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  1. In terms of Star Wars Cannon. Just because a TAP generates the same sheold capacity as an Advanced, doesn't mean the sheilds perform the same. The Inquisitors are infinity more expendable than Lord Vader. Thus it's very likely that the Tie Advanced shields probably have a recharge capacity that the TAP does not. Also, I remember reading that Vaders Tie was structurally reinforced to withstand collisions, hence why he was able to survive the battle of Yavin.
  2. Here a 4 Ship build. Wampa enables Scourges pilot ability. Omega Leader is the end gamer. The Palpmobile and Wampa draw fire. Wampa throws down a damage card on as many ships as he can before he buys it. Scourge gets 3 Red die from than on. 4 at range 1. Omega Leader hangs back to clean up the left overs. Lambda-Class Shuttle: Omicron Group Pilot (21) Collision Detector (0) Tactical Jammer (1) · Emperor Palpatine (8) TIE Fighter: · "Wampa" (14) Shield Upgrade (4) TIE Fighter: · "Scourge" (17) Adaptability (Increase) (0) Shield Upgrade (4) TIE/fo Fighter: · "Omega Leader" (21) Juke (2) Shield Upgrade (4) Comm Relay (3)
  3. Why don't you try a variant of my build.
  4. I think it will always come down to how well you can fly your ships. And how well you can read your opponents energy state(metaphorically speaking). The guy I played against was preparing for the Socal Regionals. And my build highlighted his vulnerabilities. He was one bad defense roll from finished for him. But the luck turned his way. So for local play, my build proved quite competitive. For Regionals, it's possibly competitive. For nationals, or world... I kinda doubt it.
  5. Mauler and scourge proved to be a lethal pair. Mauler enabled Scourges pilot ability on the first engagement. Backdraft loves to play the fun game of chase me big boy I got lots of Crit Lovin for yaz! And Zeta Leader loves it when no one is paying any attention to him.
  6. And I used him just that way in my last game. He was very effective. I nearly won. But Chirenuea and Maerk proved to be too durable for my wired Quartet of F/O's and Tie. TIE/sf Fighter: · "Backdraft" (27) Wired (1) Advanced Sensors (3) Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) Special Ops Training (0) Weapons Guidance (2) TIE/fo Fighter: · "Zeta Leader" (20) Wired (1) Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) Weapons Guidance (2) TIE Fighter: · "Mauler Mithel" (17) Wired (1) Shield Upgrade (4) TIE Fighter: · "Scourge" (17) Wired (1) Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) -- TOTAL ------- 99/100p. -- The battle was lost when Backdraft took an unlucky defense roll from Maerk. Till then I had successfully divided his pair and was pecking them to death. Scourge proved very annoying to Chiraneau who was taking damage every turn from Scourge. But losing Backdraft allowed Maerk to swing to the rescue of the poor Admiral. Who was two hits from death, I might add.
  7. I find that Backdraft is very effective with wired as his EPT. With his dial, and if you're using collision detector, you're gonna be stressed almost all the time. So having a soft focus token is very useful.
  8. Analog, Science fiction and Fact. Azimov's Science Fiction. Two monthly periodical magazines full of good, great and in between science fiction stories. I highly recommend both. Been reading them for decades now.
  9. My username is actually my handle I've been using since 1995 on my ships computers. I've been using it as my log on handle ever since. Always all lower case. It's a fusion of my name and Speed Racers name, as his friends always called him Speed. And since Speed Racer was my first favorite cartoon it seemed appropriate. So, markspeed.
  10. Where is the Arc Caster? This game is still incomplete until the Arc Caster is in the game. I suppose I could live without the Jet Trooper, but not having the caster is just keeping me from playing. I need my Arc Caster and precision pistol secondary.
  11. Can I Slam your boost, while you boost my slam? 4th wall break- Hey everybody, I'm trying bait a certain contrarian we all know into some good and fun language debating, for the purpose forum enlightenment and spiritual minty freshness! Wish me luck as I try not jest too explicitly as to incite the penalties of forum etiquette.
  12. Just because you joust from the rear, does not make you a trans-fearlessness jouster!
  13. Not in my house it doesnt! Oops, I've said too much.
  14. Your constant referral to the Inquisitor as "Quizzy" makes me want to take the opposite side of any argument to you(regardless of which side is correct), and do so belligerently and with a lot of personal insults thrown in. I won't, but I do feel it's important you know that at least one person finds that really, really annoying. (I'm not saying you should stop, you be you.) Quizzy finds your lack of humour disturbing! However, I find your faith to contrarianism commendable. But I must say... Don't be to proud of this Queens English argument you've constructed. The ability to be contrarian to a word used in jest, is insignificant next to the power of humor. Sun Tzu- Know your contrarian.
  15. I'm pretty sure from my read that the pilot ability mearly means that when your are perforing a primary weapon attack from your aux arc you may add 1 crit result to your roll. If you have ships in both arcs, for example, you attack the ship in the primary arc first. RESOLVE that attack. Than you've triggered the title, allowing you to attack from aux arc. While attacking from the aux arc you may add 1 crit result to your roll. I cannot see how anyone interprets how there are any additional attacks being allowed by either the title or the pilot ability. This just sounds to me like more word lawyering.
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