky Dario El-Amin without the static bonuses. He's potentially useful for a party that wants to transfer resources from the mystics to the rogue, but how often does that seem appealing? He only gets powerful if you throw in a Seal of the Seventh Sign as well, to seal literally every negative symbol in the bag. That'll quickly get you set for life. Of course, by the time you get there, you should have Hot Streak anyway, so why bother?
  6. Using Medicine doesn't just prevent physical trauma: It cures the poison altogether.
  7. rsdockery

    Please fix "Heart of the Elders" scenario A

    Only if you get defeated. Like I said, the problem is that you're better off running at the first sign of trouble instead of actually making a decent effort. If you compare Doom of Eztli, that scenario gets harder each time you repeat it until eventually you either blow up the temple or get everyone killed and have Alejandro steal the relic himself. With Heart of the Ancients (A), each replay gets easier, because you retain your act progress. It has to get easier, because there's no alternative to failure beyond just playing again. If there's going to be a retry option, there needs to be both a penalty to failure beyond the usual penalties for defeat and an alternative solution so players eventually have a way out (whether they get buried under the penalties or just want to move on). Imagine, for instance, that Heart of the Elders (A) gave you a choice when you failed: You could either blow up the door by force, gaining 5 Yig's Fury for each missing pillar, or you could try again the next day, adding one (cumulative) doom to Mouth of K'n-yan that persists through agendas and into Part B. That gives you a way out of the rut and penalizes you for running away.
  8. rsdockery

    Return to the Dunwich Legacy

    I'd like to see this table of yours. Anyway, there's no need to replace one-offs like the basic cultists, since they can just add the replacements directly to the scenario set (so the new cultists show up in "Return to Essex County" rather than "Dark Cults 2: Cult Darker!").
  9. rsdockery

    Please fix "Heart of the Elders" scenario A

    You do still get the experience points for cleaning up Boundary Beyond, and you need to earn at least three pillars if you want to restore Ichtaca's faith. Otherwise, I agree completely.
  10. rsdockery


    Here's how it works: You successfully evade an enemy with Hatchet Man x3 + Double or Nothing. This effectively triggers six successful uses of Hatchet Man, dealing +6 damage the next time the enemy is damaged. You successfully attack that same enemy with a +1 damage weapon and Double or Nothing (not Machete, unless you're willing to spend an action re-engaging the evaded foe). This doubles the attack's damage, so the enemy takes 4 damage. Then, the ongoing Hatchet Man effect resolves, dealing 6 more damage, for a total of 10 damage. You do not double Hatchet Man's damage with the second test's Double or Nothing. Hatchet Man does not increase the damage of the attack; it's an entirely separate damage-dealing effect that your attack happens to trigger.
  11. The cycle system helps keep people excited about the product. If they only released one giant set every year or so, people would forget about the game in the meantime.
  12. rsdockery

    Splashing multi-class cards?

    Sure, the preview articles have been wrong before, and they've even changed their minds on unintuitive rulings in the past (remember when ? icons didn't count as other icons for Essex County Express?). I'd be thrilled if they did the same here. That's true for Seeker/Survivor, but not Mystic/Survivor or Mystic/Seeker. Marie's deckbuilding rules say "other Seeker and/or Survivor cards." If they're also Mystic cards, they don't count towards the quota, for the same reason Seeker and Survivor Spells don't count. "Other" means you don't count them towards the quota if they qualify via one of the earlier deckbuilding options.
  13. rsdockery

    Forgotten age difficulty...(sigh)

    At least Depths of Yoth has a defined endpoint. Sure, you're running around in circles and doing a lot of the same things again, but you're also racing against a clock, so you've got a reason to keep going. That really shouldn't be an upside, since every scenario is supposed to be a race against the clock, but Heart of the Elders (Part I) can literally end with no change whatsoever in the state of the campaign. The ideal strategy in Heart of the Elders is just to resign whenever things look the least bit hairy and wait for a decent run of luck to slowly chip away at the pillars. (Also, Heart of the Elders (Part I) is just The Untamed Wilds. Exact same mechanics, with one Location and less than half the Mythos deck swapped out. I like this campaign more than most, but even I'm never going to defend this scenario.)
  14. rsdockery

    A Dunwich campaign log question

    There's a little more lore on some of the new enemies and treacheries (eg Disciple of the Devourer and Umôrdhoth’s Hunger). Plus, the new cultists are now canonical Arkham Files supporting characters: Some of them show up in AH 3e's Umôrdhoth scenario. Don't expect an entirely separate side quest or anything, but we'll likely get some flavor text that sheds a bit more light on the world.
  15. rsdockery

    Splashing multi-class cards?

    I was using Jim because he's a direct comparison to Marie. Both have limited access to Seeker, but Marie doesn't count Scroll of Secrets against it. If dual-class cards are so powerful that they need to count as both when a quota's involved, then why does Marie get to sidestep it? If it's not a balance issue, then why complicate things needlessly? It's not a "side effect." Dual-class cards didn't exist before Circle Undone. They wrote the rules. They could've written "you may count dual-class cards as either of their printed classes for the purpose of deckbuilding." They could've alternatively written "dual-class cards count as both of their printed classes; thus, you cannot include a dual-class card unless you can include cards of both its classes at its level." Instead, they wrote "dual-class cards count as both of their printed classes except when you cannot include any cards of that class and level; then they just count as whichever one you want." Look, if they were treating dual-class cards consistently in all cases, and that consistency resulted in some weird side effect for certain investigators, I wouldn't be complaining here. It's like how Lola can just take two copies of Shrewd Analysis to help fulfill her seven-card Seeker quota, even though she'll never be able to actually use Shrewd Analysis. I personally don't do it, because I think it's cheesy, but I recognize that it's a legally valid play. That's not the case. They've designed dual-class cards to work inconsistently, but thanks to a single adjective, that inconsistency only matters in a handful of cases. And that handful of cases does not benefit the game in a manner commensurate with the added complexity: The only Dunwich investigator that needs a nerf is Rex, and lack of access to multiclass cards isn't going to slow him down in the slightest.