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  1. Thrawn order against Raid tokens

    Until we get more information on how you get the additional command dial that Thrawn gives each ship, I think that the more logical way to go is that for discarding raid tokens you have to discard the top command dial of that ship as it's the one you revealed. But we may get a FAQ in the future stating that the ships get the dial from Thrawn facedown so the ship will have to reveal it too, opening the door to be able to use it to discard raid tokens or even discard it to get a command token.
  2. Scoring with Chimaera / Profundity

    I agree with your point of view of the "replace" thing, but I thing this explanation wouldn't do because you wouldn't be able to discard it for it's effect and then discard it with Chimaera as you won't have it by that instance if you had already discarded it. Nevermind, after re-reading Chimaera and the discarded upgrades rules I think that this is the most logical explanation.
  3. In Grand Inquisitor's case is very clear, it only checks if an enemy ship at distance 1-5, you (the ship The Inquisitor is) may change it's speed. There is no difference wheather that ship has already activated or not. The difference with Strategic Adviser is the parte of this last one which says "When it is your turn to activate" where it can be argued that it is referring to the turn where the ship Strategic Adviser is. Meaning that you can use that card only if that ship can be activated.
  4. Mel Miniatures Wishlist

    Great compilation! Only one observation is that for the ships I proposed you linked the Suuv Ban D'krid with the A-vek Iiluunu images. That link should go with the A-vek Iiluunu as it shows very clearly how the ship is and for the Suuv Ban D'krid maybe it could go this one which could help for making a model (I still don't loose hope that Mel will make this Yuuzhan Vong models to add to the great ones he already made ): http://www.moddb.com/mods/yuuzhan-vong-at-war/images/suuv-ban-dkrid Thanks
  5. Placement of Grav Shift Reroute token

    Just to clarify, you don't HAVE to send the station away in that scenario, the moving of the obstacles is optional
  6. Bail Organa

    I think it's a good question taking into account all the discussion the "you" term now is bringing, above all with Strategic Advisor. The most logic way to go would be that Bail's effect is to be applied on his ship, but as there are really valid arguments that indicate that Strategic Advisor can be used even if the ship it is on is already activated, I can see maybe good arguments for why Bail's effect can be used on other ship, although I don't think that works that way.
  7. Expansion combat card question

    That ability is to be used when you are the attacker. You use that card and make the opponent make the attacks first for that whole combat, making you able to heal your units during the firts combat round for example, thing that you cannot do as the attacker otherwise
  8. Hyperspace Assault question

    As @Grumbleduke said, Bail's effect doesn't take place if his ship isn't in play. It's a very similar case to the FAQ we have for Grav Shift Reroute: "After deploying fleets, if the ship with this card equipped is not in play (because it has been set aside), that ship’s owner cannot resolve the remainder of this card’s effects." In Bail's case, all of his effect happens "after deploying fleets", so if he is not in play by that instance, you can't resolve his effect at all.
  9. Spanish IF broken!!!

    A long time ago I got my Star Wars Trading Card Game starter set (a good game in my opinion but unfortunately didn't last long) in spanish and there was a card that was too good. After many plays I got to see the original english version of the card and knew that it was translated incorrectly as the card was made to target a tapped unit and in spanish it said "enderezada" which was the translation for untapped. From that time I decided to collect all games in its original language as I hate those kind of translation mistakes and have a card that says it does something it shouldn't do.
  10. In Sloane's case be happy because the answer is no That's because Sloane's "friendly" effect is resolved by the squadrons unlike Sato's effect in which the squadrons are needed only for the trigger but the effect is resolved by the ship. Taking this into account, only Sloane's fleet squadrons can resolve her effect.
  11. Raddus station assault

    But the part that I quouted that "Ships and squadrons cannot attack friendly ships and squadrons" is from the Attack section of the RRG (for refference, its in page 2, the last dot of the Attack section). If it said instead "Ships and squadrons can only attack enemy ships and squadrons." then your point would be crystal clear, but as it's written, you would be able to attack the station if it's determined that it is not friendly to anyone.
  12. Raddus station assault

    @Kendraam From my point of view, with the rules written as they are, you can attack the station as second player because the only restriction for attacks is that you cannot attack friendly ships and squadrons (OK, the Learn to Play reffers only to enemy ships or squadrons, but I never take the Learn to Play as definitive rules, and the RRG is very specific on that point of who you can attack), and the station is not friendly to anyone (the objectives tells you to put the armed station card next to the second player's cards, but that doesn't necessarily means that you are adding it to the second player's fleet). But as I say, it's my opinion from how I read those rules and cards and it's true that it can be argued otherwise, so the final word will be from FFG to tell us wheather the station is friendly to the second player or not
  13. Raddus and Obstacles

    Exactly. I don't know if it was intended or not, but as written, you can deploy the Raddus'ed ship overlapping an obstacle and don't have to resolve it's effect as it was not after a maneuver
  14. Raddus station assault

    Those points are not true, unless I'm missing something. I can't find any part of the RRG which says that you can only attack enemy ships or squadros. The only thing that it says is that you cannot attack friendly ships or squadrons: RRG, page 2: "Ships and squadrons cannot attack friendly ships and squadrons." So the station doesn't need to be friendly or enemy to no one for them to be able to attack it EDIT: and yes, the station not being friendly to anyone makes second player able to attack it too
  15. The rule says: -Ships and squadrons from a player's fleet count ships and squadrons from other player's fleet on the same team as friendly, with one exception: a commander's "friendly" effect can only be resolved by ships and squadrons of that players fleet. If my understanding from the english is correct, then the "by" in that part indicates that the limitation only applies to the ships and squadrons resolving the effect and has nothing to do with the requirements for being able to resolve it. So a ship can trigger Sato's abbility from a friendly squadron not belonging to Sato's fleet.