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  1. You can't attach a card to two other cards simultaneously, any more than you can have one card in both your deck and discard pile at the same time. It's a physical limitation of the card itself. This particular case is where the Golden Rule comes into play. The general rule is that cards only detach when something leaves play; however, the specific text of Snare Trap can only be resolved if you detach it from its location, so it takes precedence.
  2. Wait, they're already available? Where?
  3. Although using either card to help Wendy kill rats is a horrific waste.
  4. rsdockery

    Rex and Shortcut?

    Note also that if you were using the Ancient Stone (Unidentified), which says "discover 1 additional clue at your location," you wouldn't discover a clue from either location. "Your" location is the new location, and you can't discover an "additional" clue if you're not discovering any clues there in the first place.
  5. rsdockery

    YAOTL Clarification

    Exactly. I was saying that the other interpretation (that you get Yaotl's bonus for each icon that matches the skill being tested) would logically result in a +8 from Desperate Search, since Yaotl applies to each skill. That seems wrong to me. If you use Yaotl on Desperate Search, you get +4 intellect, +0 to everything else. However, that applies regardless of the skill being tested. When you commit a card, all non-matching icons are ignored. When you Yaotl a card, each icon applies to its given skill. That means you can use Yaotl on Run For Your Life even if you're not testing agility. Of course, that would only give you a +4 to agility, not to the skill being tested, so that's normally irrelevant. It does become relevant, however, when you've got cards like Lockpicks. You cannot commit Run For Your Life to a Lockpicks test, and if you do commit a card with agility pips (such as Infighting, which has 2 intellect and 2 agility), those pips don't do anything. Yaotl ignores that restriction.
  6. rsdockery

    YAOTL Clarification

    That's what I said, isn't it?
  7. I've asked Matt about this before. You share a basic weakness pool if you share a collection. If you personally own eight core sets and four of each expansion, and everyone's playing with cards that you've directly supplied, the entire team uses one pool. If each player builds their own deck at home and takes it to an event, each player has a separate weakness pool (and, thus, you could end up with four Mob Enforcers in play simultaneously).
  8. rsdockery

    YAOTL Clarification

    The trouble with that is that Yaotl specifies you get a bonus to all skills for each matching icon. That would imply that, for instance, using Yaotl during a Lockpicks test with Desperate Search on top of the discard would give you +4 to all skills, for a total of +8 (+4 int, +4 agi). It's more likely that you're only supposed to get +4 to Intellect, because that's the skill that matches the icons (and, likewise, Run For Your Life would give you +4 Agility, and Infighting would give you +2 to both, so you get a total +4 to the test whichever one is on top).
  9. rsdockery

    Curse of the Rougarou Tips please

    Did you remember that he runs away after you deal four damage?
  10. rsdockery

    FAQ V.1.3 - New Questons

    The FAQ clarifies that Ursula's ability effectively gives her an extra action that she immediately spends to investigate, so presumably Searching for Izzie is a net loss of one action.
  11. rsdockery

    The city of archives

    You could still potentially use the Body of a Yithian card in other scenarios. It could just stick with you like a Permanent Weakness. Later scenarios don't have to reference the card directly, and their stand-alone rules will assume everyone's still human. The Depths of Yoth won't turn anyone into a Yithian halfway through, but it could still check for the "Yithian" trait or the campaign log to trigger different effects or reverse the transformation (much like how Where Doom Awaits references the Necronomicon from Miskatonic Museum).
  12. rsdockery

    Father Mateo's Signature Cards

    The Serpents don't have the "Seal" keyword; they seal the token as part of their Revelation effect. As such, they can enter play regardless of the chaos bag's contents, though their Revelation effect can still whiff.
  13. It still puts him in a spot to consider passing. If he's got any spare Will or Wild icons in hand, or if he's standing next to Minh, or if any other investigator at his location is willing to help him out, he's got a decent chance of success, which is way better than an automatic failure. Besides, testing 4 vs 3 might not be worth it against Frozen in Fear, but it can be a lifesaver against Rotting Remains.
  14. They did outright state that they'd release Eternal Slumber before Arkham Nights, at least. Labyrinths never got a release date.