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  1. Lemmiwinks86

    Support of Mon Calamari mission card.

    That is even in the rules, page 8: "When a player gains two loyalty in a system that has his opponent’s loyalty, he removes his opponent’s loyalty marker from the system and then places one of his own loyalty markers in the system."
  2. Lemmiwinks86

    Expansion combat card question

    Unless you play a tactic card that prevents that damage
  3. Lemmiwinks86

    Connie Fire

    It's not correct. You can use CF (or any "add" effect) when you have enough dice to form a pool. So if you at least roll 1 die, no matter the result of that die, you can CF.
  4. Lemmiwinks86

    Expansion combat card question

    The attacker cannot heal his units during the first combat round, you cannot save special icons for future damage, they heal damage that the unit already has
  5. Lemmiwinks86

    Standby and Suppression

    Nothing in the rules prevents you from doing a Standy action if you have suppression tokens. The only interaction between both is when you gain a suppression token while you already have a standby token. As @NeonWolf said, the word "gain" is the key.
  6. Lemmiwinks86

    Melee and Cohesion

    Regarding your first question, you cannot initiate a melee with a mini that is not a unit leader. Apart from that rule you mention from page 32, there is this rule in page 18: "When placing a mini in cohesion, it cannot be placed in base contact with enemy minis, unless the unit is in a melee (see “Melee” on page 32)." For your second question, yes, Vader (or Luke) can use Force Push to move a unit leader to base contact with him to start a melee.
  7. I once used two of them with Thrawn so they can spam maneuver and Thrawn gave them concentrate fire when most needed. Also an ISD Cymoon with Intensify Firepower, both Arquitens with Enhanced Armament and I added Captain Jonus to help further with bad rolls although I played badly the squadron game and didn't get to use it. But it was a solid fleet and I liked very much playing it, when I have the chance I'll use it again
  8. Lemmiwinks86

    yuuzhang vong ships

    You need to find one of these to use as a World Ship:
  9. Lemmiwinks86

    Fab's legion generator => News & updates

    Hi Fab.I leave you the text from the "Improvised Orders" upgrade card shown on the Han's preview that I was able to read enhancing the quality of the picture: "After an order token is drawn from a friendly order pool, draw a second order token from that order pool, choose 1 to use and shuffle the other back into the order pool. If you do, during the End Phase, ready this card" Thanks for your great work with all the generators 🙂 EDIT: I add the "Duck and Cover" upgrade card: "While defending against a ranged attack, during the Apply Dodge and Cover step, you may gain 1 suppression token"
  10. Lemmiwinks86

    7th Fleet title and a name Title

    That's our rule then. The Learn to Play rules are valid as long as the RRG don't override them. In this case the RRG never mentions explicitly that a ship can have more than 1 title upgrade equipped, so this rule in the Learn to Play should do.
  11. Lemmiwinks86

    7th Fleet title and a name Title

    I think that we'll all agree that a ship can have only one title upgrade equipped, but I couldn't find a rule neither in the RRG nor the Errata/FAQ which says that a ship can only have one title.
  12. Lemmiwinks86

    yuuzhang vong ships

    Yeah, practically any Vong ship would be great: https://www.moddb.com/members/seregruth/images/vong-fleet-render
  13. Lemmiwinks86

    Standby vs Steady

    It's option B as you said. This is the key point of the rules: "A standby token may be spent before any effects that trigger after an attack, attack action, move, or move action." The Steady is an effect that triggers after the move action.
  14. Lemmiwinks86

    No time for sorrows and Luke's charge ability

    I'd say no baceuse the Charge abbility triggers when the unit performs a move action and in No Time for sorrows just says that the unit performs a move, not a move action.
  15. Lemmiwinks86

    1.4 FD Laser Cannon Team and Suppression token

    I think that if it's panicked it would try to move, cannot do it and thus end it's activation. It wouldn't make sense to pivot as that would be all for that activation even if it could move and it wouldn't be efficient as the rules says it should be.