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  1. LOVE this app! I hadn't touched my copy of Descent for years and now I've pulled it out of the closet and buying a whole lot of expansions (not looking forward to checking my bank statement). Things that I think could make the app better are: Shop Item Details - Each shop item should have its stats printed on the screen. It's a bit jarring to have to go through the deck of item cards to find all available items just so we can see their stats. Ideally I would only like to have to find the cards I want to buy. This should be on the screen by default too, not one of those "click on the card for more info" things because again it would be jarring to the experience to have to click on each of the cards on the screen. Monster Surge Details - When monsters activate, the order in which they spend their surges should be shown on the screen without having to click on the skull. Again, this just makes the game flow better because you don't need to toggle back and forth from the info by clicking on the skull. There seems to be plenty of unused screen space that could be used to accommodate this. Also this would allow the possibility of changing up the order that surges are spent so it's not always the same for the same kind of monster. In the current implementation you can't do this because people will stop clicking on the skull once they've memorized the surge spending order for each monster. Random Dungeon Layout - This is obviously a lot more difficult to implement than my first two suggestions, but it will definitely go a long way to increase replayability. The objectives for each quest can stay the same, but it would be cool if every time you opened a door, a random tile or collection of tiles is selected.
  2. I have literally been checking every day for an official release date! "Soon" isn't soon enough I need something to mark in my calendar haha
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