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  1. rsdockery

    Take Heart

    I was talking about Take Heart. I have no idea what Try and Try Again is supposed to be used for.
  2. Nope, that's accurate. It's a Model 1908 Vest Pocket pistol, and it's manufactured by Colt.
  3. There's also an enemy in Depths of Yoth itself which was made for Handcuffs.
  4. Take a page from Carolyn and give her "cards that cancel."
  5. rsdockery

    Take Heart

    It's designed for stuff like the upgraded Rabbit's Foot and Look What I Found, where you get bonuses for failing.
  6. rsdockery


    Not much to discuss, then, is there?
  7. Hi, I'm my group's Finn. Everything this poster says is true. Not every enemy has Vengeance, and there are some scenarios where the keyword doesn't show up at all. There are, however, all sorts of enemies that you do not want to live. Evasion is great, and you shouldn't skimp on it here, but if I didn't have Adaptable to respec myself for combat, I don't know what we'd be doing now.
  8. How about: Diana Stanley 5 Will, 3 Int, 3 Com, 1 Agi 6 Health, 8 Sanity [Reaction] After you draw an Enemy: Evade. This evasion targets the Enemy you just drew and uses [Will] instead of [Agi]. If the enemy is a Humanoid, it gets -2 evasion for this test. Deckbuilding Options: Mystic cards level 0-5, Neutral cards level 0-5, Relic cards level 0-3, up to five Survivor cards level 0-1. Deckbuilding Requirements: Foretold is Forearmed, Membership Dues, 1 non-Silver Twilight basic weakness. Deckbuilding Restriction: No Blessed cards. Foretold is Forearmed Unique Event Cost: 2 Insight. Silver Twilight. Uses (X secrets). X is the current agenda number Fast. Play after the agenda advances. [Action] Spend 1 secret: Investigate. This test uses [Will] instead of [Int]. If the total doom in play equals or exceeds the current doom threshold, discover one additional clue. Membership Dues Weakness (Treachery) Task. Silver Twilight. Revelation -- Either place one doom on the current agenda or remove Membership Dues from your deck and place Silver Twilight Creditor on the bottom of your deck. Silver Twilight Creditor Weakness (Enemy) 4 Fight, 2 Evade, 5 Health 1 damage, 2 horror Cultist. Servitor. Silver Twilight. Spawn (any empty location). Doom can cause the agenda to advance at any time. Revelation -- Add one doom to Silver Twilight Creditor. Forced -- When Silver Twilight Creditor is defeated: Remove it from the game and from Diana Stanley's deck. Then, place Membership Dues on the bottom of Diana Stanley's deck (or add it to her deck if she has been eliminated).
  9. rsdockery

    Timeworn Brand

    It also applies to every player and every copy. That is to say, once you use Timeworn Brand's second ability, nobody can use it a second time, even if they have their own copies of the card.
  10. rsdockery

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    ...If that's the case, then I hope we can at least get some of that art on something. A full 78-card tarot deck is probably a bit much, but maybe a playmat with the major arcana or something?
  11. rsdockery

    "Free XP"-Cards

    I went with two XP (not VP; if it gave experience to the entire team, it would be ludicrous) because you're effectively trading a card for a weakness. You can hold on to Delve until the opportune moment (or even commit or discard it if the moment never comes), and Bury is basically free. That said, I obviously don't have a horde of playtesters or anything; I'm just using the metric of "Would I personally either reject it out of hand or feel obligated to always take it?". I could see you reducing the reward or increasing the level (probably the latter, now that I think about it).
  12. rsdockery

    "Free XP"-Cards

    Looking for Trouble Level 0 Guardian Event Cost: -- Spirit. Revelation -- Reveal cards from the top of the encounter deck until an Enemy is revealed. Then, draw that card and attach Looking for Trouble to it. Shuffle the encounter deck. Forced -- When attached enemy is defeated: Add Looking for Trouble to the victory display and gain two experience points.