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  1. Hi FFG, For years I have played your games. Xwing, Imperial Assault, Destiny, Legion, Conquest LCG, Star Wars LCG, Arkham Horror LCG, LotR LCG, L5R LCG, and Netrunner. I've spent thousands on your products, and had much joy from them. But none have been so enjoyable or memorable as Netrunner. I was therefore saddened to hear of Netrunner's cancellation, but was willing to give you the benefit of the doubt regarding the process and negotiations (though in truth I've been worried about your treatment of customers for a while now...). To learn today that the proposed farewell, the big sendoff to the game I love more than any other game I've ever played, Reign and Reverie, will not be available in Australia (and elsewhere, by the sounds of it...) filled me with what can only be described as a burning rage. You have four months. Move heaven and goddamn earth to make it right to customers, whom, like me, have been faithful and enjoyed your games for years. We deserve better. Be better. Your disgruntled customer, Blake. YOU CAME THROUGH WITH A SECOND PRINTING - THANK YOU!!!!
  2. I think it's important to see the Conquest LCG ending as separate to an issue with the LCG format. The license partnership ended (no doubt due to the release of RuneWars by FFG being seen as a direct competitor to the Warhammer minis game), and that's why Conquest is ending, not because of an inherent issue with the LCG format. Many LCGs are still going strong, and have been for a good period of time.
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