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  1. Does Billy D want to be back? He's the one character I wanted back. In fact, when I first saw previews with Fin wielding a lightsaber I was hopeful he was a son of Lando and Leia. Interesting love triangle, but one that continues the Skywalker Force story but this time with a Calrissian. Alas poor Yorick it was not to be. If Billy D doesn't want to be in any of the movies, I wish him well and respect him for it. If the Disney warlords decide not to include him then: THEY SUCK!!! R2-D2 and Lando are my favourite Star Wars characters. They had more personality, more cool and more jenesequa than everyone else.
  2. Don't know what the symbols mean on this card?Here's a direct copy and paste: "Its nine new upgrades allow you to take advantage of the unique pairing of crew and astromech upgrade slots." Pairing of CREW and astromech.
  3. I knew I read about shooting from more than one hull zone somewhere. Remembered the Home One preview where one of the strategies was manoeuvring between two ships and shooting broadsides from both port and starboard hull zones. But then I went back to an early preview of the game itself and found what I needed to know: "Attack After you reveal your ship’s command dial, your ship can perform up to two attacks, though each must originate from a different hull zone. Each attack can target a single hull zone on an enemy ship or one or more enemy squadrons. We’ll look at how your ship resolves its attacks in more detail below."
  4. HWKs win here, X-Wings win in the U.S. Mid-West. What is this world coming to? I've read that both ships need to be buffed not nerfed. Oh well. On a personal note; I have always disliked the idea of freighters being used as standard fighters. It just doesn't seem right to me. A one off like the Falcon, Dash, etc sure I get that. But as the main fighter it's just wrong to me; they are freighters. But if they have to be then the S&V faction is the best place to see something like this. Truth be told I'd pick Y-Wings over HWKs. When it comes to freighters, I run a Chewie and Dash combo and I'm hoping soon to add one of the Ghosts to that. That's my Rebel triple freighter. But triple HWKs for Scum is something I've been considering.
  5. It was a series about soldiers here in the UK about 23 years ago. One of the soldiers was called Tucker. Can't remember what the series was called, but it wasn't Band of Brothers.
  6. REBEL VICTORY!!! Two hours of gameplay. Forgot to track turns but who cares at home (naughty in public I'm sure). There's so much to talk about but first I give my honest opinion of the game: THAT WAS FRAGGIN' AWESOME! Ahem. Now to the serious business of summing up the game. At first the two fleets moved towards each other. Turned out to be a big mistake on the part of the Victory, but I'll get to that soon. There were some whoops moments, like forgetting to shoot before moving, but I took it like a man and missed that round (X-Wing brain is to blame, I'm used to move then shoot). During this time the squadrons closed in on each other until they got engaged (marriage ended in a lonely and damaged Tie fighter squadron). But it was the big ships that stole the scene, or maybe just one of them. The CR90 got behind the Victory and let rip. Shields fell, Capacitor Failure and three damage cards was the tally after three turns. Nebulon-B added some shots, softening up other shields, but the Corvette was just vicious. Unable to turn around quick enough, the Victory was on the defensive attempting to repair faster than it was taking damage. Finally with zero shields and only three hull remaining, the final attack was rolled. Nebulon-B had ordered concentrate fire. Three dice were shaken. Then released. Slowly turning blue from held breath but the dice came to rest...... TRIPLE WAMMY!!! Not just three damage, but a triple critical! Oh dat ship is toast! But, mistakes were made. No doubt about it, the game had a bad case of beginners duh: 1. Forgetting to shoot first was a lesson learnt and didn't happen again. Nearly, but I stopped as I was holding the manoeuvre dial to roll. 2. Only shot from one arc to one arc. I'm sure a ship can fire all of it's available shots. Perhaps it's explained later in the book but the game continued on the one arc shooting. 3. Remembering to use the defences and use them wisely. Just because you have a brace or redirect doesn't mean you have to use them. Or the other side of the coin, as in the case of the Victory, wait until shields are down and panic. 4. Commands were poorly used. Concentrating fire when the enemy ship was out of range was a bit of a bummer. Sending squadrons zooming forward turn two and realising they weren't in range of the six Tie squadrons barrelling down on them was....actually pretty funny. X-Wings put up a good fight despite losing a squadron early on. But repair was used well. At first I thought it was pointless until shields started to drop, but being able to redirect shields kept both the Nebulon-B and CR90 from harm. Actually, the Nebulon-B suffered two damage total but repaired one and got it's shields back up. Now I've got to tidy up and await my next opportunity to wage war. Once I've gotten used to the game I'll start beefing up the collection.
  7. Looks like I'm on for tomorrow! VICTORY I with Expanded Hanger Bay 6 Tie Fighter Squadrons (one with Howlrunner) VS NEBULON-B ESCORT FRIGATE CR90 CORVETTE B 4 X-Wing Squadrons (one with Luke Skywalker) Rebels outnumber Empire by 21 points but wanted to learn the rules before starting on upgrades and crew. The Hanger Bay was to lessen the points gap and help command the Tie swarm. Will report back with the result of the battle, and any highlights, tomorrow.
  8. I love Star Wars. Disney has taken over Star Wars. My favourite (none Star Wars) Disney character is Buzz Lightyear. Though my Edge of the Empire character is a Clone, I'm secretly working on a Buzz Lightyear inspired character who will truly be ME in the Star Wars universe. He'll take on the name of Tukk when the original dies. So I have Buzz Lightyear. Opposite of light is dark, and I felt that darkhour was lame so went for Darknoon. At school I reminded people of someone called Tucker. Shortened version of Tucker, with a K instead of a C. Thus Tukk Darknoon was born.
  9. The models alone are worth the price of the starter box. I'm looking forward to my first game.
  10. Anyhoo This week I'll get my first opportunity to try out Armada. Hopefully tomorrow. Will post about it here rather than starting another topic.
  11. Mr Angry should be sent on a mission by himself to an Imperial garrison. When over a hundred Stormtroopers open fire, and he finds himself facing AT-STs and AT-ATs while Tie fighters swoop overhead you can pause for a moment and ask: Now how could you have handled that better? If he gets the point and isn't so stupid, he can stay. If he continues to live up to his name, continue the action and show no mercy. When his character dies with dozens of holes in him, show the player the door.
  12. I look forward to reading the "Are HWKs overpowered?" threads. This pleases my 3 HWK thoughts.
  13. I literally grew up with Star Wars. This is my point of view: To this day nothing is better than the Original Trilogy, and I'm one of the rare few who likes the extended versions. Except I'm angry that Han no longer shoots first. My only complaint. When the prequels came out I was in my teens and thought they were great. Not as good as the originals, but good. Unfortunately I grew up and with maturity came the realisation that they were terrible. But I still like them. Star Wars Rebels came next and, though animated, it brought on a nostalgic fondness that only the Original Trilogy achieved. Even now it takes second place to the original trilogy in my affections. I had high hopes for The Force Awakens, but it came across like Revenge of the Sith. Rushed. Not well thought through. Yet it managed to take third place in my affections after Rebels. So why did it fall short? My answer: Because the third Deathstar was totally unnecessary! This film could have been "Star Wars The Search for Skywalker" and still be the same movie without a stupid hyperspace Sun gun. The movie itself was better than the prequels, it just went too far with the sun gun and the whole blow up another Deathstar. At least Phantom Menace had a droid control ship. But TFA decided not to have an original idea and go with another Deathstar, only this was a weaponized planet that broke the "dispension of disbelief" barrier and even my "woohoo it's Star Wars pew pew pew" inner kid just couldn't accept it. Even my big kid side felt "yeah right how stupid do you think I am". My recent Star Wars purchase has been The Clone Wars. Enjoyed it more than the prequels and TFA. Can't wait for Rogue One, but I hope it lives up to the Original Trilogy and Rebels Galactic Civil War era love.
  14. I much prefer the ARC-170 But I've nothing against the N1. Not sure what it would contribute to the game. Maybe it'll be a comparable to a Z-95 with Astromech slot. But it'll only be worth considering, from my point of view, if it has a generic pilot. Otherwise what's the point of a (potentially) low points ship with Astromech and Torps.
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