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    New GM for Fireborn looking for advice

    That is a good point, I'll certainly keep that in mind as I plan out adventures. I'm not really all that used to planning out modern-day settings since most of my material is for role playing in fantasy middle-ages type settings.
  2. ZephyrTheDragon

    New GM for Fireborn looking for advice

    I've downloaded the Lost Lore PDF so I have the errata stuff, but the biggest problem for me is coming up with adventures. Being a DM for D&D I'm used to attempting to create fairly balanced combat encounters... but since I have no experience in this system I'm not so firm on how combat works or what types of adventures play to this system's strengths. If anyone has any recommendations on what to set up for the adventures or helpful hints to help understand combat better I'd be happy to hear them.
  3. ZephyrTheDragon

    Survey: Favorite Lightsaber Build

    personally, there was one gem that I really liked that really fit a jedi personality because it only dealt non-lethal damage.
  4. ZephyrTheDragon

    Survey: Favorite Lightsaber Build

    one of the things I found out is that if you go with a Krayt dragon pearl, extended hilt and superior modification, I think there was enough HP left to add curved hilt but I'm not sure... You can easily make it so that you do the damage of a turbolaser every time you swing with a very high chance to get a critical hit, since the krayt dragon pearl or one of the modifications can be upgraded to lower the advantage requirement for crits. It's ridiculous how much damage you can do with that paired with the breach 1 quality, you are able to BE the anti-tank swordsman. so if you get a player who wants to use those particular modifications, they're definitely out there to be the best swordsman in the galaxy... or very likely to fall to the dark side. EDIT: Totally got the second modification wrong, curved hilt and superior, not extended. Though if there is space the Extended hilt does help with damage output so you could trade crits for damage later if the crystal or the superior mod reduces crit range.
  5. ZephyrTheDragon

    A return from the dark side

    yeah, basically the idea he had for his character was based a bit on bloodborne and the one inquisitor from Vermintide. Though that does make a good idea for his redemption ark
  6. ZephyrTheDragon

    A return from the dark side

    I was simply using murder hobo to showcase the stereotypical PC who wants to kick in the door, gun down everything that moves and chop up anything that doesn't and then make off with the loot. My friend playing the 1 on 1 game is wonderful at the roleplay aspect and has taken his character to some pretty dark places simply because he was raised on a world outside of the cultural norms of the galaxy and Force Powers were considered to be occult powers granted by some malevolent deity, so the justiciar had chopped his arm off after "sealing" the demon in one arm to help purify the young man. It was quite the shock to his character when this one-armed force sensitive actually started exploring the wider galaxy, and his choices haven't exactly been all that moral because his time on his home world mentally messed with him and now he sees things that may or may not be there [great way to surprise a character and have resources used if your player roleplays what it's like to be a wee bit touched in the head.]
  7. I was talking with one of my friends that wanted to do a solo game, the stuff needed to support a solo player I'm already pretty decent at covering since he'll be using the leader role of the NPC group, but he wants to play a character that goes from the dark side to the light. He's a GM as well so I'm pretty confident about him being able to roleplay well since he wants to go with the type of story where his character is struggling to go from dark to light again. My question to you wonderful people; How would you handle that type of game? Where a PC in your group either starts as a dark-sider or falls to the dark side and realizes that being a space murder-hobo isn't what it's cracked up to be, how would you handle that kind of storyline? since outside of a 1-v-1 session it risks cutting into the time spent with the rest of the group if that character wants to focus on their redemption. I've received a bit of advice already but I'd love to hear any examples or stories that you guys have about it.
  8. ZephyrTheDragon

    Digital copies of books

    I'm fairly new to actually RPing the Warhammer 40kRPG system but I really wanted to take a look into the Black crusade and Deathwatch books. None of the books for either setting are available in digital format though. Since I unfortunately am not able to purchase physical copies of those books is there any possibility of them becoming available in digital format soon? Or at least some time in the future?