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  1. Star Wars: Escape Podracing
  2. I’m curious what you think about PerCo vs. Rey. My thought in picking Rey was that it makes you less action-dependent, which should help to open up your dial. On a turn when you get an action, you have focus+force; not as good as 2x focus, but not terrible. Whereas on a turn when you don’t get any actions, you still at least get the force.
  3. I think it’s about creating a difficult enough targeting environment that you can punish whatever your opponent chooses. Killing the M9 carrier might take a bit; and if they try, hopefully that buys you some time with Vennie doing Vennie things.
  4. Well shoot, there are some interesting points here about double mods. So why not just double down on the whole passive mod situation? This is at least a more interesting M9 carrier than the near-naked X I had before. Vennie (60) Veteran Turret Gunner (8) Rey (14) Green Squadron Expert (35) Heroic (1) Crack Shot (1) Finn (29) Heroic (1) Cova Nell (38) Heroic (1) Pattern Analyzer (5) M9-G8 (7) Total: 200 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 Boom, there you go. Now Vennie can do whatever without worrying about getting actions for mods (though if they happen, that’s great), and Cova can do red-maneuver shenanigans while still getting a focus or whatnot. The downgraded A stings a little though... it’s tempting to shave a Talent somewhere to either match Cova’s initiative with Zari, or just go full Tallie. If my game nights can stop falling prey to scheduling conflicts and varied misadventure, I would love to run this sucker.
  5. Wondering if this might be any good? I tried to pull together various things that have been suggested in this and other threads: Vennie (60) Pattern Analyzer (5) C-3PO (6) Veteran Turret Gunner (8) Blue Squadron Rookie (45) M9-G8 (7) Integrated S-Foils (0) Tallissan Lintra (36) Heroic (1) Crack Shot (1) Finn (29) Heroic (1) Total: 199 View in Yet Another Squad Builder 2.0 I’m not completely happy with the stripped-down X, but I couldn’t get a Red to fit without dropping other people’s talents, and I like the idea of having an M9 carrier. Could maybe fill this role with Cova in the Resistance Transport; just haven’t flown the thing yet.
  6. Well crap, I just got one of these (used). Now apparently they’re no good? 😆 I’d like to at least fly the thing a bit. Surely something out of the transport must help it a little?!
  7. Very cool stuff. I almost certainly won’t be able to justify a new YV-666, but the paint job is tasty enough to be tempting. Fireball seems like a nonzero way to expand Resistance, which they pretty desperately need. And speaking of desperate, it’s a new FO ship! Heck to the yes! I’ll definitely be getting one Fireball and one Von Beethoven.
  8. I feel like I3 generics are prone to being awkward, because you’re often paying for the initiative upgrade, the talent slot, and then whatever talent you stick in there. But personally I keep being drawn to I3s with abilities. There’s a decent little cottage industry there. But then that’s kind of where #ScumLife is at sometimes. Gotta love my 4-LOM, Palob, Seevor, + friend. The hardest part is finding said friend.
  9. Narrator: “He did.”
  10. I’ve been flirting with the thought that 2->3 can be pretty useful. It feels like 3 often brings interesting abilities at a not-insane price, and it lets you PS-kill weenies & block anything acey. Best of all worlds. But this is very anecdotal. I don’t get to play much, and my recurring gaming buddy never seems to run PS3. I’d be curious if this resonates with anyone else.
  11. I’d say it’s worth having a Z. Blount can punch above his weight class, and sometimes you just need a cheap generic to fill out a list. Is it worth having three? Depends if you want to run lists with three Zs. With a faction like Empire or FO, I could see wanting to run massed hordes of TIEs; it makes sense thematically, and it’s supported by how the faction actually plays. But for the most part, I don’t see horde-Rebels becoming a thing unless you find that you really enjoy it. My buddy who plays Rebels recently bought into an A-swarm with Cluster Missiles, but he’s enjoyed flying As for a long time, and I was looking to get rid of mine. They’re decent enough little ships, but it’s easy to overbuy.
  12. Reporting a successful trade with gentleman and scholar @urbanyeti
  13. So I fire up YASB and what do I see: “Plasma Torpedoes are BETTER than Dee Yun” staring back at me ...wat
  14. Sounds fun. I’ve got 3 bombers and a possible game time this weekend. List me, bro!!
  15. E-wing for Resistance would be fun, though I would immediately regret divesting both of mine from 1.0! A repaint or resculpt would definitely make me feel less bad! They’re just in that weird pocket of stuff that would’ve made more sense pre-TFA and the nuking of Legends. I think it’d be great to spread them across more factions, but at least they’re somewhere.
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