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  1. I want to create custom ships for Mario Kart, similar to Heroes of Aturi Cluster, but I'm having a hard time coming up with a good way to calculate the cost or value of a dial. I wanted to see if anyone has some ideas or formulas that would work. Thanks
  2. They could do a Chiss Clawcraft that's scum and empire.
  3. I like it. It rewards good flying since if you have the target in arc you get to keep your target lock with the native re-roll ability, but outside of arc you would have to spend your target lock to get a re-roll
  4. We should try and record a Mario Kart game soon. I'll talk to Brian.
  5. I'm going to try something new for my next play through; each maneuver can be treated like a SLAM. You can still take actions and my thinking is that it will speed up the race. I'll let you know how it goes.
  6. I'm planning my next track that I think will be a blast. It's gonna be a race through Kuat Ship yards. I'm planning on using large and epic ships as obstacles and turrets. I'll post the results.
  7. I love my feldherr. I used a Plano for a long time and I switched to the Feldherr and I've noticed a lot of benefits: Reduced setup time. I keep most of the ships on their base with all the tiles and dials in the same square. During my weekly game I'm normally setup 10 mins before everyone else. Adaptability. I bought the mini case as well so when I'm just playing my 100 pt list I only have to bring that. If I'm playing epic I bring the large bag. But it is much more expensive and you have to wait a few month for them to make cutouts for the large base ships.
  8. A 3 forward is just outside of range 1 of yourself if that helps.
  9. Awesome cards! I like the removing hazard options with the shells. I also like Boomerang flower. I might do something similar, but use 3 hard turn in the front guides so It's a curved path. Some suggestions to maybe help clarify things: On fire flower and blooper maybe play them at the End phase and they take effect next round rather than Pre-planning. Bom-omb, if its dropped as an action then it would also affect the ship that dropped it, unless the 3 straight is used. Perhaps drop it before you reveal your dial or clarify as all other ships.
  10. Listen to the shuttle Tydrium podcast. They talk a lot about HOTAC and ways to tweak it to fix some of the issues with it.
  11. This. ^ It will improve the game a lot. This is what we do. It's helps to diversify the team so you can have support ships like the hawk handing out tokens and then use the A wing to draw away fighters from your objective. It makes it more tactical and fun that way.
  12. What point limit were you playing with. I've found lower point totals keep it more fair but it's all about balance.
  13. I'm working on more Star Wars themed upgrade cards. They are all still a work in progress and I haven't had a chance to play test them but here's what I have so far.
  14. I really like the work you did here. Nice job. I may have missed it, but are there general rules that accompany the use of these "power ups"? In other words, when you run over a marker on the track that awards you one of these, when exactly are/can they be used? Is the use immediate? Can they be saved? Etc. One last question. I realize that this is fan made, and I realize that everyone probably has their own set of rules by which they play, but I am curious if there is a list of general rules somewhere that guides how you interact with the track and each other while playing this variant? Read rule 5 on the first page. It should hopefully explain everything
  15. I've updated my decks from the original. I have a 1st, last and middle of pack deck with different item distribution. I'm still trying to finalize bullet bill. Its been hard to make it a card to help people catch up but still not be very overpowered. Any feedback would be appreciated. I'm also working on rewriting my original rules to help with the issues that have come up through all my play testing. Sorry for any typos on the cards but I have a new baby so I'm always on like 5 hrs of sleep. 1st Place deck. Middle of Pack. Last Place.