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  1. I would handle those super effects with story points and triumphs. Example: Colussus makes a brawl attack and with his super strength gets a triumph, bye bye car. Collussus get hit with a rocket to the chest, he has the ability to lower a Crit roll to a 01. Pick the pieces off his chest and walks away. Cyclops can use his Optic Blast and get triumph, hope the owner had car insurance that covers disintegration. Wolverine could have an ability by using a story point once per session to recover wound and Crit effects. Like most comics, these actions are only once per comic, so a once per session ability is totally acceptable.
  2. Good morning fellow super heroes. I'm creating a super hero campaign and was thinking of talents and powers for it. I figured this would be the perfect spot for input on em. Some of are re-skinned talent and others are new. If you see anything that seems over powered or in the wrong tier bracket, please let me know. Uncanny Strength Uncanny Stamina Thanks.
  3. I started a campaign that is similar to Penny Dreadful and League of Extraordinary Gentleman. It’s a combination of Horror, Fantasy, Steampunk & Weird War. So far The player are having fun with it. With this system you can make anything work. ?
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