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  1. Well, as I read it Errant Knight just wanted to be helpful, but wasn't interested to play himself. Although I'd be happy to have you on board, of course! Yeah, finding a GM is always the hard part. If I knew someone who would do it, we would probably have a group running already. Maybe if we started with a published Module? Would you feel confident giving that a try as a GM? I might try to, (even though I have no idea how the ecclesiarchy works) but I simply don't have the time.
  2. I just opened a topic fairly similar to yours just yesterday! Maybe we could team up? Might make it easier to find something.
  3. Thanks for the tip, didn't even know you could advertise on roll20. It's been a while since I last checked in there. Yeah, the weekday-thing is probably very detrimental...
  4. Hi guys, I'm looking for a GM and group that will let me experience Rogue Trader in all it's sandboxy, 'make the expanse your own' glory. ------------------------------------------------------- Game: Rogue Trader Communication: Skype/Roll20 or equivalent Rota: Monday or Tuesday evening; up to weekly Time and -zone: between 04pm - 22pm (CEST) 07am - 01pm (PDT) 10am - 04pm (AST) Group: up to 4 PC's + GM (incl. myself) Type of Game: RP and Dakka roughly balanced; focus on exploration and empire-building ------------------------------------------------------- I'm really hoping to find somebody to get a game up and running, the 40k RPG scene here in germany seems pretty dried up. I feel like you're my only hope! (small servoskull projecting a robed figure into the room) Some friends and me started a Rogue Trader game some years ago. It was really fun, but due to people moving to other cities or getting into other lines of work we had to break up. After moving a couple of weeks ago I found all the old stuff again and the fever got me good. I'm not especially well versed in 40k Lore, but I have read and have access to most important RT books. P&P-wise I have some experience. I have been playing for roughly 12 years now, mostly WoD and D&D/Pathfinder, but also some DSA, Degenesis, Traveller, etc. for those who have heard of them. Since I had enough time to dabble a little, I kinda fell in love with a Seneschal/Manhunter idea, which I can't wait to test. Since I feel the position of RT should be filled with someone who knows his 40k anyway, that wouldn't be that big of a problem, I hope? But of course, that's for the GM to decide. I know the timeslots are not ideal for anyone not in Europe, but unfortunately that's pretty much all the free time I have for P&P. Going to University in one city, working in the other and having a girlfriend in yet another city really tends to suck up your time, let me tell you. Ok, writing isn't really my favourite form of communication, so enough for now. Let's see if any of you guys have the time and will to venture into the unknown together!
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