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  1. Lemmiwinks86

    Upgrades Wound Questions

    1. Yes, both personnel and heavy weapon upgrades share all the stats of the unit they're in. The rule is this: "Trooper upgrades add specific trooper minis to a unit, represented by unique sculpts to easily identify them. These minis always share the defense value, wound threshold, and weapons of the unit card they are equipped to, but may have an additional weapon of their own." Although it doesn't specify surges, you can inferr that, given that it shares everything else. 2. Each impact grenade consists of 1 black die that has impact 1, and it stacks. So if you trhow 3 grenades, it will be 3 black dice having impact 3. "If a unit performs an attack using multiple weapons that have the impact x keyword and those weapons contribute dice to the same attack pool, the x values of each impact x keyword are cumulative."
  2. Lemmiwinks86

    "Death star plans" with "return of jedi"

    No. You can only play one "Combat" objective card per combat. Here's the exact rule: RRG, page 10: "Only one objective can be played during each combat and during each Refresh Phase."
  3. Lemmiwinks86

    Multiple attacks

    I'm aware of that diagram and all, but the thing is that we can't find anything in the rules restricting a mini to only use one weapon if there are more than one defender. 1. Declare Defender: The attacking player chooses one enemy unit to attack; this enemy unit is now the defender. Then, the attacking player measures the range from the attacker’s unit leader to the closest miniature of the defender to determine the attack’s range. 2. Form Attack Pool: The attack pool consists of all the dice the attacker will roll against this defender. When forming the attack pool, players follow these substeps in order: a. Determine Eligible Minis: Each mini in the attacker is eligible to contribute to the attack pool if that mini has line of sight to any mini in the defender. b. Choose Weapons: The attacker can choose one weapon from each eligible mini to contribute to the attack pool. To choose a weapon, the attacker must meet all requirements indicated by that weapon’s keywords, and that weapon’s range must include the range of the attack, as determined from the attacker’s unit leader to the closest mini of the defender. c. Gather Dice: For each eligible mini that chose a weapon, the attacker gathers the number and type of dice depicted on that weapon and places them on the battlefield near the defender. 3. Declare Additional Defender: If there are any weapons remaining that have not been added to the attack pool, the player may repeat steps 1–2, forming a separate attack pool with the new weapons. Maybe the problem is my understanding of the english and somewhere there is a line that restricts a mini to only use one weapon, but as @ovinomanc3r said, the only explicit restriction to determine eligible minis is that they must have line of sight to the defender and that it must be at range of the weapon.
  4. Lemmiwinks86

    Multiple attacks

    I also deleted the previous versions of the RRG. The closest rule I could find is this one on page 62, the last dot from Weapons: "While attacking, each mini in a unit that is equipped with a grenade or hardpoint upgrade may use that weapon instead of another weapon on their unit card or equipped upgrade card." But that only refers to grenade and hardpoint so it wouldn't prevent a unit using two different weapons from it's own unit card or the weapon from the unit plus an Armament upgrade. Maybe that rule of only one weapon is something we all inferred at first when there was no unit with 2 different ranged weapons on the unit card and the only ways to add another weapon was through grenade and hardpoint upgrades, so the rule I quoted covered it. But with the rules as they are, each mini of a Pathfinders unit for example, equiped with it's weapon can attack 2 different units during the same attack with it's 2 different weapons (given the conditions). I couldn't find either something that doesn't allow that, just like you said.
  5. Lemmiwinks86

    Jyn's Rebellious and Clambering

    You played it right as Rebellious lets Jyn perform a move action: RRG page 42, under MOVEMENT: "When a unit performs a move action, it performs a standard move, reverse, pivot, climb, or clamber." You would've been right if Rebellious would let Jyn perform a standard move instead of a move action for example.
  6. Lemmiwinks86

    Arm X Question

    Yes, you can arm and detonate right after, as detonate can be done after any action and arm is indeed an action.
  7. Lemmiwinks86

    Arm X Question

    Yes, Arm X is not counted as an attack action, so as your 2 actions you can Arm and Attack if you want.
  8. Lemmiwinks86

    Guardian & Engaged

    @arnoldrew is right, the unit using GUARDIAN is not targeted by the attack, and is not even considered the defender. For further refference: "While a friendly trooper unit at range 1 and in line of sight is defending against a ranged attack, a unit that has the guardian x keyword may cancel up to x hit (󲉠) results." "A unit that uses guardian x to cancel hit (󲉠) results is not a defender and does not gain suppression tokens."
  9. Lemmiwinks86

    Ion Theory

    Not at all. They are expensive because they can take away actions from some of the most expensive units in the game. In a game were they will have 12 actions in the best case, taking away 1 or 2 is huge. If they will afect droid troopers it will be a great drawback for them, unless they have some small benefit against other kinds of weapons
  10. Lemmiwinks86

    about new Vader Commander

    Mostly, but not 100% the same. With that ground he has below he should be taller than the one from the core set, making it harder for him to get cover and easier to see through some terrain while throwing his lightsaber
  11. Lemmiwinks86


    I apologize if you thought my comment was rude, it wasn't my intention at all. What I mean is that, maybe you're right that FFG might add later a rule that the weapon upgrade replaces some weapon on the unit's card, but for now with the rules we have it isn't the case. So in the example you make, you could choose for some of the pathfinders to attack one unit with the regular weapon and the others attack another unit with the face up configuration of your weapon upgrade
  12. Lemmiwinks86

    Star Wars Celebration Crew Help

    Hi guys. Just saw this on Facebook and find in interesting. I post it in case anyone here is interested. http://dioramaworkshop.com/conventions-c9-pre-production-volunteer-crew-recruit-applications/?fbclid=IwAR0fUc16SYEtoAn1SDzT2O1YLqEISurCt2DXPeSqad2PWmDLTP-_Hhyhby0
  13. Lemmiwinks86


    It's not ambiguous. I don't mean to be rude with this comment, but it seems that you're trying to apply logic to "invent" a new rule for something that doesn't exist. Nothing on the rules or the Weapons upgrade card instructs you to replace any weapon on the unit's card, therefore, why would you even do that?
  14. Lemmiwinks86


    Why would you need a specific rule telling you that you can keep the weapon on the unit card when nothing tells you that you must ignore it?
  15. Lemmiwinks86

    The SSD?

    In the spanish site it doesn't even appear!! so for now there is nothing indicating that the SSD will be out soon, we'll have to keep waiting ☹️