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  1. Kenseventy

    IA Olympics

    All parsecs lead to Mos Eisley.
  2. Kenseventy

    GenCon 2018 IA Game Mat

    They can barely get the Skirmish mats, that they actually mass produce, to Canada lol
  3. Kenseventy

    Newbie don’t know what to buy

    Used well into T3 for our last campaign.
  4. Kenseventy

    Kanan Skirmish Card + Euro/NA Champ prizes

    Euros are June 1-3........
  5. Kenseventy


    Not sure i'd take him to worlds but he has great synergy with IG. Desperately needs Targeting Computer tho
  6. Kenseventy

    Worlds Predictions!

    As is tradition.
  7. Haha I flew halfway across the country for those!
  8. I believe "you will find out soon" was said..
  9. The FFG Presentation is this evening at GAMA. *Fingers crossed*
  10. Kenseventy

    Anyone planning to use Legion Minis

    Aren't you a little short for a Stormtrooper?
  11. Don't forget @NeverBetTheFett and @cleardave!!
  12. Thanks for the comments, My round 4 wasn't much better but I still ended up getting dice.
  13. The series finale of Rebels is Monday so there is a chance they are waiting..