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  1. Hello! First of all, thank you very much for nice tool. But I got little request if possible. Any possible to get tool/feature to create Skirmish army for 2 players which removes cards from list what is used by another player? This helps alot if im playing with a friend.
  2. XCOM app can be downloaded and installed to pc or Mac from FFG website.
  3. Hey! Yeah, some of reason. It doesnt say anything about it in Operation Guide setup. But in Learn to Play setup, yes. In Learn to Play Guide at page 4. During Setup in step 3, it says: "Then, he places his Marine figure on the corresponding space on the map, shuffles his action deck and draws three cards."
  4. Treasure Chest cards are removed from the Search Deck, yeah i know. But no. After i did search the Search Token, App said "You have received the Workman's Ring relic! Place the 'Workman's Ring' relic card in your play area." I think too, it resets as well when Heroic Feats does too. (In Act change). Thank you.
  5. Hey! I got question about Workman's Ring. I'm playing the Road to Legend The Delve. And i got the Workman's Ring from Search Token. In Workman's Ring it says: "Discard all Fatiques on this card at the end of each encounter" What are the Encounter in the Delve? Is each Stages counts as Encounter? Or is it Encounter only when the Act changes? Thanks
  6. Hello! Quick and stupid question about Shadow Walker's card the Soul Bound. Can i place Shadow Soul on the target's space even if it says "Place a Shadow Soul in any space adjacent to the target."? Thanks Edit: Just double checking. Because some cards mentions about "space containing figure"
  7. At start of Campaign in Kindred Fire. I did get "Minor peril: Ashrian is Doomed and Terrified". I dont even have Doomed or Terrified condition yet. I got only the Base game and Trollfens expansion.
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