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  1. I’ll +1 the interest in learning about a YT-2400 connection in Rebels. I had no idea that the humble Dashmobile had been revisited so decisively in nu-canon. That could even dovetail with my pet speculation that the Ups, Lambda, and Scavenged YT won’t get solo rereleases—maybe several factions could be primed to get a large+small pack containing a 1.0 large just now making the jump to 2.0, and a 2.0 small getting additional pilots. I wouldn’t have figured the 2400 into such an arrangement, but I could see it working!
  2. I still say the Ups is a hard sell on its own. Look how the price has tanked on Amazon over the last year and a half; it was a tough enough sell in 1.0, and by now the market has to be saturated. The Xi could create a disincentive for newer players to reach for the Ups too, as it’ll probably be a more points-friendly crew carrier. Adding a second ship with fresh content to a 2.0 Ups set is the way. We probably don’t need more TIE/fo pilots, but who knows; it’s not like we have a fo Howlrunner or Iden yet, so there’s probably room. In contrast, the default red BA creates a perfect opportunity to sell us an alt-paint in more traditional FO colors. Give us a couple of I2 generics to synergize with Tina shenanigans, and a couple more interesting uniques on the flip-sides of the bases, and I’d probably open my wallet.
  3. Where you get this from, and is there a faction by faction breakdown? Thing looks very interesting!
  4. Reporting another great trade with @QQMoore!
  5. Much as I want to defend my G-1A homies, I can’t really argue here. I still need to make the Scurrg work for me but the Kimo is an absolute sleeper. Torani Railgun goes brrrrt. (Also love my ARCs. If the B&N sale had included them, I’d have a fourth.) I’ve recently started eyeing the Jam action as a possible inroad to getting more value out of lesser G-1As. (4-LOM’s fine, for the most part.) There’s not a lot of mid-priced white Jams out there, unless I’m forgetting something; so that could represent a way to tap the G-1A’s uniqueness. The dial remains a huge impediment to getting actions at all, of course. L3-37 can help but you gotta set her up. The question is if there’s a place in some list somewhere for a low-I jammer that can throw 3 reds and might take a sec to burn down? I have to think there could be. For the right cost, anyway. Don’t ask me what the list is, though... (Would I1 G-1As break the game if they were cheaper than Khiraxz? Would Five. Cartel. Marauders. still be relevant if put against Five. Gand. Findsmen. + One. Mining. TIE.?)
  6. I don’t know if this is OK to just throw out here, but recently I was able to get one by trading some stuff in for store credit at Hobbut.com. Yes it would’ve been way overpriced if I‘d been paying cash, but it ended up being effectively a trade, so it was worth it to me as a way to help trim some fat out of my collection. ... I swear I’m not a corporate shill!! 😝
  7. 2020 has been such an F’d year that I forgot this about my mothballed GAR fleet—but yeah, this “rule of 50” is definitely a factor in listbuilding Jenga. I do see 2x Golds as a viable piece of that. But by that same token, anytime I would reach for my Golds, I’d end up taking a really hard look at an ARC of choice, or Ric/Bananakin, instead... See now this makes sense to me. I could see a Dedicated Blue doing work as a cheap pseudo-bodyguard or disruption piece. Non-Gold Torrents just started out at a miserable price point that discouraged exploration (at least for me); now that they’re down in the reasonable range, it’s playtime.
  8. Bumping my trade list, which continues to see action. 🌶🔥
  9. I’d be interested in this, too. I actually recently went down to 1 because I could never get excited about these little dudes either. I’m planning to explore the named pilots a bit more freely now that I’m not trying to think of things to do with more than that. My first thought is see where Mag Pulse Odd Ball gets me—not expecting supreme glory, but some basic usefulness would be nice. But it’s never all that hard to go from 1 to 3 if I can see the purpose of it...
  10. Really? I’m only just now getting back into Rebels, but G’s focus-passing is tremendous. I get the argument that it’s RNG-dependent, but if you can get him a lock or a focus by any other means (of which Benthic and Dutch are not the only options), that sucker can be scary. (Or did I just luck out with my Garven + Benthic + Jan + Filler list?) I hope the 104th isn’t judged to be too good at its current price point. It’s fantastic “filler” in Republic List Jenga, but it could be hard to justify at a much higher cost.
  11. The N-1 is what drew me into Republic, but the ARC is what keeps me there. Dat beefy 3-dice-slinging **** does work. So I have a few opinions. * Upgrades can make your cost balloon quickly as you bolt on more capabilities. Be sparing, and lean on the chassis’ strengths. You’ve got 3 reds, a chunk of health, a back-arc (read: 2x time on target), and you can reposition if you really need to. That’s formidable. Be on the lookout for moments where you can lean on those capabilities rather than trying to reach for something else. * Sinker gets the headlines, but don’t entirely pass up Wolffe and Jag. Naked Wolffe has a big gun, though recharging his ability can be hard sometimes. Jag + R3 is less obviously good, but he’ll mess with the enemy’s target priority once they realize that ignoring him gives him a clear path to taking double-modded shots. * ARCs will burn down fast, but they probably won’t get one-shotted. So while it’s a good general principle not to hang a ship out to dry in front of your force, that’s even more important with ARCs. You gotta coordinate your approach and hit something hard & fast, because while you’re swinging a big stick, it may not last a lot of rounds of sustained fire.
  12. I always forget about the QB cards. You’re almost certainly right, though. I guess a wrinkle might be that old-timers might not pay them much heed, or may have forgotten where they stuck them since they might not use them much. But those would be great for scenarios with newer players where detailed points figures are less important than just coming up with reasonable loadouts for their ships. (Come to think of it, I might have to try those with my kids...)
  13. This. So much this. I can’t imagine starting the game right now. It’s such a wonky time in the world. It’s also probably going to play havoc on your ability to find opponents or hang out with a store community. Right now the important thing is to get some basic experience in a safe manner. None of that requires strict adherence to a format; formats are there for when you’re already in deep and you want to get “serious.” Hyperspace has kind of caught on as a rotating format that keeps things fresh for long-timers or competitive types. But right now you’re new and still learning the mechanics that’ll help you compete if/when you get that far. For now, just enjoy the utterly smooth basics of the game, and branch out as you have interest/budget. Good opponents should be understanding about where you’re coming from, and should help to encourage your growth. Granted: it might be a smart move on FFG’s part to always leave at least one legal T-65 and two legal TIE/ln pilots in Hyperspace, for exactly the situation of someone new walking in the door and getting discouraged about their nascent collection not being playable there. But also remember, Hyperspace isn’t everything. I’m pretty much exclusively an Extended player. I’m old, I’m cranky, and I have a big collection; on the off-chance that I get a game in, I’ll fly what I like, thank you very much. 🙃
  14. I struck out pretty badly with TTS myself, and found better success with VASSAL. IMO TTS feels like you’re playing a 3-D spinny-space that X-Wing is happening in... somewhere. Whereas VASSAL feels like you’re playing X-Wing, albeit locked-in at an overhead perspective.
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