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  1. Lemmiwinks86

    Pivot a Standard Move?

    The answer to your question is under "Movement" in the RRG. In short, a pivot is not a standard move so if you want you can pivot, move and then reposition. Even so, you can pivot and attack during the same activation despite of "Cumbersome"
  2. Lemmiwinks86

    Snowtrooper question

    No, they can perform an attack action after performing a move action. The word action is important as a unit cannot perform the same action twice during its activation with the only exception of the move action. So you can only use their abbility (move action + ranged attack action) once per activation. You can move again if you want, but the second time you can't attack again.
  3. Lemmiwinks86

    Improvised Orders Timing

    You draw one order token. After that you could exhaust improvised orders to draw another one and then choose one of them
  4. Lemmiwinks86

    courage value

    The rule says: "If a unit is at range 1–3 of a friendly commander, it may use that commander’s courage value instead of its own when checking to see if it is panicked." As there is no specification and only says "unit", my understanding is that any unit may use another commander's courage value at range 1-3. So in your example, Palp could use Vader's courage value while checking for panic (although it would be reaaaaaaaaaally hard for Palp to ever get to have 9 suppression tokens after his rally 😀)
  5. Lemmiwinks86

    Is Scout a move Action?

    Scout X: After a unit with the scout x keyword deploys, it may perform a standard move, up to speed x. It doesn't specify that is an "action", so it's not, it's just a move.
  6. Lemmiwinks86

    Can a character added to a Corps use the default weapon?

    You can find this info under "Weapons" in the RRG. "Personnel and heavy weapon upgrades can add trooper minis to a unit. While attacking, these minis can use the weapons of the unit card they are equipped to."
  7. Lemmiwinks86

    Detonate X and Attack Action

    You can do both during your activation. You wouldn't be able to do it if Detonate clarified that it is treated as an attack action like "Lightsaber Throw" does for example. Also, as Detonate can be done after an action (and not only an enemy action), you can attack and detonate right after
  8. Lemmiwinks86

    inspire X

    That is correct
  9. Lemmiwinks86

    Force push and LOS

    It's a special free action granted by a card and it doesn't specify it, so no, you don't need line of sight
  10. Lemmiwinks86

    Errata card PDFs?

    As far as I know there isn't. But you could just copy the image from those cards from the rulebook and print them if you want.
  11. With the expansion there is a whole new system for how tactic cards and leader's tactic values work. You can read the rules for the expansion here: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/1b/be/1bbe8fa2-c4af-47dd-8b61-1bcb63f9b94c/sw04_rulebook_web.pdf It's the same sheet you get with the expansion explaining the new rules. On a side note, at least in all my games both with the core and the expansion, the games were always balanced in victorys for both sides.
  12. Lemmiwinks86

    Commando Strike Teams?

    Yes, the box only comes with 1 sniper and 1 saboteur
  13. Lemmiwinks86

    Not shooting at what triggered Standby?

    No, when the standby is triggered, the unit that spends the token may perform an attack action or a move action, that's all there is. When performing the attack you may choose any unit that fills the conditions like any other attack.
  14. Lemmiwinks86

    Timing of Coordinated Bombardment and Maximum Fire Power

    You are giving it too much thought. Note that both Coordinated Bombardment and Maximum Firepower tell you that you can make an attack, not attack action. The restriction is that you can only make one attack action per activation, but an attack that is not an action like the ones of those cards doesn't count for that restriction because as mentioned, they are not actions. Meaning that you can make an attack action during the activation and at the end of it also make the extra attack/s from the command cards.
  15. Lemmiwinks86

    the officers that are coming out

    It will never change from a corp unit leader to the commander version, there's no rule for that and it will be broken as you'll be paying 19 points to add it and then get a 50 points commander when the rest of the unit dies. The personnel upgrade version and the commander version are two very different things, you shouldn't confuse them. If your commander dies and you promote the unit where that mini is as the new commander, it will be the same as if you promote any other unit to commander, it doesn't change it's unit card.