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  1. Honestly, the biggest thing to deal with this would be to speak with the players and come to an understanding about how to make the game fun and fair. By implementing challenges aside from just combat to the combat encounters it enriches the game. Is your guy specialized and able to get those ridiculous amounts of accuracy by spending a full round or more to aim? Penalize the action by having enemies that may be quite fast and hard to aim at, or reward them by having them be forced to make difficult shots and get some clutch accuracy in. Nothing puts the players in a bind more than being told they won't make any profit by injuring civies when the bad guys have hostages. Then reward them for thinking about ways to free the hostages and neutralize bad guys. If you're playing force and destiny, adding conflict for killing bad guys is always a way to make your players look for non-lethal takedown methods. If you make it interesting, or give them reason to bump into stuff that isn't just combat, then you can experience more of the game. Heck, even big firefights including your PC's against squads of dangerous-but-defeatable enemies can make for a fun game. Have the larger squads of bad guys target the really combat-savvy guy while smaller squads try to attack the other members of the team. The enemies are initially dangerous, but the more that get taken down the easier the fight gets. Possibly even a bounty could be placed on the character's head, an NPC with several ranks in the adversary perk will make him significantly tougher to attack, but it's also because he prioritizes the combat PC, so it could even come down to effectively making your own Jango Fett to become a recurring villain with.
  2. One of the other possibilities is using the Training Saber and re-flavoring it to the Lightfoil, a known dueling weapon that young nobles used for fancy private duels. Training sabers aren't actually restricted by the empire IIRC and they use the lightsaber skill. This makes them perfect for Makashi Duelist characters.
  3. The biggest part about the FFG games, and really any game in general, is to create interesting characters. If you don't make an interesting character, it's going to negatively paint someone's view about your character. That's even regardless of whether your character is force sensitive or not. The main difference about FFG's system vs. others is that force-users in this system have to use those precious xp to spend on force powers as well as the feats and skills that any other character does, which spreads their capabilities out even further and make a player really have to think about where to invest their XP in more critically. I think that FFG does a better job at portraying force-users in this setting because if made with being interesting in mind, the force powers should be something that may give a little bit of extra help, or may even force a character to lay low because of the fact that force powers aren't so common. The way a force-sensitive character starts in F&D even makes it so that they don't start with a lightsaber and likely would have to go on a quest to locate the materials they need to make one. And, in a galaxy full of guns, bringing a sword to a gunfight is pretty difficult to deal with. Even the reflect talent has a limit to how much you can deflect attacks before you collapse from exhaustion if you're up against a large number of foes. Your typical starting character is better off picking up a blaster of some kind and fighting using logic and strategy. The Sith and Jedi are both flawed and need to be stopped. Every major galaxy-spanning war has been caused because of the conflict between these two organizations. Other force-sensitive traditions are sages or mystics while the Jedi and Sith compete to see which one has a bigger lightsaber. Characters in F&D are encouraged to be good like the Jedi, yes, but that's because the Jedi were not soldiers, they were monks with martial arts training. The best place to start is usually an Edge of the Empire or Age of Rebellion game first, then if anyone in your group still wants to be a force user, have them take the force-sensitive exile or force emergent universal specializations. That way the character has a background that gives a reason why they weren't hunted down for their force power or had perhaps been hiding it the whole time, or maybe hadn't even known... since the Jedi Acquisition Corps had parents of force-sensitive children either give up the children to their cult or made them promise to never let the child develop their force sensitivity. A bit of research and personality goes a long way towards making a better character. Though some other people might just hate force users because of lightsabers, since they're able to pretty much give the finger to armor in many cases.
  4. Did it turn out that the Shadowlands book has more tainted monsters to use? For the most part what I'm hoping for is finding out where I can get stats for other monsters so my players aren't just going up against 4 types of monsters.
  5. I don't entirely know if this is the right board to put it, but a curious idea struck me and I believed it would be very homebrew as it would require quite a bit of work by a GM. The Apocalypse; Inspired by the story of Onimusha: Warlords, Onimusha 2 and Onimusha 3: Demon Seige... The forces of the Shadowlands manage to either find a way around the Kaiu Wall or break through it after a period of relative peace where they build up their strength for one massive push into the southernmost part of the Crab lands. Now, the monsters of the Shadowlands are on the surging tide and the families of the Crab have been pushed back to the edges of their lands in a far more desperate battle as a group of heroes muster the imperial forces and the standing armies of the remaining clans and attempt to push the shadowlands taint back to the breach. Don't know if it would be a good idea, but it made me think both of horror tropes and even the mass battle tropes of Samurai Warriors as the players lead cohorts of soldiers against the forces of the shadowlands and try to at least hold key locations and strongholds to help push back the tide of monsters.
  6. That's pretty cool. Usually when I'm stuck on a name, I go to a site a friend of mine showed me a while back called Behindthename.com It's a great site that has a random renamer tool for you to generate a name using masculine, feminine, ambiguous gendering for the name as well as the option to use a set last name or pick a random one each time a name is generated. The coolest part is it even gives origin definitions to each part of the name so if you want to know more about a random first name, you can!
  7. There's also the fact that if the PC's saw your character's husband and corpse of his father being carried away, they could either back you up on the validity of your claims... that you were ambushed, or take advantage of your new suspicious position
  8. That is a good point, I'll certainly keep that in mind as I plan out adventures. I'm not really all that used to planning out modern-day settings since most of my material is for role playing in fantasy middle-ages type settings.
  9. I've downloaded the Lost Lore PDF so I have the errata stuff, but the biggest problem for me is coming up with adventures. Being a DM for D&D I'm used to attempting to create fairly balanced combat encounters... but since I have no experience in this system I'm not so firm on how combat works or what types of adventures play to this system's strengths. If anyone has any recommendations on what to set up for the adventures or helpful hints to help understand combat better I'd be happy to hear them.
  10. personally, there was one gem that I really liked that really fit a jedi personality because it only dealt non-lethal damage.
  11. one of the things I found out is that if you go with a Krayt dragon pearl, extended hilt and superior modification, I think there was enough HP left to add curved hilt but I'm not sure... You can easily make it so that you do the damage of a turbolaser every time you swing with a very high chance to get a critical hit, since the krayt dragon pearl or one of the modifications can be upgraded to lower the advantage requirement for crits. It's ridiculous how much damage you can do with that paired with the breach 1 quality, you are able to BE the anti-tank swordsman. so if you get a player who wants to use those particular modifications, they're definitely out there to be the best swordsman in the galaxy... or very likely to fall to the dark side. EDIT: Totally got the second modification wrong, curved hilt and superior, not extended. Though if there is space the Extended hilt does help with damage output so you could trade crits for damage later if the crystal or the superior mod reduces crit range.
  12. yeah, basically the idea he had for his character was based a bit on bloodborne and the one inquisitor from Vermintide. Though that does make a good idea for his redemption ark
  13. I was simply using murder hobo to showcase the stereotypical PC who wants to kick in the door, gun down everything that moves and chop up anything that doesn't and then make off with the loot. My friend playing the 1 on 1 game is wonderful at the roleplay aspect and has taken his character to some pretty dark places simply because he was raised on a world outside of the cultural norms of the galaxy and Force Powers were considered to be occult powers granted by some malevolent deity, so the justiciar had chopped his arm off after "sealing" the demon in one arm to help purify the young man. It was quite the shock to his character when this one-armed force sensitive actually started exploring the wider galaxy, and his choices haven't exactly been all that moral because his time on his home world mentally messed with him and now he sees things that may or may not be there [great way to surprise a character and have resources used if your player roleplays what it's like to be a wee bit touched in the head.]
  14. I was talking with one of my friends that wanted to do a solo game, the stuff needed to support a solo player I'm already pretty decent at covering since he'll be using the leader role of the NPC group, but he wants to play a character that goes from the dark side to the light. He's a GM as well so I'm pretty confident about him being able to roleplay well since he wants to go with the type of story where his character is struggling to go from dark to light again. My question to you wonderful people; How would you handle that type of game? Where a PC in your group either starts as a dark-sider or falls to the dark side and realizes that being a space murder-hobo isn't what it's cracked up to be, how would you handle that kind of storyline? since outside of a 1-v-1 session it risks cutting into the time spent with the rest of the group if that character wants to focus on their redemption. I've received a bit of advice already but I'd love to hear any examples or stories that you guys have about it.
  15. I'm fairly new to actually RPing the Warhammer 40kRPG system but I really wanted to take a look into the Black crusade and Deathwatch books. None of the books for either setting are available in digital format though. Since I unfortunately am not able to purchase physical copies of those books is there any possibility of them becoming available in digital format soon? Or at least some time in the future?
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