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  1. You can in fact declare a defender, but when you try to form an attack pool you cannot and thus, never complete the attack action. That is where the "if able" part of AI:ACTION takes place. You tried to perform an attack action but weren't able to complete it, thus you're free to perform another action instead.
  2. As @SailorMeni said, in that case you can only use the weapon that has range 3. That is because you are making an attack, so you don't have to take into account only the rules for Arsenal X but for attack too: b. Choose Weapons: The attacker can choose one weapon from each eligible mini to contribute to the attack pool. To choose a weapon, the attacker must meet all requirements indicated by that weapon’s keywords, and that weapon’s range must include the range of the attack, as determined from the attacker’s unit leader to the closest mini of the defender.
  3. There's no Panic step. During the Rally step you can determine if you are panicked or not. If you are, you only have 1 action and that action must be a move towards the nearest border of the play area. So actually you enter the action step when you are panicked. As I mentioned before, I don't think that the intention is so that you can choose wheater you perform the panic move or the AI, but the rule must be slightly changed.
  4. Assuming that you rolled a hit and a crit, then yes, you can do that, they are different effects.
  5. @Drasnighta posted pictures of that some weeks ago
  6. Yes, you said it yourlself, "you may only perform 1 attack action per activation". She will perform an attack during her activation and then because the effect of Rebellious she can perform an attack during an enemy unit's activation. You're not breaking any rules.
  7. It is most probably an omission. I think that they will change a bit the AI:Action definition to say for example: During the Perform Actions step of a unit's activation, if a unit with the AI:ACTION keyword is not panicked, it must perform one of the actions listed after ai as its first action.
  8. I would put my cards as far away from the play area as possible to deny you the opportunity to do this 😋
  9. I guess we'll have to wait and see how exactly that card work. It doesn't plainly give you Tactical 1, as instead of saying "You gain Tactical 1" (like Arbmab for example), it begins its text with "While performing..." or something like that.
  10. They do count, they are their own unit with the only difference that to be able to put them in your army you need to put too a Shore Trooper unit.
  11. In short, even if the upgrade is discarded, if that ship was destroyed you count those points. You can find that info on page 9 of the Rules Refference: Scoring Players determine their score at the end of the game. A player’s score is the total fleet point cost of destroyed enemy ships and squadrons plus the fleet point value of any victory tokens that the player collected. • A destroyed ship’s fleet point cost includes the costs of all upgrade cards equipped to that ship. • Discarded upgrade cards do not count toward a player’s score unless they are equipped to a destroyed ship. • Each victory token is worth the number of fleet points indicated in the lower-right corner of the objective card used for that game.
  12. 1) Yes, if a unit has a melee weapon, it can enter a melee (as long as it does with only one unit as you quoted with the rules). It doesn't matter if the unit you're engaging is already engaged with another of your units. 2) Before rolling dice Luke has to tell which unit is attacking, like a normal attack, nothing changes. 3) You're right, clamber is a move, and as Relentless triggers after a move action, you can use it.
  13. With attacks is always the defender the one that receives suppression tokens and in that case the defender is the transport.
  14. It worked the other way some time ago, before the errata. But as most of the top places in important tournaments involved that combo (plus Rieekan), FFG decided to make that errata, among others, for balance purposes.
  15. No, as @Steck638 said, the upgrade doesn't give you a weapon like the other grenades, it gives you a card action, and looking at the last version of the RRG, the Smoke X is a unit keyword, meaning that the effect it has is for the whole unit and not for each mini. The "X" indicates how many smoke tokens that unit may place.
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