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  1. But I believe people have worked out the numbers and determined we're only getting 5 investigators this time.
  2. Yep. Burn it out with something like Research Librarian or Rook, then you're free to use all the doubled NSU-5s your greedy little heart desires.
  3. The extra slot type was necessary to make Anna Kaslow work. Also, the Tower would have been way more brutal with "Limit 1 Tarot per investigator."
  4. If it were either of those, it would have been written with parentheses, as "Play when an encounter card effect (including an enemy attack) would..." The implication, then, is that enemy attacks are not considered encounter card effects; they are instead game effects that happen to trigger based off the states of various cards. I believe Dark Pact, Dark Memory, and Necronomicon are the only weaknesses that can inflict/damage horror and are immune to Deny Existence. One other major note is that Deny Existence cannot be used against costs printed on encounter cards, since a canceled or ignored cost would not actually be paid. That includes damage/horror costs like Nadia Nimir.
  5. As Morgan is not a skill card, his text is completely ignored while he's committed to a test. While he's in play, on the other hand, his skill icons are meaningless unless another card explicitly checks them. In other words, you can either commit Morgan to get his icons (for +2 to one combat test or +1 to any other test) or play him to get +1 combat as long as he remains in play.
  6. Nah, Demise is the Mask of Nyarlathotep. That's how his curse works: You think you've defeated a great evil, when in fact you've only defeated one of his masks, leaving the real Nyarlathotep free to toy with you for the rest of time. Heck, he probably deliberately threw that fight, just to screw with you. Ganon has a decidedly human origin, though he's long since sold his soul and shed his humanity to become like an Ancient One himself. While we're on the topic, I can't help but notice a certain character happens to be a powerful, continually reincarnated magic-user, and there is also a certain Lovecraftian entity who is the source of both reincarnation (or at least that's how we mortals would understand it) and sorcery. That's right: Zelda is a servitor of Yog-Sothoth. What, did you really think you were saving Hyrule?
  7. I'm thinking the LotR Sagas are the blueprint here. You bring the same team of heroes to each scenario (there probably won't be hero death, this being the comics and all), and you occasionally add a new card to your deck or have effects from earlier scenarios impact later ones, but you don't have major Arkham-style upgrades.
  8. I figured the side plot could be along the lines of "Namor is trying to wreak vengeance on the surface-worlders again. You're the only one he listens to; you have to deal with him."
  9. This makes me think... Who are the nemeses going to be for the Fantastic Four? Obviously Doom deserves his own scenario, so he's out. Will they each get a different member of the Frightful Four? Will they all share a single Super-Skrull enemy, with different treacheries representing different copied powers? Perhaps they'll instead get their own unrelated nemeses: Say, Human Torch vs The Trapster, Thing vs Puppet Master, Invisible Woman vs Namor, and Mr Fantastic vs Mole Man?
  10. "Where the Gods Dwell" implies Kadath, which in turn implies Nyarlathotep.
  11. Much like Gandalf, Nick Fury only stays in play for one round (less than that, technically), so there are no uniqueness conflicts to worry about. Because if you end up with a hand full of resource cards, you're useless for the round. And don't forget that some characters want to load their deck with specific resource types (right now, that's Tony Stark for Repulsor Blast, but more will likely come in the future).
  12. Also, the official name is "Yorkatastrophe."
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