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  1. I wonder if Akodo Toturi will have the same amount of deference, or if his Duty to Sotorii's father will override any coddling that might occur. It seems to me that Hantei Sotorii has a few good traits, endurance and a wish to succeed. He just needs someone to show him how to apply those traits properly. If done right, I wonder if Akodo Toturi having a positive influence on the Imperial Heir, making him a stronger self reliant samurai, would undermine Kachiko even further. After all, I think the fruit ninja would have taught Sotorii flashy moves, praising him but ultimately making him weaker.
  2. He also tried to preempt civil war before that by taking the throne as regent after the Scorpion Clan Coup.
  3. Hohoho, Akodo Kaede! It looks like Toturi is setting himself up to shoulder all of the empire again, as Emerald Champion this time. We'll see who his opponents will be in the tournament. I do find it odd that even the Ikoma Daimyo seems to be trying to push him out of the leadership role.
  4. Akodo Sensei Matsu Gunso Shattered Samurai Worldly Monk Disgraced Ronin Swift Sword Student Yojin Castle Defender
  5. Same here. Was Keeper of Earth, already switched my deck to Keeper of Fire.
  6. And there was much rejoicing by certain parts of the fandom.
  7. I defend the call and response. I defend it because it was a way for a community to show their passion for a game that they enjoy. It was a cheer, to unite all languages that enjoy this game in the Americas, Europe and (some) parts of Asia in their love and excitement to play a game. If you didn't speak the language in the place where you were playing, in those moments you knew the words and were united with those that you stood and cheered with. Now we are divided. Now the call and response is to be translated into the local language of the tournament. In Europe, there are many different languages spoken throughout the continent. If a German player attends a Kotei in France, the calls may be unfamiliar, the responses stilted. If you found it 'cringey' (which is not an actual word by the way) I feel sorry for you. I am sorry that you couldn't feel the excitement in the room that I did when I participated in the call and response. I apologize that you feel that games are serious business, and that there is no place in it for cheering in a unified voice. I'm sorry that you're too grown up to understand what it means to have fun in that manner. I have seen the comparisons to some forced Wal-mart corporate cheer. Nah, that is never what the call and response was about. It was more like what you see at soccer (football, sure) games. Everyone who is participated did so because they want to, not because their job depends on it or because they are forced to do it. If you didn't want to, you could have sat and shuffled your deck. No one should be shamed for not wanting to participate in something, ever. Nor should anyone feel shame for wanting to participate in something that they enjoy or getting caught up in a moment of excitement and yelling as loud as they could to show it. I remember Banzai as something that I enjoyed, but that day seems to have passed. Now all that remains is the memory. (Unless us fans start performing the call and response, allowing FFG to keep its hands clean.)
  8. Typical Mantis bluster. I suppose I should be thankful for it, without it the Tortoise wouldn't exist. Thankfully Agasha Kasuga was present to clean up after the mess that the Mantis left at the Battle of White Stag.
  9. In addition, I assume this answer also applies to Yogo Hiroue.
  10. Perfection is immaterial, I'd just like some actual competence. Not holding my breath though, it seems to me that the Lion are being set up to be villains and bullies which says to me that they will lose.
  11. Or story teams like to continually have 'upsets' so the greatest in a specific thing usually lose. Lion losing battles, Phoenix doing unwise things, Crane losing in court. Other clans remain true to their themes. Scorpion being underhanded, Unicorn being compassionate, Dragon being enigmatic and Crab defending the wall (except that one time when they didn't.)
  12. What does that say about the Unicorn's prowess if they get out maneuvered politically by the same poor tacticians. Really, 200 years and they couldn't research marriage policies?
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