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  1. Lemmiwinks86

    Same timing or not?

    Good question. To me it seems like the same timing so you choose in which order you resolve them. Regarding this, there is no entry in the rules for Counter that it's restricted to distance 1 (in fact they could have added an errata on this when they released Snipe, but they chose to make Snipe ignore Counter instead), so by RAW I'd say that you could perform that counter even if you are beyond distance 1.
  2. Lemmiwinks86

    Esteemed Leader and Pierce?

    That scenario is specifically addressed in the RRG, page 41: "The pierce x keyword can be used to cancel block (󲉣) results on defense dice rolled by a unit using the guardian x keyword. When doing so, treat canceled block (󲉣) results as blank results. After using pierce x in this way, any unused pierce x value can still be used to cancel block (󲉣) results rolled by the defender."
  3. Lemmiwinks86

    Can an AT-RT enter into Melee with Speeder Bikes

    According to the official answer we have for this situation but with Luke, I'd say that the AT-RT moves into base contact with the other speeder, as I see no difference between Luke and an AT-RT for this case. Question: If Luke Skywalker is in base contact with a 74-Z Speeder Bike miniature, and performs a melee attack that defeats that mini, should the Luke Skywalker mini be moved into base contact with the remaining 74-Z Speeder Bike mini? Answer: Yes. As a rule, if a unit with a melee weapon is in base contact with an enemy unit, each mini in the first unit must be placed into base contact with the enemy unit whenever a player is able to do so. In the situation where an enemy mini that is in base contact is defeated, a player should move any other minis back into base contact with the enemy unit, if able. A player does this, as in the instance above, even when each enemy mini that was in base contact has just been defeated. If a player is unable to move any of their minis back into base contact with any enemy minis, the two units are no longer in base contact and all minis remain where they are on the battlefield.
  4. By the RAW, no, he doesn't have cover because of that rule you quoted.
  5. Lemmiwinks86

    Making T-47 Flyable

    Yeah, it hits pretty hard already, the other day it destroyed all 6 minis of my Rebel Trooper unit in heavy cover with it's main gun plus the Grenade Launcher, without even aiming. I know that it was a lucky roll getting 7 hits from its 2 red, 4 black and 2 white dice and an unlucky defense on my part getting only 1 shield/surge on 7 dice, but if you add it an attack surge it would be OP in my opinion.
  6. I'm sorry but I must be missing something. Where in that sentence says that a unit may overhang? Maybe I don't know the proper meaning of overhang. To me is that the unit's base exceeds the surface of the terrain. If its so, we have a clear rule that a unit cannot overhang and there's no part in that paragrapgh that overrules that. It only says that the terrain may not be perfectly flat and the unit may be a little unstable, but that doesn't mean that the unit's base is overhanging the terrain.
  7. It's not only in regards to troopers, the rule mentions "unit", not "trooper unit": "When a unit climbs or clambers, its minis must be placed such that each mini’s base is fully on a flat surface; a mini’s base cannot overhang a ledge. If there is not room for a unit leader’s base on the surface that the unit is climbing or clambering to, or if any mini’s base cannot be fully on a flat surface and maintain cohesion, that unit cannot perform that climb or clamber action." So the answer is no, vehicles bases cannot overhang. I think that Matroskin already answered this on point 2, but the answer to this is that a unit counts as wounded only if they have at least 1 wound token. So a unit which minis have only 1 HP will never be wounded.
  8. Lemmiwinks86

    Reckless Diversion and multiple weapons

    Yes, if for any reason you can't target those units, then you may attack any other unit you can
  9. Lemmiwinks86

    Suppression and low profile

    @Turan is right. I assumed that your question was for when that unit has suppression tokens, but if you actually meant for the unit to be suppressed, Turan's clarification is important as the unit doesn't have to be suppressed to gain the improvement in cover, it just needs to have at least 1 suppression token
  10. Lemmiwinks86

    Change of Plans vs Change of Plans

    The thing with Change of Plans is that it is different to every other Command Card so far because it breaks the rule that it's effect ends when it is discarded, because it doesn't end. You discard the card to return the command card of your opponent to his hand, but even though Change of Plans was already discarded, there's still an effect in play which doesn't let your opponent to play that same card again. That lead us to the question of when does that 2nd effect end? is at the end of the round like other command cards or is just for the next command phase which is right away? I think that only FFG crew can enlighten us on that
  11. Lemmiwinks86

    Suppression and low profile

    Yes, the suppression tokens improve the cover by 1 and so, as the unit now has light cover it triggers low profile. That's what makes it so good, as you may have heavy cover while standing out in the open EDIT: the "Duck and Cover" upgrade can help with that too if you don't have any suppression token and want your unit to have heavy cover for that defense.
  12. Lemmiwinks86

    Change of Plans vs Change of Plans

    I agree with you, this needs official clarification as per the rules isn't 100% clear
  13. Lemmiwinks86

    New Article - Boba Fett Details

    No, it means that with Boba Fett's 3 command cards, you can always give an order only to Boba Fett, but with the other 2 or 3 pips command cards you can assign orders to 2 or 3 of your units, having more control over when to activate a unit and which one.
  14. Lemmiwinks86

    Fab's legion generator => News & updates

    You're right about the Boba Fett, those articles can't be fully trusted 🙂 But regarding the Rebel Commandos, as they are out, it's confirmed that they also bring Emergency Stims and HQ Uplink. Thanks
  15. Lemmiwinks86

    Fab's legion generator => News & updates

    Hi @fab74. Since we're at it, I leave you 3 small corrections that should be made regarding the information on the site: 1. Vader shows the Jump 1 abbility, but actually he doesn't have it. 2. The Scatter Gun Trooper isn't exhaustible. 3. I know that it's pretty blurry, but I'm pretty sure that Chewbacca's cost is 90 and not 190. It's impossible for him to cost more than Luke. Thanks as always. EDIT: also, according to the article, Boba Fett comes also with Duck and Cover. And the Rebel Commandos comes also with Emergency Stims and HQ Uplink.