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  1. True! The since the conditions for the rejoin are only within range 1 of the leader and unstressed (initial position and facing otherwise irrelevant), some of the manoeuvres you'd actually require for the rejoin could potentially almost defy description! No wonder rejoining formation results in the joiner getting a stress token!
  2. Thanks! Thought so, but I fancied trying some airshow-style shenanigans! 😉
  3. When a ship rejoins formation, does it need to return to its original position in the formation or can it assume any vacant position? I suspect it has to return to its original station in the formation, based on the numbering of the ships according to their positions but it isn't stated explicitly.
  4. Yes, I'm sure they will. In no way was I disagreeing with you. My intention was to discuss how people thought a new feature of the game would be handled, which is, after all, one of the reasons for this forum to exist. Sorry if that annoyed you.
  5. Thanks In the case of other ion weapons, yes it is a moot point, but as the Electro-Proton Bomb deals ion without damage (to unshielded craft at least, and as yet all remotes are unshielded) it potentially becomes an issue, or at least it would if ionisation affects remotes.
  6. When the Electro-Proton Bomb arrives in the next couple of months we will have an area of effect device that deals the ionised effect (or disarmed tokens) without actually doing any physical damage to ships in the area of effect for the first time in second edition. What effect (if any) does anyone think this will have on remotes? Currently the only thing that can happen to remotes is damage (resulting in removal from the table) but that's not an issue in this case. Thematically ionisation should have a really detrimental effect on remotes as they're entirely electronic but there's currently no guidance on this. Potentially it could be that ionisation is so catastrophic for remotes that it counts as damage and leads to removal from play. Any ideas?
  7. I know it's not the most popular choice with some, but I'd really like to see the Minstrel class space yacht for Scum. I was a massive fan of Dark Forces back in the '90s and I'd love to see Jabba the Hutt's Minstrel class yacht "Star Jewel" getting an outing again and reminding me of the excitement I felt the first time I saw the Moldy Crow lifting out of Nar Shadaa, only to get tractored in by the Star Jewel, leading to Kyle getting thrown to the Kell Dragons on Jabba's orders! Things reallydidn't get much better than that as far as I was concerned at the time! 😊
  8. Do You Own Huge Ships Already? Yes. Did You Play Epic in 1.0, or Were They Dustables? Dustables (sadly) Do You Plan to Play Huge Ships in 2.0 (in Standard/Huge/Epic battles)? Yes. Do You Plan To Play Epic Missions? Yes. What is Your Biggest Draw to Epic 2.0? Varied, interesting and flavourful missions and objectives (I hope) and a nice bit of variety from the usual mode of play
  9. I'm a little disappointed that with Ric Olie's N-1 card they went for a subtitle of "Bravo Leader" rather than the "Captain Obvious" I was hoping for! 😉 Maybe they're saving that one for when they give us the 327-class Nubian with him as a pilot....
  10. I'm intrigued by the formation flying tool and how it will be implemented. I kind of feel it would have to be limited to relatively gentle manoeuvres (ie. straights or banks) as turns or more fancy stuff might cause one or more of the ships to have to fly backwards, pivot on the spot etc. Anyone have any opinions/ideas on this one?
  11. The same thought occurred to me. In order to relocate to either front of rear guides the ship has to either overlap or fly through the buzz droids, neither of which takes place during the speed 0 manoeuvre. However, this doesn't achieve an awful lot, as the buzz droid is still at range 0 of the ship, resulting in the ship still taking a critical damage that turn. To add insult to injury, the ship then has to move forward through the buzz droid swarm in the next turn anyway (unless the affected ship is a U-Wing enjoying its pivot wing shenanigans) which just means the buzz droid stays on the ship and continues to hurt it. So in essence, you can do a speed 0 manoeuvre if you really want to, but it won't achieve anything on its own.
  12. Are droids (ie Vulture, and (eventually) Hyena) able to equip Proton Rockets. My confusion arises from the fact that Calculate actions are generally treated (broadly) the same as Focus - and as far as I can remember there haven't been any missile firing droids before, so I haven't seen a ruling on this one.
  13. Thanks. That's pretty much what I expected but wasn't sure if it was too good to be true 🙂
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