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  1. If there’s any non-Jedi commander, such as Cody, at or shortly after launch, then I’ll play Republic, but I’m never going to put one of those horrible traitors in my army.
  2. As a costumer I feel compelled to interject that the Mudtrooper armor has so many points of difference from the piece worn by veers and the snowtroopers. It is shorter, rounder, has different buttons, a seam in the right breast and a different yoke, and the shoulder straps and back are far more similar to the shoretrooper.
  3. Ok, that’s fine. So you keep the surge/no-surge for that diagetic justification. Then you should adjust the point values for fairness. Grenades now cost 5pts for rebel troopers, and 6pts for stormtroopers.
  4. You're right, grenades should have the same stats whoever is using them, or they should cost a different amount depending on who's using them.
  5. It's becoming pretty clear that the dice pool represents training more than hardware.
  6. You guys know there's a deleted scene where the Royal Guards threaten Vader when he tries to enter the Emperor's chamber unbidden, right? They're supposed to be a physical threat to people who want to get near to the emperor. You're entirely right, the questionable choice was for FFG to put the Emperor anywhere near a skirmish. It's perfectly reasonable that the guard should be with him.
  7. Good analysis, but I think you put your thumb on the scale a bit by assuming an upgraded T-47. A snowspeeder has a better chance of winning back its points if it cost fewer points to begin with, so many folk run them naked.
  8. Rebels could just use some better core heavy weapons while we're at it. The fleet trooper's scattergun is the only lovable one. I hope that after we get the unit-agnostic personnel expansion with the droids, officer and comms specialist, that we can get a unit agnostic Heavy expansion with stuff we can take in place of that awful ion gun.
  9. Not exactly a new unit, but the last of Beckett's crew, Korso, gets a bit more screentime than the incidental glance of him in the theatrical cut.
  10. I'd like to see some alternative rebel vehicle choices, such as A landspeeder that's cheaper and more lightly armed than the T-47 Airspeeder. Without a compulsory move, it would be better able to take advantage of cover. The ice cutter from unused scenes in ESB. It would work a bit like the 1.4 FD Laser Cannon, but not completely immobile. Swoop bikes. They'd lack the fixed front weapon of Imperial speeder bikes, so they'd depend on the rider's sidearm's for offense, but they'd be cheaper and you could take them in greater numbers. Perhaps they'd come in threes instead of pairs. Vehicles aside, I'll echo that I'd like to see Saw and his partisans.
  11. That's an ATDT. All of its weapons are at range 4+? Instead of the AtSt's weakspot being its rear arc, the ATDT's weak spot is everywhere outside its forward arc? I'd kind of like to see the patrol transport or Imperial troop transport from rebels. They're not pretty to look at, but it would be cool to introduce the function of transports to legion.
  12. To my taste at least, Imperials feel like they're in a fairly satisfying position with the currently announced line-up. I'd like to see Deathtroopers as a shootier alternative to Royal Guards, and I'd like to have an Operative who's a real imperial, maybe Iden. I like the Occupier Tank from rogue 1, but what role would it serve that the At-st doesn't already do? Mudtroopers are cool, but what should they be, other than cheaper stormtroopers? It's on the rebel side where I look at the options and wish there were a different choice in nearly every category. The T-47, the immobile 1.4FD Laser Cannon, The rebel AT-RT all struggle to be desirable in a list. I also wish there were better heavy weapon carriers in most rebel units.
  13. If I'm mathing this correctly, the rebel commando sniper vs the scout trooper sniper comes out like this. Black+White+Surge is 5+3. Black+Black(No-Surge) is 4+4. So both come out to 8/16 hit results out of die faces. This seems identical, but I think the scout troopers will outperform the rebel commandos slightly if both units have aim tokens, since the rebel commandos will more often be rerolling a white die, and the scout troopers will always be rerolling a black die.
  14. Please no. I’m not an angry man, but the first time my stormtroopers get beaten by Ewoks, I am going to flip a table.
  15. I'm definitely hoping for a Saw Gerrera as soon as possible. He's the only commander who could make me start to play rebels in earnest. Personally I'm holding out hope for Dr. Aphra and Inspector Tolvan. More generally, I'm just curious to see how legion is going to handle more scummy characters like Beckett, and Enfys nest. I think I'd prefer to just see scum operatives/specialists for both existing factions. After all, why would you have a scum faction when the rebels ARE scum?
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