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  1. I believe the date has passed for it to be legal even with a general release this week if it happened.
  2. Outside of a possible unique crew I don't see them ever releasing an upgrade with two different version under the same name that worked differently.
  3. I've had ok success with Striden with pattern analyzer and hux with omega leader and quickdraw.
  4. As far as standard play...maybe For epic totally.
  5. SkyWarp


    Well lots of Biggs Lowrik jank. Probably a bunch of nym Miranda, or nym dengar.
  6. What about vectored thrusters instead of EU?
  7. SkyWarp


    How do we feel about the dynamic duo in the current meta? Still the old standard of FCS, Glitter, Crack or maybe something new? Was thinking Intensity then remembered it was small ship only.
  8. I've thought about something like this, but with FCS on Colzet. Last years store champs ran Colzet Wampa Vader and a Palp shuttle and man it was annoying as hell to people.
  9. Please please please, give us a Mr.Bones Hero Pack!
  10. Managar would be put down across from a lot of lists and there was just no way to fight it. Parattani is strong, but I feel like any well though out list flown well has a chance against it and the same can't be said for Managar.
  11. As long as we don't get cards on a pack that are just plain not usable by the ship they come with then we're in a pretty good place. Clearly the model is working for FFG.
  12. Final Salvo would be a very bad idea for the Kwing player which is the point of setting up the castle in the first place. You get 6 reds for the K's, the ghost list should get 10, I do believe the docked shuttle would still count. Final Salvo says all of your undestroyed ships.
  13. The Ark Angel for the Empire Volt Cobra for Scum Troop transport from TFA for Rebels
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