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  1. Correct. Correct again. Just a slight clarification. Only the first player must make that maneuver straight, the second player can use that ship's speed-1 yaw value. Right, when that happens, the actual speed dial is set to speed 0, that is not just temporary. They would need a nav dial + token, or anything that would let them change the speed at least by 2. If they can just change it by 1, then the effect of the rift will make the speed-1 be temporary reduced by 1, to 0 and the ship won't move again, ending up again on the rift and it's speed will be set again to 0. The rift is an obstacle, so Ezra can move it. Have fun 😁
  2. Lemmiwinks86

    Cad Bane

    There's still nothing official, but according to the info we got, he will be able to activate on the turn the "here I am" token is revealed. As to wheather you can reveal the token yourself, there's nothing mentioned regarding that, only that it is revealed when an enemy unit deploys or moves to within range 1 of the token. As for your second question, take into account that Steady is not an action per se, so if you are able to make more attack actions (like with Cad's card allowing him to make 2 attack actions), you can trigger it a number of times equal to the attack actions you can make.
  3. You're right, Armor applies during the "Modify Attack Dice", I was confused about that one. But dodge do apply before as it's used during the "Apply Dodge and Cover" step, which is before the "Modify Attack Dice" step. Even so, it wouldn't apply because, as you said, the guardian unit is not the defender.
  4. It's for the same reason that the guarding unit cannot spend dodge tokens (unless having Soresu Mastery which allows it to spend 1 dodge token). The Armor and Dodge apply in a different step, before the Guardian triggers.
  5. On one of the last games I could play (a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away thanks to covid) I had 3 units of B1s with a heavy weapon and 1 extra unit of them without upgrades. I didn't expect much from them, their main purpose was to be a cheap unit to hold objectives, but when they got the chance to shoot at an enemy unit, they rolled 4 crits, 1 hit and 1 blank (without even aiming). From then on they became my man attack force... until 2 rounds later when they came back to normal and rolled all blanks 🙂
  6. I 100% agree with that. If they wanted to leave room for placing the unit outside of the battlefield (placing just a part of the base or the entire base outside is the same ruleswise, as in both cases the unit is considered "leaving the battlefield"), the card wouldn't say "place that unit on the battlefield", it would just say to place it within range 1 and height 1, but not specifying "on the battlefield".
  7. I bought some ships on the cheapest plastic and altough thet look great, the quality is clearly different from the official ones. But I've seen photos of ships on the high quality plastic and bought some squadrons on that quality and they are really awesome, nothing to envy from the FFG models. EDIT: here are some pictures of the ships and squadrons I bought, after painting them, altough I recognize that Yuuzhan Vong ships and squadrons are not the better ones to compare.
  8. What I was interpreting from that "any" was that you have the possibility of using that effect even on an anti-squadron attack made outside of your 2 normal attacks (like with Ordnance Pods). So you can use it during an anti-squadron attack made on one of your 2 normal attacks or with an extra anti-squadron attack granted by an effect, thus "any anti-squadron attack". Surely even if it means what I'm saying or what you're saying, it could have been worded much more better. Your line of thinking of why it could work even if you attacked another squadron with a previous attack is really good and maybe it's how it was intended, but at least as I understand it (english is not my first language), to work on any attack the card should say something like "while attacking the first squadron during that attack" or something like that.
  9. I agree that what you say is what the FAQ apparently says, but I think that that is contradicting this part of the card: "While attacking the first squadron during your activation..." It doesn't say the first squadron during that attack, it says the first squadron during your activation. In my opinion that leaves no room for doubt, as what the card says, it's pretty clear that if you want to use that effect of adding the 2 dice, you shouldn't have attacked another squadron during that activation.
  10. Just to clarify to avoid confusion, the unit would be able to remove suppression tokens via Discipline as that is made as soon as the unit is issued an order (outside the unit's activation). I think you probably were thinking about Strict Orders.
  11. No, there's nothing changing the fact that you can only use the LTT effect of adding the 2 dice while attacking the first squadron during that activation. So if you already attacked some squadrons, you cannot use that LTT effect even if it is another attack. What you said is the first thing I think too when reading that FAQ, that's why it's so confusing and I think it could have been worded much better. What the FAQ should say is just that you can use that effect even if the anti-squadron attack is an additional attack granted by another effect. I think that is what it means, because if we take the "can resolve this effect during any of its anti-squadron attacks" too literally as to think that you can make some anti-squadron attacks and at some point in the middle you can add those 2 dice, then it's not a FAQ, it would be an errata as it would be contradicting what the card says.
  12. Yes, it's pretty confusing. What we must take into consideration while interpreting that FAQ is that it is precisely a FAQ, not an errata, so the "While attackig the first squadron during your activation" still applies. What the FAQ tries to clarify (very poorly in my opinion) is that you can use LTT on your second attack, or even in an attack made outside of one of the two regular attacks of the activation (such as with using Ordnance pods as it is mentioned), given that you didn't attack any other squadron previously.
  13. The card says that the players can detonate 1 token, so at that point it is no longer linked to any unit. Each player simply chooses an objective token that one of their own units droped that round and detonates it.
  14. They can attack as normal during their activation. The limitation of 1 attack action is per activation, not per turn.
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