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  1. Lemmiwinks86

    200 point Taskforce ALL RULES

    The only official rules for what you want are this (unless I'm missing something), page 6 of the RRG under Fleet Building: • Players may build fleets of any fleet point total as long as they both agree on the total. • A fleet must be either Rebel-aligned or Imperial-aligned. It cannot contain any ships, squadrons, or upgrades that are aligned with the opposing faction. • A fleet must have one flagship and cannot have more than one flagship. • A fleet cannot spend more than one third of its fleet points, rounded up, on squadrons.
  2. Lemmiwinks86

    Change of Plans effect on Standing Orders

    But you must select a card to replace the illegal one 😁
  3. Lemmiwinks86

    pulling the strings

    Yes, the unit performs a move action, so anything that triggers when it performs a move action like Charge, Steady or Relentless for example, triggers with Pulling the strings too
  4. Lemmiwinks86

    T-47 Airspeeder question...

    I'll put you an example to clarify further: - Vader throws his lightsaber to the T-47, throwing 3 red dice with impact 3. - He rolled 3 normal hits and the first you must do is apply dodge and cover, so you remove one of those dice because of Cover 1 - The remaining 2 hits are converted to crits because of Impact So as you can see, the cover 1 already prevented you 1 possible damage
  5. Lemmiwinks86

    Operatives - Troops or not?

    Just a clarification on that. The Operative can issue orders if (and only if) you use one of his command cards. In the case of Boba, he issues orders to himself for all his command cards, but we already saw one of Chewie's command cards and he issues an order to himself and can issue an order to Han too.
  6. Lemmiwinks86

    Emergency Stims and wounds during current activation.

    If the unit with ES already activated and you use it's effect, those 2 damage will never go to the unit as there is no "next activation" after round 6
  7. Lemmiwinks86

    Pass on Wookies?

    With 3 HP each wookie, it will take some time to Boba to kill them all and if they can catch him in melee it won't be an easy situation for the bounty hunter.
  8. Lemmiwinks86

    Melee and engaged units

    The important word you must take into account as @nashjaee said is "action". By the rules you cannot make the same action twice during an activation except for moves. Charge and Steady for example lets you perform a free attack action after moving, but if you look at the command card "Son of Skywalker" or Leia's Coordinated Bombardement", you'll see that they doesn't use the word action after attack, so you can make an attack action during your activation and then make those attacks without restriction.
  9. Lemmiwinks86

    Movement tool outside the battlefield, unit destroyed?

    If in the "Leaving the battlefield" rules it only mentions "ends its movement" I'd go with only that and so understanding that for the line you quoted, "performs a move" reffers to where the unit leaders ends up rather than wheather he leaves the battlefield in any part along the path of the maneuver tool. Although I think that maybe you're right, but as the rules are, that doesn't convince me to play that way unless it is clarified.
  10. Lemmiwinks86

    Emplacement troopers and panic

    With the Eweb is simple, you just make a move action like any other panicked trooper unit to get it out of the battlefield. For the 1.4 D we got an official answer (don't remember if they added that in the official rules of this forum) but if it is panicked it just do nothing with its activation (no actions at all)
  11. Lemmiwinks86

    Movement tool outside the battlefield, unit destroyed?

    In that case it is not destroyed. This is the only condition for a unit to leave the battlefield: RRG page 35: "If at any time a unit leader ends its movement with any part of its base outside of the battlefield, that unit is defeated."
  12. Lemmiwinks86

    heavy machine gun E-Web snowtrooper

    With the HH-12 Stromtrooper you can move and make a standby during your activation, and then if that standby is triggered, it can attack during the same turn. Take into account that the standby range for the E-web is 1-3 because of the Sentinel keyword while the stormtrooper's is 1-2 (the regular)
  13. Lemmiwinks86

    Operatives - Troops or not?

    You can see in each unit's card wheather it is a trooper or something else. Look right under Boba's small picture and you'll see that it is a trooper:
  14. Lemmiwinks86

    Some rule questions and thoughts

    @nashjaee mentioned the correct order of why this rule works that way. I kept thinking on this ruling and I understand why you lose the token even if there are more minis in the unit. If not, you could easily sacrifice your unit leader to move "freely" the objective token to another mini in the unit which is perfectly covered from enemy fire, thus making things harder for your opponent, for just killing one of your minis and that wouldn't make much sense at least in my opinion. So I think this ruling is OK as it is.
  15. Lemmiwinks86

    Some rule questions and thoughts

    1. This is explicitly explained on the RRG page 50: "Any dice rerolled with the uncanny luck x keyword must be rerolled at the same time. Each die cannot be rerolled more than once with the uncanny luck x keyword." 2. By the rules as written, yes you can attack Luke for sure and I don't think that rule will be changed because the rules need to be as clear as possible and not let the players determine which part of the mini is considered attackable or not. 3. Yes, it's a legal move, but take into account that if the unit leader you're moving doesn't end outside the play area, you cannot place any mini of the unit outside the play area. 4. There's a rule on that one too, on the RRG page25, the objective token becomes unclaimed: "If a unit leader is in contact with a claimed objective token when it is defeated, before that player removes the unit leader, they flip the objective token to its unclaimed side and return it to base contact with the unit leader. Then, the unit leader is removed from the battlefield and the objective token remains where it is and can be claimed following normal rules." From my personal opinion I see it a bit strange that you lose the objective token even if there's another mini who can be chosen as unit leader, but it's how it works with the rule we have.