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  1. I'll take this chance to speak my mind out about this althogh I think that most Star Wars fans doesn't think like me. First of all, I really liked the prequels and Rogue One. It's true they have it's ups and downs, but overall I liked them very much. But I don't like what path they took for Episode VII because I liked the Vong and really wanted that story made on movies as it's something completely different from what we've seen on the other movies and not make a "copy" of the original trilogy but with bigger stuff as it happened with TFA and apparently so with TLJ. A bigger Death Star, bigger Star Destroyers, bigger AT-ATs and also a bigger "Executor". Just wanted to say that, now you can hate me all you want
  2. It's because it's an expensive game. In the official FFG page it was at $100. On eBay there are some that sell it cheaper, but let me tell you that if you really like Star Wars, it will be worth every dime
  3. I think they will reprint it sometime in the future, but for now you can get it on eBay for example
  4. I want more Yuuzhan Vong stuff to add to the fleet I already built. It could be: Squadron: Yorik-Trema Ships: A-vek Iiluunu Suuv Ban D'krid
  5. OK, we must do the mouse's bidding
  6. Hi all. I saw some awesome pictures on the internet of 3D asteroids, debris and space stations that have the base size to be put over the corresponding tokens but can't find them on ebay, shapeways or other few sites I know. Does someone know where can I get them? Thanks
  7. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/91/1f/911f859e-861f-43b9-b9ae-472f1095f43b/sw03_faq.pdf
  8. Hi. Thanks to @melminiatures I was able to create a Yuuzhan Vong fleet that I just finished painting and wanted to share. I hope you like it.
  9. Maybe another one is GR-75 with EHB. That's 23 pts that can push around 4 squadrons
  10. I know that Ten's effect is not a critical, but this is what I was looking for, where in the RRG was specified that all spends were made during the modify dice step and for some reason I missed it. Thanks very much for your help!
  11. I know you must receive a lot of wish lists like this, but I'd like to know if maybe some day you can make a Suuv Ban D'Krid or an A-vek Iiluunu to add a medium ship to the Yuuzhan Vong fleet I'm building (I'm already waiting for my Miid Ro'ik to arrive )
  12. That... looks... awesome!!!!! I have a whim for that Miid Ro'ik, surely I will be ordering one soon. Are you planing on making more Yuuzhan Vong models? Thanks EDIT: maybe it could be a Suuv Ban D'Krid or an A-vek Iiluunu to add a medium ship to the Yuuzhan Vong fleet
  13. Hi all. Using Ten Nunb against a scatter ace made me think if the crit die is spent before or after the "spend defense tokens step". My thinking is that it is done during the "Modify dice step" of the attack, but I'm not sure if that "spend" count as a modification of the dice (as clearly it is not "Spend Accuracy"). 3 . Resolve Attack Effects: The attacker can resolve attack effects as described below: ◊◊ Modify Dice: The attacker can resolve any of its effects that modify its dice. This includes card effects and the (concentrate fire) command. ◊◊ Spend Accuracy (G) Icons: The attacker can spend one or more of its G icons to choose the same I believe my thinking is correct, but if someone asks me for justification of why it happens before they can spend the scatter to cancel it, I'm not sure what official rule I can quote. Thanks
  14. It's understandable, thanks for replying
  15. Hi Mel. Sorry to bother you again, I recently bought from Shapeways those Yuuzhan Vong models from you and they are awesome! I was wondering if you're willing to sell me the 3D models files alone to print them here. This is because I'm interested in other Yuuzhan Vong models but with the shipping and customs charges (here in Argentina they are terrible) they become too expensive. Thanks for your time and you excellent work with the models.