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  1. If it isn't explicitly specified I'd say that it follows the rule of the 6 round battle
  2. It's an Anti-squadron turret that can fire a black or blue die in any direction. My guess is that that turret wasn't strong enough to be considered anti-ship armament
  3. It's as Belegon said. I leave you the refference of the step 5 from the RRG, page 2: 5 . Resolve Damage: The attacker can resolve one of its critical effects. Then the attacker determines the total damage amount. Then the defending squadron or hull zone suffers that total damage, one point at a time. That is where Assault Proton Torpedoes goes
  4. Hi. I think there was a discussion over this topic in the past but I don't remember if there was a consensus. My opinion is that the station doesn't gain the bonus from Sato as even if it counts as a ship, it doesn't is a "friendly" ship. But I know there are people that thinks differently and can make a good argument for why it could be considered friendly
  5. Thanks Mel. Do you make shippings to Argentina? I can't find the option for putting an abroad direction. EDIT: pay no attention to this, I already found the option, it seems I wasn't looking correctly
  6. I agree that the MC30c expansion is a must as it has at least two excellent upgrades (Assault Proton Torpedoes and Turbolaser Reroute Circuit) But also if you want more diversity, the Liberty has many upgrades that only come on that expansion (Skilled First Officer, Chart Officer, Veteran Gunners, Fire-Control Team, Medical Team, High-Capacity Ion Turbinnes, Spinal Armament and Quad Turbolaser Cannons) and some are useful. Also it has Engine Techs if you want an extra appart from the ones you get from the Gladiator, in case you want to put them on your Interdictor or Arquitens too.
  7. Hi all. I'm interested in the Yuuzhan Vong's ships and squadrons from Mel miniatures, but I'd like to see them first in comparison with the others Armada ships. Does anyone have them and can share a picture? Thanks very much
  8. It can't make that attack because the fron arc of the ISD isn't inside the side arcs of the Gladiator
  9. Makes perfect sense, thanks.
  10. That is the part that I can't find in the RRG or the FAQ and thus gives me this doubt. All I found is this, where it reffers only to "ships" and not "ships in play": "Command Phase: During this phase, players secretly and simultaneously choose commands on their command dials and assign them facedown to their ships." I know it is more logic to assign command dials only to ships in play, but can't find that explicitly written in the rules.
  11. Sorry for reviving this old tread, but this is a doubt I always had and with Raddus and Profundity comming up I want to get it right. I know the consensus was that you assign the command dials to the ships only if they are deployed and it seems logical, but reading the rules I can't find anywhere that says that the commands should be assigned only to ships in play. It just says: "Command Phase: During this phase, players secretly and simultaneously choose commands on their command dials and assign them facedown to their ships." So if I go and do it exactly as written, I should assign command dials to all of my ships, regardless if they are in play or not. Or am I missing something? Thanks
  12. I haven't been able to play too many games, but in my case, I won all the ones I played as the Empire and was able to win only one as the Rebels, so quite the opposite of what happens in your games
  13. You're right, my line of thinking was that if both have the word cancel then it will be resolved as usual (with the current player first), but if we go by the rule as written, then if the defender uses a tactic card that have the word "cancel", his tactic card will resolve first regardless if the attacker also used a card like that, as we have nothing written for that case, and the only rule we have is referring to the defender: "Although the current player usually resolves his tactic card first, if the defender’s card uses the word cancel, the defender resolves his card first."
  14. It depends on who's activation is (the current player). The rule says: "Starting with the current player, each player chooses and resolves the top or bottom ability of his tactic card." So the current players tactic card will resolve first. If it is the Rebel player, then you cancel the imperial tactic card and retreat. But if the current player is the imperial, then it cancels the rebel tactic card before it gets a chance to resolve and they don't retreat.
  15. As Darth Sanguis said, at speed 3 it's pretty easy to maneuver, the only problem it has is at speed 4. If you plan on going at speed 4 you have to depend always on maneuver commands to help you turn. If you want extra help with that use Madine and you can drive those MC30 at speed 4 practically to wherever you need