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  1. CoffeeMinion

    Returning player hints?

    Hey folks. Longtime X-Wing 1.0 vet staring at 2.0 from a distance here, trying to figure out how to get back in. I started 2018 with big plans to fly all the ships and cards in my 1.0 collection at least once this year—even the bad ones. Then my year took a number of turns that I didn’t see coming. One of them was X-Wing 2.0! But others kept me from tracking many of the changes in 2.0 from 1.0, or playing either 1.0 or 2.0 for most of the year. I’m at the point now where I might be able to dive back in, but I’m kind of overwhelmed trying to figure out where to start. I used to enjoy playing all the factions and would flip back and forth between them freely, but that’s a lot less viable now that we’re going to have 7 instead of 3—I probably need to start over with 1. How did you guys approach this with your own stuff? What are the factions even “about” these days? Or what list archetypes are worth being aware of? I get the sense that things are more balanced, which is good; but it also makes it less obvious what kinds of things to take into consideration. Plus, a lot of upgrade cards have the same name but do different things now, so it’s not as easy to follow conversations. Thanks, and help!
  2. CoffeeMinion

    Going mono faction in 2.0

    I've kinda started doing this with my one buddy who plays mostly Rebel or Resistance with a little bit of Scum. I've gravitated a lot more toward Imps & Scum in the last couple years, with some splashes into FO. I like playing everything but it's not going to be practical for me to convert it all in one fell swoop. So in the meanwhile I'm snapping up his extra Imp ships that he's never used and likely never gonna use, because it pushes up the value and variations that I can get out of the Imp kit.
  3. CoffeeMinion

    E-wing strong

    Quite possibly. But the great thing is that FFG can tweak the points on the fly so that everything can stay useful, regardless of where they end up on the cost curve.
  4. CoffeeMinion

    E-wing strong

    Ahh, thank you. It's embarrassing, I made it through all the Imp & Scum pics last night but forgot I'd only made it through part of the Rebs. Anyway though, the E looks very promising! I'm not regretting having 2 now!
  5. CoffeeMinion

    E-wing strong

    We got pics anywhere? I've been trying to catch up on things from yesterday but I haven't seen the E yet.
  6. CoffeeMinion

    Corran only a 5!!!

    Are there pics of the new E-wing situation?
  7. CoffeeMinion

    All Screenshots from Unboxing

    The dial! Sweet Celestia, the dial! *hallelujah chorus begins playing*
  8. CoffeeMinion

    Dials in the previews

    Hallelujah! Krassis rides again!
  9. Argh, just hearing this makes me want them to do the Prequel era even more.
  10. CoffeeMinion

    Solo - first reviews

    Eh, people like to gloss over the silly aspects of all the movies except R1, but they're there to varying degrees. Maybe it's that R1 was a tough act to follow, having finally given people the non-silly Star Wars movie they always wanted. Embrace the silly side! Over-seriousness clearly leads to hatred, which leads to the Dark Side! ?
  11. CoffeeMinion

    Aint no party like a Latts Razzi party...

    I think this is probably sub-"competitive," but it looks like a bloody good time. Equal PS shenanigans are always fun. I'd be tempted to take a Harpoon and Chips instead of the HotCop though, or maybe to spend that remaining point on a Tactical Jammer. Thweek could work but you'd need a bigger bid to get the most value out of him, and he probably wants FCS... again, you might end up sacrificing the HotCop to buy him Virago and FCS with a 2-point bid. I'm awful tempted to fly something like this this weekend, though, because it just looks cool.
  12. CoffeeMinion

    It's been at least a week since the last Punisher thread

    I knew the day would come when they would be fixed. The day that 2e drops, my wing of 3 Punishers will set fire to the stars. FOR THE EMPEROR!! (sorry wrong game) ?
  13. Yes. A thousand times yes. I don't care what anyone says, I like the prequels and their era and their ships. If FFG puts them in the game I'll fly 'em with glee.
  14. CoffeeMinion

    Post here if you are SUPER HYPERPUMPEDAWWWWYEAAAHH!! for 2.0

    +9001% stoked
  15. CoffeeMinion

    Pet Peeve incomming 2,0 "nametags"

    You guys are killin' me! I'mma run out of votes for the day! ? Talonbane Cobra The Very Model Of A Modern Major General Talonbane Cobra Knows Why The Caged Bird Sings