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  1. Not seeing any of the upgrades I submitted along with my Dunelizard idea. Either way, had fun voting. Lots of decent ideas that need to be refined, plenty of good ones that FFG should take a discrete look at.
  2. Played the above list (TB instead of IonC and 2p bid) again today. 4 games, 4 wins! Tractor beam was awesome! I moved Corran into debris, and he rolled the crit, moved Biggs into R1 of the fully tokened Inquisitor for some procket love, etc. I'm liking it more every day and don't think I'll be switching to Ion Cannon for now. Vessery really puts the hurt on enemy ships, and I like to ride OL close by, and flank with Inq. I normally TL 2 different ships, in order to have different options for Vessery, who usually focuses. Really liking the list! Anyone else tried it? I prefer IonC, but that's because I run Vader with adaptability. If I'm PS10 with Vader, I'd like that little bit of extra control for the next turn Ion offers. If I didn't, I'd definitely run TB. Just makes it easier for Quizzie or OL to push damage on.
  3. There is definitely a lack of pilots for the E Wing. And a buff to it MUST NOT give Corran a boost, or he becomes ludicrous. Simply, the best way to buff the E Wing is to give the ship some kind of modification that wouldn't boost the effectiveness of Corran's build, lowering the cost of the ship so the generics can be useful. One of the suggestions I've seen is giving the E wing astromech upgrade that reduced the points cost by 2, and gave you a free focus when spending a target lock, or a title that reduced the cost of equipped astromechs that cost three points or less by 2. Neither of these really help Corran, who almost exclusively wants to take R2 D2 so in those turns he can't shoot he can fly away to regen a shield. They help the generics by making them a little less expensive, and in the case of the astromech, slightly more effective. Something along those lines would be the proper fix, I feel.
  4. I use this exact list and can vouch that it's deadly. Vessery and Quizzie burn down priority targets and OL sticks it out to the late game to close you out. Very nice that they're all at 8, too. Alternatively to Quizzie, you can run Vader with his usual build. Adaptability, x1, ATC, and EU for the same points as Quizzie, but with the option to be either PS 8 to push that crit in after Vessery fires, or PS10 to hunt other aces. Works very very well.
  5. Thought I'd create an account to chime in on this one. (Also the second Dunelizard creator. Heya.) I agree that FFG made a mistake with giving the generic YT1300 pilot reduced stats, but while I like the idea of titles like this, I want to consider how absurdly expensive adding in 1 attack dice, 2 hull, and 1 shield is, as well as an evade action. The missile addition shouldn't cost additional, as you have to make additional investment in it. That's, stat wise, a very expensive upgrade, considering The Punishing One is a twelve pointer. And while you can make the argument that the title is really only for Dengar (Maybe Tel. Eh.) to get the most out of his ability, the same can be said of Han, Chewie, and Lando. The proper fix is what they're doing, which is most likely giving us a generic with boosted stats and a reasonable cost. We'll see.
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