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  1. BanthaExpress

    XG-1 Assault Config at range 1

    My reading of it would be that you can make the ion cannon attack but with only 3 attack dice.
  2. BanthaExpress

    Collapse of the Republic era book

    Great. Thanks! 🙂
  3. BanthaExpress

    Collapse of the Republic era book

    At the risk of asking a silly question with an obvious answer: What race is sharky-flippers dude?
  4. BanthaExpress

    So Adepticon is getting some announcements... But which ones!?

    Epic 2.0 (with conversion kits) would be pretty cool IMO. I would also be pleased if they told us more about/gave us a look at Outer Rim, because I'm dithering over pre-ordering (let's face it, I probably will end up pre-ordering, but having a little look first seldom hurts!) 🙂
  5. BanthaExpress


    No, you're not alone, it starts the little (but overused) area of my brain devoted to my being a terrible pedant itching in a very annoying and unscratchable way 😐
  6. BanthaExpress

    Players - maidstone?

    Yes, that would be great! 🙂
  7. BanthaExpress

    Players - maidstone?

    I'm also in the Maidstone/Rochester area. I'd probably be unable to commit to attending on a particular night weekly (a combination of working shifts and having a toddler son puts paid to that!) but I'd love to be able to pop into one of the clubs for a game or two if I'd be welcome as a (probably) fairly infrequent visitor. I tend to lean more towards casual play than cut-throat competitive, and I currently only really get games if I can get a sneaky game in at work with one of my colleagues when there's nothing going on, which is practically never these days!
  8. BanthaExpress

    Galactic Republic Wishlist

    That's a good trick!
  9. No. They're both unique titles (ie just one L3-37 is allowed per list). It's denoted by the dot to the left of the title on each card.
  10. BanthaExpress

    Mel's Miniatures Wishlist

    I'd love to see an M22-T Krayt gunship to go with our M3-A Scyks and our M12-L Kimogilas. A Zeta-class cargo shuttle would nice too, as would some of the cargo ships from the X-Wing series of PC games (Cargo Ferry etc)