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  1. It's all nonsense, of course, but presented as fact (along with "specimens" of many other cryptids.) Seems that it is, in fact, a very imaginative art project by talented sculptor and cryptid enthusiast "Alex CF." Interesting read, and intricately created pieces of many different cryptids. Don't think many cryptozoologists would consider the obviously fictitious elder things and cthulu spawn as real as Nessie, but it's a fun pretense. http://www.merrylinmuseum.com/index/#/expedition-to-the-elder-city/ http://www.merrylinmuseum.com/index/#/eldritch-study-bureau/
  2. Cool, thanks for the clarification on that!
  3. Are you sure? I thought that if you were given a choice between two bad effects but couldn't do one, that you automatically had to do the other. Like last night I had the Blight that said Discard an ally or Lose 3 health and impair strength and influence, but I had no allies, so I did the bottom and discarded it. Otherwise in situations like that certain cards would have no teeth. I could have just kept "choosing" to discard the ally I didn't have, and it wouldn't have mattered that I was blighted. I could be wrong, though. It's so hard to go back through instruction books to look for answers now that we have so many the expansions.
  4. I think you'll find as you get more experience (6 games isn't that much yet right) that it will seem less "unfair." There are ways to mitigate those things. You'll get a better understanding of the rules and different strategies you can use to deal with the bad things that happen. You're not going to find an expansion that will pad out your decks with stuff that's "less unfair" by your definition. In fact, some add pretty nasty new Banes and things like Impairment tokens, and they aren't things you can choose not to play with once you've got them.
  5. My husband insists that you can combine the +1 to all skills bonus from Markings of Isis with bonuses from other cards. He says it's "like putting improvement tokens on the card." I disagree. We need a ruling! TIA
  6. What if you were to become detained, and then lost in time and space the same round after the detainment? That happened to us the other day. We decided that LITAS took precedence since how could you be detained in a jail cell if you were floating around in the void lol
  7. Ohhhh that makes so much more sense! Thanks!
  8. Sorry, I wasn't clear. I meant you can use a focus for a reroll, then get another focus because i did a "focus action," then use that focus for another reroll on the same test, get another focus because that's a focus action, etc. That would be unlimited rerolls on the same test. That doesn't make sense. It would mean you could never fail a test while you have Righteous condition. Can you only use focus for rerolls that you had at the beginning of the encounter?
  9. So we were a little confused. It says "When you perform a Focus action or a Rest action, gain 1 Focus or recover 1 Sanity." So that means - if I perform a focus action, I can either get another focus or recovery a sanity. If I rest, I can gain a focus or recover an extra sanity. Right? But doesn't that mean, like, unlimited focus if I so choose? That can't be right, can it?
  10. There lots of encounters AND unique assets that allow you to advance the active mystery.
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