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  1. Glad we agree! And yeah the charts are correct, it's just that focus looks even more favorable if you graph out being attacked multiple times in one round. For anyone that wants to see the difference that multiple attacks will have in action you can see the results by trying http://xwing.gateofstorms.net/alpha and add three attacks 3 dice with target lock and attack focus. Set defense dice to 3 and try it with 1 focus and simulate and then switch it to be with 1 evade (the even better old evade) and simulate again. You'll see that you take more damage with evade than with focus (keep in mind the results show average damage not average blocked). Then change it to one attack and now you'll take more damage with focus than evade. With the new evade it's even more in favor of focus at multiple attacks. It is interesting to note though that as the variance in the attack increases (remove the target locks and attack focus in the previous example) that the strength of the focus decreases. At two or three unmodified 3 dice attacks you'll take less damage on average by taking evade rather than focus. But the averages are close enough that the extra utility of focus still likely puts it ahead. [EDIT: This makes sense as the variability of focus will often give you extra eyes when you don't need them or not enough when you do, evade is generally more consistent, even the new evade. Pointed out by Theorist in another thread.] Some of this is more of academic interest than really useful in a game, the simple rule of thumb that you generally want to focus rather than evade at 3+ green dice (especially if you think you can take a shot or will be shot at more than once) is good enough for most people.
  2. That's true for the new evade. But not for focus. Focus will start to overtake evade where it did not before with extra attacks. It make senses when you think about it. Whether you roll them all together or separate the chances of having at least one die that isn't a natural evade is the same (and that's all you need to maximize on the evade token). But rolling multiple times increases the chances you'll have 2 or 3 eyes in one roll, which increases the focus value. If you only roll one die at a time you'll never get the focus average over 1.0 if you roll 5 dice you get it over 1.0 avg in one roll. If you roll 3 dice you'll be well over that average in three rolls.
  3. To expand on that here's a comparison of being attacked one, two or three times in a single round. I used http://xwing.gateofstorms.net/advanced/ for some of the calculations. Please point out any errors you find. Token Value - Additional Evades Attack x1 Green dice 0 1 2 3 4 Focus 0.0000 0.2500 0.5000 0.7500 1.0000 Old Evade 1.0000 1.0000 1.0000 1.0000 1.0000 New Evade 0.0000 0.6250 0.8594 0.9473 0.9802 Attack x2 Green dice 0 1 2 3 4 Focus 0.0000 0.4375 0.7810 1.0660 1.3160 Old Evade 1.0000 1.0000 1.0000 1.0000 1.0000 New Evade 0.0000 0.8594 0.9802 0.9972 0.9996 Attack x3 Green dice 0 1 2 3 4 Focus 0.0000 0.5790 0.9400 1.2000 1.4140 Old Evade 1.0000 1.0000 1.0000 1.0000 1.0000 New Evade 0.0000 0.9473 0.9972 0.9999 1.0000 Note that there are two factors that can complicate the exact values a bit when looking at multiple attacks with focus. The first is whether you assume each attack does enough damage for the token to be useful (you could save a focus token only to have the second attack do no damage). The second is whether you assume greedy use of tokens (use focus the first attack that any eyes are rolled) or perfect knowledge (don't use focus on the first attack for 1 eye because the second attack you'll roll two eyes) or something in between (like making the choice per attack that would result in the optimal avg). But I think these numbers are indicative enough, for example the variance between greedy and perfect knowledge for three green dice and two attacks is only about 2%.
  4. I don't think that's accurate, it looks like it's 'even in 1.0' not 'only in 1.0'. "Even in 1.0 if you are attacked two or more times focus is more likely to prevent more damage than evade at 3 green dice", this is true in 2.0 as well. (It is worth mentioning that the numbers given are averages without including the standard deviation, for example there could be times in 1.0 when a guaranteed evade to keep the ship alive at one hull might be a wiser choice than risking a focus with a chance to stop two damage). While the evade token average does now increase on multiple attacks, the limit is 1 and it does not increase at an equivalent rate as focus does, (logarithmic vs linear so it quickly over takes and then is quickly overtaken). In 1.0 and 2.0 if a 3 green dice ship is attacked once then evade will on average block more damage than focus. This can be seen in the chart above. 3 green dice ship attacked once Version 1.0 evade = 1.0 avg focus = 0.75 avg Version 2.0 evade = 0.95 avg focus = 0.75 avg In 1.0 and 2.0 if the 3 green dice ship is attacked two or more times then focus will on average block more damage than focus. This data is not included in the charts above. 3 green dice ship attacked twice Version 1.0 evade = 1.0 avg focus = 1.06 avg Version 2.0 evade = 0.99 avg focus = 1.06 avg At 0 green dice it doesn't matter which you take now for damage mitigation so go ahead and focus. At 1 green die take the evade if looking for max damage mitigation. At 2 green dice you also almost certainly want the evade if looking for max damage mitigation (unless you're facing a swarm and that single ship is getting attacked 4+ times). At three green dice you'll want to focus if likely to be attacked at least twice but may want to evade if only attacked once. At four green dice you probably want to take focus even when only attacked once (higher avg damaged blocked). But again there will be some situations where you may want to consider the standard deviation. If you really need to ensure that at least one damage is blocked because it will leave you at 1 hull and you can get an important shot off then you may want to take the new evade at four green dice with only one incoming attack (in that case even though the average is slightly higher with focus the chance of having 0 total evades is also higher). One more note, here we've been looking at maximizing blocking damage but of course you need to consider the utility of focus being usable on attack as well. At times the best option may be to take focus even if the defensive average is a bit lower since that results in increased damage output and is less likely to result in a wasted action, going unused.
  5. This is only true when the ship is only attacked once. When considering focus vs evade (in 1.0 or 2.0) you also need to account for how many times the defender is attacked that round (or expects to be attacked). Even in 1.0 if you are attacked two or more times focus is more likely to prevent more damage than evade at 3 green dice (at 2 green dice you have to be attacked 4 times for focus to come out ahead). See https://teamcovenant.com/general/when-is-focus-better-than-evade
  6. No knows the answer to the previous AI action selection question for sure? Basically whether or not a TIE fighter that does not have a shot and can not get a shot on its original selected target (even if it barrel rolls) should barrel roll in order to get a shot on a different rebel ship?
  7. Yeah I see what you mean about sending the offending ship in the wrong direction for missions like that. Maybe just translating it back on to the board and rotating it until it is parallel to the edge is a better option and it's still simple enough (and importantly still doesn't require foreseeing the situation the turn before to do a preemptive swerve). In my opinion it's worth addressing the situation in the next version of the rule book or in the faq. Edit: It's a bit pedantic but when considering the wording of the rule in the case of the Lambda shuttle it would need to be rotated even though it does have a maneuver that would keep it on the board (since it can just keep doing a 0 stop)
  8. My group played mission "Nobody Home" yesterday and we had exactly the same thing happen with the lambda shuttle that xsoulbrothax described in an earlier post. It ended up facing an edge so that it would be stuck doing a 0 stop. It's not that big of a deal when a single TIE fighter is lost this way but a sitting duck elite large ship is a lot of xp to gain and a loss of threat. Some people have suggested swerving the turn before a ship would end up in a position where it would be forced off the board, or ways of fudging a ship back into play. Herowannabe made the suggestion to have any imperial ship that would be forced to fly off an edge simply flip 180 degrees in place and consider it a red maneuver (with the exceptions of being ioned off or fleeing an escape edge). Possibly getting a stress token in addition to not having an action that turn. I think this is the simplest and most elegant solution and would get my vote for inclusion in v0.8. Someone in my group suggested that it have the penalty of not being able to shoot that turn rather than the stress token. This makes sense since it doesn't allow a ship that you are chasing to suddenly do a maneuver it normally couldn't do and have it immediately blast you in the face.
  9. I've been having a lot of fun with HotAC, thanks for creating this Josh! Must have taken a lot of testing for balance. I have one question on the enemy AI action selection for anyone that knows the answer... Action Selection 1) Remove stress or Resolve critical 2) Barrel roll to get a shot [on it's target] OR [on any rebel ship]? 3) Barrel roll to avoid target's arc, and keep target in your arc 4) Focus if you have a shot [on it's target] OR [on any rebel ship]? 5) Evade I'm pretty sure that Josh clarified at some point that step 4 should be Focus if you have a shot on any rebel ship (not just the target). Step 3 is pretty clear that it will only barrel roll to avoid the target's arc and won't barrel roll to get out of another rebel ship's arc (even if only in that arc). Is step 2 also only with regard to the selected target? If it has no rebel ships in arc would it barrel roll if that would get a different rebel ship in arc (i.e. not it's target)?
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