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  1. I think this is so painfully true. I don’t know how many copies FFG printed of HS&A, but I do know it was roughly half or a third of what they should’ve. There’s magic in a $20 pack that puts a nice fresh sheen on a big swath of ships across the game. They could do this twice a year and rake it in. Even folks with smaller collections or a smaller set of factions would have plenty of reasons to open their wallets for this. I do think it’d be nice to see a push for another official play mode that opens things up more. For some reason FFG keeps flirting with missions, Epic, etc., but they never seem willing to take that relationship to the next level. Seeing an official push (with tourney support?) for a 300/9 Epic play mode (or something like that) would be one way to get people’s attention. For example, I mostly haven’t cared about Hyperspace, but because of FFG pushing it like they have, I at least know what it is. But if we’re mixing in Epic ships, or figuring out some way to do meaningful cross-faction play, that lets me put more toys on the table, which gets me towards what I want anyway. The comparison to 40k is odd for me, though. 40k was my first love, but I eventually got tired of chasing the crazy expense, huge hobby time commitment, extreme game time length, and ever-advancing power creep. I think FFG’s been successful at putting forward a fast, tight, balanced, and endlessly appealing “standard” game, and I see the breadth and depth of factions as much more of an asset than a problem. In many ways 2.0 represents the anti-40kish thing of all: pursuing true and durable game balance while still leaving plenty of room to grow. But tldr, I think more cardboard would solve most of the game’s woes, and going wholer-hog into epic type stuff would fix the rest. The real “problems” lie in rewarding people with massive collections for putting them on the table, and providing more pilots to keep old factions fresh. Handle that, and FFG can keep riding this thing out for a really long time.
  2. Trade. 😁 No seriously: consider posting up with your extra stuff in the trade thread, and see if others are looking for it. Some of the more common components might not move, but you never know. People have plenty of interesting stuff to trade too, including things like unofficial alt art cards.
  3. Look, I just gotta say that I'm obscenely jazzed about what I'm seeing in Republic & Seps, but this is something I hope for as well. And yet, I take comfort in the fact that there's more squad packs (ostensibly) coming. You gotta figure they'll do more card packs, too. Tycho will ride again -- I have to believe this. Carnor, too. But the waiting is always the hardest part.
  4. Thank you also to @Des Darklighter!
  5. Yo, yo: I’m the G to the UN to the B-O-T Where’s the A? That’s the part that I’m kickin’, see? I be SLAMmin’, and Jammin’ — at least the first And my main man Vynder load ‘em into the hearse— Now gather round y’all fools, cuz I got the bling, Bona fide Diamond-Boron, but it ain’t no ring And ya best step back or you gonna see How I show all y’all the backhand of my A-P-T! *chorus* Please Hatchet, don’t hurt ‘em (yeah!) Please Hatchet, don’t hurt ‘em (what?) Please Hatchet, don’t hurt ‘em (yeah!) Please Hatchet, don’t hurt ‘em (WHOA!) I do a three-bank, SLAM, and I do it again Lock ‘em hard, light ‘em up, I’m the Emperor’s Hand Crittin’ natties all day while you’re rollin’ ‘em blanks And if you suckas were ponies, I’d be kicking’ ya flanks *chorus*
  6. Glorious Republic LAAT incoming! Separatist Sheathipede when? MAKE PSYCHO TYCHO GREAT AGAIN
  7. Thanks again to @Jeff Wilder, @QQMoore, and @Zero8855 for another round of trades!
  8. What paints did you use? I’ve considered doing this scheme, and this is a wonderfully clean take on it.
  10. I’d add a couple to the premium list after a significant amount of recent buying and trading escapades: Alpha-Class Star Wing TIE/ag Aggressor TIE/ph Phantom Attack Shuttle A-Wing (yes, really, the 1.0 A-Wing commands a slightly higher price than you’d expect at the moment—especially the blue one) K-Wing Kihraxz from Guns for Hire Starviper from Guns for Hire EDIT: I’ve also done some selling to Hobbut.com (not a typo) through their website recently. You can probably get more per ship if you go it your own on eBay, but Hobbut is great for just selling off a pile of ships without the hassle. Additional tips: Unopened aces packs command a very good price, except for the original Imperial Interceptors one. Official alt paints generally bring a higher price. Though the 1.0 T-65 X-Wings and B-Wings may not bring a good price at all. My hypothesis is that there’s an absolute dearth of conversion parts out there for Xs & Bs, and the refreshed “flappy” 2.0 versions are comparatively attractive.
  11. ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ SUMMON GUNBOAT 2.0 ༼ つ ◕◕ ༽つ
  12. Yeah, just adding the boost link red calculate is pretty good. If you decouple the slots change it’s probably easier to balance. Scary question: what about making the requirement on this hypothetical R7 just a native white boost? Or white boost plus tech? I.E., not E-Wing exclusive. Does this put the T-70 through the roof?
  13. I like the last proposal, with the R7 that swaps the slots and gives the boost linked calculate. I agree with the article that it could mess up future tweaking, but it also very much feels like it imposes built-in limitations on the power it’s otherwise granting. Maybe couple that with a named R7 that grants a red linked focus instead and is charge-based?
  14. Tl;dr: noooope I would personally love to see some of the more oddball Scum ships come back in other factions, along with Scum conversion parts in the pack. I will always love my Scum, but it’s a big ol’ faction with a lot of sprawl, and some of those ships might not come back for years unless redirected to help beef up other factions.
  15. Welcome back. 🙂 Interceptor conversion stuff is a slightly more expensive find on eBay, but it’s well worth a look—I was able to find some at a decent price eventually.
  16. I’m gonna +1 this all day long. I scored one at release and wish I’d have scored more. FFG, this is easy money. Give us a straight reprint and people will buy one. Toss in another base with two extra pilots and you’ll sell more. Plush for a repaint, and you’ll sell MOAR. Anyone who’s not secretly an overgrown kid, raise your hands? ... Go on, I’ll wait.
  17. Reporting a successful international trade with @battlestarbill! What can I say fam, gotta do something for fun during lockdown. Speaking of, I’ve updated my trade list again...
  18. Honestly I think this is how we justify Tech on Es & Vipers, and I wish I’d have thought of it a minute ago: they’re Legends ships that represented technological steps forward in their versions of canon. Just because we have Sequel-canon now doesn’t mean we should dismiss what these were in their time.
  19. I could get behind a tech slot. While we sometimes think of Scum losing Illicit-exclusivity as a loss of faction identity... I dunno, I’m generally in favor of spreading upgrade types around where it makes sense. And Tech is very confined right now, but very promising. Giving more access to it could open up the game a bit more. In particular, Dalan, as you point out, could get a new lease on life with the right Tech.
  20. Thanks for the assist there! @Cpt ObVus, Tina is the nickname for TN-3465 that I see most frequently in the Discord server I also haunt. Kinda figures; if we can get Finn from his serial number, Tina isn’t (IMO) a huge stretch.
  21. Reporting another successful trade with @Praetorate of the Empire!
  22. Having used the recent B&N sale (and a friendly recipient of lightly-stripped T-70s) to finish reaching 4 BSAs myself... I can vouch for how useful this might be to those not crazy enough to do the same. I don’t know why FFG gave the BSA short shrift in the conversion kit, but it’s annoying!
  23. @unfassbarnathanCool repaints! ^^ I noticed Longshot in a few of those lists. Any thoughts or tips about him? He’s not the obvious toolbox kinda guy like Rivas, brawler like Scorch, support piece like Muse, or build-your-list-around-it jankwagon like Tina...
  24. This is the classical interpretation that I’ve always struggled with. And I get it; it makes sense on the surface that two light + two dark = balance. But then you get Order 66 survivors like Ahsoka, Kanan, and Maul—or if that doesn’t trip your trigger, think of Kyle and others from the old EU—who throw off that really clean symmetry by expanding the headcount. IMO it puts the Force into a tiny box to say there are literally only four dudes in the cosmos who can use it, and the sheer fact that Force-sensitivity is cool (and that Star Wars is popular genre fiction) will inevitably draw creators to make that number bigger. (Not that I need to get into a dust-up here, or prove myself right—I just haven’t had many good opportunities to throw these thoughts into discussion since forming them.) 🙂
  25. I wanted to CC this because you’re starting to see some of the negativity towards more recent SW stuff pile up in here. I think it’s worth calling out the huge range of fan views of anything released post-Return of the Jedi, and acknowledging that a lot of the fandom are only fans of what came before. While there’s a part of me that stands agog at this impossibly bifurcated fandom, I also know there’s not much point in trying to persuade people who’ve dug in with their views. Their space wizards are better than mine and they always will be. But as you come back to the newer movies, I’d ask you to do it with a view towards your own experience of growing up with the original trilogy, versus the experience of now two subsequent generations of growing up with more than that. Star Wars used to comprise a relatively small set of media, and its story was fairly tight and focused on one aspect of a grander conflict; now there’s lots of rabbit-holes you can go down exploring different character and conflicts. I would argue that Star Wars as a grander setting fundamentally didn’t turn out to be what the initial set of fans wanted it to be—but it did turn out to be a thing that can be studied as itself, and understood in terms of what it is, not just what it could’ve been. That is the Star Wars that generations now and in the future will meet when they discover it, despite its differences from what might’ve been. I guess really all I’m saying is to give the new stuff half a chance. That, and super-hardcore OT diehards are a dime a dozen; it’s a large and comfortable crowd to run with, but I would argue that there’s a broader and more creatively satisfying outlook to take on the thing as a whole. But I’m just one guy on the internet who likes lots of space wizards, not just a few. And I’m never gonna convince some people that some of the space wizards they’ve written-off are actually good, too.
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