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  1. I just got Weaver via Team Covenant, but still no sign of Dexter from Asmodee.
  2. I don't see any risks being amplified, unless you mean that he can't take Moonlight Ritual and/or Sacrifice to get doom off the table in a hurry. In fact, Pete's actually safer than most Mystics, since he gets twice as many resources per round from Renfield without increasing doom. You can, for instance, trigger Renfield twice in the first round of an Agenda, then get four resources per round from him until it's time to kill him off (your ideal teammate here is probably Leo or Tommy, who both provide plenty of non-unique Allies to force him out with Flare or Chance Encounter). A Mystic can only pull that off in an extremely long agenda, and even then only for a handful of rounds.
  3. Oh, and obviously you should play the Bloodborne OST if you're doing Rougarou.
  4. It's exactly what they're showing in the picture: Postcard-sized pieces of artwork.
  5. I mean, the game does explicitly tell you that "you are missing something" if you try to stay on the path.
  6. I'd say she probably still prefers non-action tomes. The once-per-game effect isn't good enough to offset having a bunch of assets you can't use properly. Of course, what she really wants is tomes that have both action and non-action effects, like Pnakotic Manuscripts.
  7. I like it. It implies you've become somewhat unstuck from time and are constantly haunted by vague memories of things that haven't happened yet. It's especially thematic for the Fortune and Spirit exile cards, since from your own perspective, you just suddenly realize what's going to happen and react in advance.
  8. It does not say you move one location at a time, so you can (and must) teleport directly to the chosen location.
  9. By "front side," I meant using Original Daisy's ability with Parallel Daisy's deckbuilding.
  10. That was my first thought as well. Even if you manage to trigger four Tomes simultaneously, that just means you've been spending most of the scenario with four hand slots blocked with Will boosters (since, realistically, you won't be using more than one--maybe two--action Tomes at once). If all you want is the Will boost, you can always just hold the Cameras instead. I think the ideal use case for her is to just ignore the once-per-game effect and load yourself up with non-action Tomes. It's easier to make use of multiple passive effects, after all. I mostly agree with you, but bear in mind that her Tome access will only get better later on. As I've said before, Parallel Daisy is the only investigator who can combo Book of Shadows (3) with Archaic Glyphs (Guiding Stones), which is quite potent if you keep her front side.
  11. Luxley + Glyphs is a fun combo for Joe, and it's probably better for Parallel Daisy since she doesn't have much else in the way of self-defense (plus, if you keep her normal front, she can keep the Glyphs topped up with Book of Shadows (3)). Scene of the Crime is another handy Detective tool, since you can use Shortcut and Pathfinder to readjust your position before your first action. Hallowed Mirror is always a good choice for an odd off-class card if you're not already using the accessory slot.
  12. You can use either front with either back.
  13. Don't forget Arcane Enlightenment (from Harvey Walters) for another two Tomes.
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