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  1. 1. No, I've been GMing Dark Heresy 2e only. Oh aye? I'd love to hear what you've done so far! How did you manage previously?
  2. Vichn, do you have experience as a GM in other systems? How much experience as a player do you have? What about in the theatre, performing arts, or literary areas? It'd be good to know what we have to work with here - especially your experience with RPGs in general. From what's been said so far, it soundss like you're being a bit overwhelmed? Maybe you might want to look into running a pre-written adventure, which are a great example of how much you might need to prep before play, but especially how little you actually need to. As always is, the worst thing to do as a GM is work day and night, only to find out that you're not using most of the material you have on hand.
  3. Unrelated, but don't forget to join us on Imperium of GMs too, Gregor! https://discord.gg/zBF5GFg
  4. You might want to build one of your own then. There is a complete "how to" on my blog Could you link to said how-to? As I've looked upon your blog and didn't see an easy way to find it.
  5. Make it a single aptitude. Require them to have Ballistic Skill. Or require them to have Finesse. I mean, sure, you could do the weight - but I'm heavily against making any bonus obsolete. It turns me off so much just because of that. You could do weight, or you could do my suggestion, either/or. It depends if you want =I= Stormtroopers to either be less encumbered by their gear or be faster. Your choice.
  6. Come join our 40k GM server on Discord! I know that a bunch of our members have already done mass-combat rules and can help you out. Invite code: zBF5GFg
  7. http://imgur.com/a/za40c From Enemies Beyond. You don't want them having the Force Quality, as it can deal ridiculous amounts of damage. What this Psycannon has though is great. As above, there's also Psybolts and Psyflame which can be used as special ammunition.
  8. I can see your points, but it is pretty good as standing, and as Doctor said; in my own experiences as GM (we're now midway into the 2nd campaign book) I'm having a hard time getting players to use their fate-abilities either. My proposed change, if it need happen: In addition to spending fate points, as per the rules on page 294 of The Core Rulebook... When spending a fate point to get +10 to a roll, character gets +20 instead. When spending a fate point to re-roll a test, additionally the character gains +10. When adding one degree of success to a test, add two instead. When instantly removing 1d5 damage from the character, roll 2d5 instead, and keep the more favourable result. When recovering from being Stunned, the character may instead use the fate point to remove Blood Loss, if so desired. When removing all levels of Fatigue, the character's movement rate counts as one step higher until the start of his next turn. This does not affect Agility or the Agility Bonus. Tentatively: When burning a fate point, roll 1d10. On a roll of 1, the fate point is not burned. ^ That's a lot of change, and if it were made I'd want to change other bonuses too, but it certainly makes it a great choice if you have four or more fate points to spend on a character.
  9. Instead of Warrior or Assassin, given that Crusader, Penitant, and otherwise appropriate things exist... Perhaps just require that the character possesses certain aptitude? E.G. Ballistic Skill or Weapon Skill, Finesse or Strength, etc. It'd mean that it could be an option for characters who aren't just of two roles, and would keep with the theme of DH2 trying to be open for all kinds of character concepts - just so long as you have the aptitudes. Not having the Agility-Limit of Tempestus would collide with Feudal Worlder as a duplicate effect, and I discourage doing such things. Instead what you could do s have the character's size bonus count as one level higher for the purposes of calculating movement distance (after the agility limit) in order to emphasise that PC Inquisitorial Stormtroopers will be faster than regular Tempestus.
  10. It seems to be a really old backup that was brought up, hope the owner can bring back a newer version! In talks, he's mentioned that the backup brought forward is from two months ago. He's trying now to restore the parts of the site that he can.
  11. I do, but only if it's detectable at all. I can easily swing both ways to it being detectable or not being so, but if it were to be, I'd see a higher PR being more easily found.
  12. I know what senses are... I'm just using a balanced interpretation. There's no necessity for the power to represent all, some, or anything more than one of them. The ways in which you can interpret this power is infinite, but the way that I do it ensures balance while preventing cheese, and additionally still provides worth-while bonuses to players.
  13. Your discretion. I'd say that a more powerful psyker, much like a Daemon, would be a much more powerful blip - But that being said... Psykers with Strong Minded and Mental Fortress, much like a Daemon of Tzeentch, may counteract this bonus or even be harder to detect... It's up to your discretion entirely. How difficult do you want it to be?
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