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  1. rsdockery

    Diana Stanley - cancel/ignore

    The game effect is that you're resolving the token after revealing it. You ignore that effect, thereby triggering Diana's ability.
  2. Nicely done. We managed to get all clues, but couldn't make it to seven doom (I blame myself for a Fate of All Fools misplay). We managed to get one person claimed by spectres, one person pulled into the spectral realm, and one person taken by the Watcher, so we'll be able to report on all the various fates eventually. My guess is that being claimed by spectres turns you into a ghost, being taken by the Watcher powers him up once he reveals his true form and we finally fight him for real, being pulled into the spectral realm just means you turn up dead later on, and vanishing into the mists lets you come back as a story ally (though not necessarily a living one).
  3. We're only at the deluxe box of the fourth cycle. It's too early to establish a three-cycle pattern. Sure, (Arkham / Weird / Expedition) fits what we have so far, but so does (Wizards / Maniacs / Non-Humans) or (New England / Non-Lovecraft Ancient One / Snakes).
  4. rsdockery

    How old are you

    How many points does it get for The Path to Carcosa, where it's entirely possible that nothing the investigators accomplish changes anything and they're actually under Hastur's thrall from the beginning?
  5. There's actually a custom adventure up on Arkham Central with a D&D-style setting and additional rules and player cards to fit the milieu. It's called "Pathfinder: Strange Aeons."
  6. All good points, though I agree with Soakman about Guardians gathering clues. Flashlight may have been crucial once, and it's still very good for certain investigators, but nowadays you've got enough alternatives that you don't need to run it in every deck. Besides, at 3+ players, it's perfectly viable to run a pure fighter who never collects a single clue, so long as the rest of the team can investigate at least moderately well. I've done it myself, and I've played with people who've done it. I feel like this does confirm that she need Guardian access. She doesn't need to be better than Mark (as I said before, if she can outfight Mark without playing a single card, she's ovepowered), but she needs to be good enough that she's not a pure gimmick (sorry, Ms Hayes). That's an interesting weakness, to be sure. Not sure how to make it work thematically. I guess it would need the Curse trait?
  7. On Your Own is level 3, so a Mystic/Survivor wouldn't get it. I agree with the rest, which is why I've been trying to get her Survivor access (though she doesn't get Cornered in my build). And I actually did consider giving her Tactic access, but the highest-level Tactic we have is Barricade (***). She's still got Vicious Blow, all the various Guardian clue tricks, If It Bleeds and Emergency Aid for healing, Trusted/True Grit/Xavier for healing, Beat Cop, etc. (as well as a bunch of great Tactics, but she gets those in either version). As for her ability, yeah, I was a little worried about going overboard there. The reason she might want a weapon is that she'd be able use accessories and armor alongside it, and I was afraid a +2 wouldn't be enough incentive to eschew all that. Now that I think about it, I wonder if I should drop her base combat to 3 (and boost her Will to 4 as compensation), so her ability puts her at 6 skill rather than 7. That puts her on par with Mark at level 0 and most other Guardians after the first few scenarios. A bit of a shame that it makes events worse for her, though, but needs must. (If I were to go with Mystic/Survivor with Tactics access, I'd probably also boost her intellect to 2, making her a 4/2/3/3.)
  8. A bit of research indicates that "Ikiaq" is, indeed, an Inuit name.
  9. True. Part of the difficulty is that she shouldn't have a lot of equipment, being a martial artist and all, so most of her power should be front-loaded. She's a very good fighter without any investment, so the trade-off should be that she can't invest as much; otherwise, she's just your average monster-hunter, except she ignores Corrosion and whatnot. It's a tricky balance that can't be hit with something I made in a half-hour on a whim. Hm... What if she also had Spirit 0-5? That would give her access to several powerful high-level events, all of which are perfectly in-theme for her. It also follows up on her Guardian/Survivor access, without also giving her high-level weapons or other assets.
  10. She can't. It's in the Deckbuilding Restrictions section: No Mystic spells.
  11. I was playing off the idea of "Mystic Carolyn." She can't take Mystic spells, but she can take other spells. She kind of has to have a low int, doesn't she? Thematically, she wants decent-to-good will, combat, and evade, which would make int the dump stat. Makes perfect sense, too, given she was raised in a monastery; remember that, despite its icon, intellect is less about book learning and more about general investigative ability. As for her ability being powerful, that was intentional. Remember that she can't access most high-level attacks, so she's relying on that ability for all her damage. She's also quite limited in her soak options, since most assets interfere with her fighting style (Mind and Body is meant to help her out there, but it's only a singleton). Lastly, I couldn't fit her weakness in the attachment limit, even with eye-searingly bad quality, but it was a standard "add to your threat area" treachery with "Forced--At the end of the round, place 1 doom on the nearest valid enemy" and "[Reaction] When you defeat an enemy: Flip each doom token on it to its clue side and place it here. If there are 3 or more clue tokens on Ancient Conspiracy, discard it."
  12. rsdockery

    Solo campaign using Jenny.

    A few rather painful notes: Arrows from the Trees cannot "do nothing." When it says that "each other investigator at an Ancient location must also resolve this effect," it means that you have to resolve it regardless of your own location. That's an extra six damage to Leo. Ichtaca is Alert, not Aloof. She engages as normal, and attacks normally during the Enemy phase. Two more damage to whichever investigator would have engaged her. Voice of the Jungle can only be staved off by exploring, not investigating. That's one horror to Ursula, though that's relatively minor. Scouting with binoculars gives 2 experience to the scout only, not the other investigator. I'm fairly certain you would have won regardless, but it would have been a lot tighter. The big difference is that Ursula should have only earned 3 XP, which might have influenced your decision to bug out so early (but, then again, Leo would have been in much worse shape, so it probably evens out).
  13. rsdockery

    Guardians of the Abyss

    The Victory points are there to tempt you into playing Night's Usurper to begin with. You need at least one cultist to guarantee you can break even (otherwise, the only available VP are from the Abyss location and the two copies of Black Wind in the encounter deck). Doing poorly in Eternal Slumber means you have a harder time in the sequel, but it also means you can redeem yourself and get the VP you lost. (Obviously, the main reason to do Night's Usurper is to get one of the amazing rewards, but knowing you can profit via experience can make it more worthwhile).
  14. One Blood Pact can be cleared up with Moonlight Ritual. Two Blood Pacts cannot.