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    Coming out of the shadows to say I seriously doubt you've played a capable player with the Nantex in their hands. Not taking anything away from you, but this just isn't the case when the Nantex is flown properly.
  2. What I’m reading here is that people who know nothing and are making inferences based on at best hear-say evidence have caused a firestorm for no reason. Ryan, you can’t argue with stupid my man. But thanks for trying to set the record straight on what was yet another awesome Outryder. Had a blast with everyone as usual.
  3. Unfortunately I have to agree. There are podcast chats and other areas where high level play is discussed, and for me it’s this very reason why. Do we all like every competitive meta or every meta list? Heck no. But if you play competitively, it’s there whether you like it or not, and if it’s not going away immediately you’d better know how to deal with it. Forum discussions have a bad tendency to be derailed into how the game is in an awful state and it’s unplayable and dying. That’s no good if you’re trying to figure out how to beat the meta boogeyman, so eventually you just find better avenues for it. My activity on forums/reddit is primarily community-building focused now, in addition to answering questions from newer players about strategies. That’s about it. It’s not that I don’t want to share competitive play thoughts and list building ideas with the entire community, it’s just that it often feels like a waste of time.
  4. I actually just played this match out tonight using the old Howard Aces (Soontir/Inquisitor/Palp) against the Sensor Jammer Ghost plus Fenn build. The token stacked aces tore the list apart. Once Fenn is off the board, the aces can cycle themselves in and out of combat and reliably donut hole the Ghost. Goes down pretty quickly. I’m rooting pretty hard for lists like this to come back and think they might just have a chance. Action bombs are largely out of the picture, but their low overall offensive output is still a problem.
  5. Won a store championship this weekend using Rebel Nym with VI, TLT, Bomblets, FCS, Genius and Engine Upgrade. As has already been mentioned, moving at PS10 and choosing whether I drop the bomblet before moving or after moving with a boost was huge. Often, I was able to Genius-drop the bomblet and boost out of R1 of both the bomblet and my opponent's ship (and his arc), meaning I could safely TLT the ship that was also being bombed. Did a lot of work!
  6. I (Mikhail) won the Legendary Games store championship in Lexington, KY yesterday running Nym/Leebo. 19 players. 2nd- Camden with Nym/Miranda Top 4- Donald with Kylo RAC/Quickdraw Top 4- JD with Plot Armor (Intensity Poe/Dash)
  7. I'm Mikhail, also from Stay on Target podcast. ^ He is the worst.
  8. Mikhail here from Stay on Target...thanks for the kind words! We're going to start becoming more regular with our shows again- been a busy season for all the hosts! In fact, tune in for a new episode tomorrow! We try to focus on content and see things in a positive light with X-Wing. We're also the G-rated, Disney princess friendly, cuddly bear podcast. For better or for worse. I'm also a personal fan of Mynocks and TCX. Solid work from both of those groups. Even if Dallas beat me at Worlds. Not salty about that at all.
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