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  1. Ship: MC80 Home One Command Cruiser Squadron: Dutch but do have a liking for generic X-wings as well. Upgrade: Bomber Command Center
  2. Some conservative guesses here Proximity mines lists Heavy mine builds will see casual play. Only Sabine and Matt will see higher play in heavy sqaudron list to exploit percision strike interaction of generating facedowns that later face-up Tanky elements Hard call as I feel Starhawk and Onager release will contain a massive spike in Offence. Aux shields has a higher chance to see play to allow Neb and MC80L more fighty builds. Expert Shield tech has the problem of fighting for the hotly contested officer slot. Crits The impact here will not be fully seen until Onager and Starhawk release since a few of those upgrades contain two colored crit options. Imperial Squadron stall I think this is one of the more bigger winners of RitR. With options to reignite classic howlrunner generic swarm and support for tanky screens.
  3. Community lead of Houston Armada group was there recording/streaming his rounds. Heres round round 1 of his tourney run. Last I herd he was running a Screed SSD with Palpatine and overload pulse(among some other standard upgrades). A few time stamps for convenance. 59:18- Players unpacking collections 1:07:07- Obstacle placement begins 1:08:19- Ship deployment begins 1:13:27- Round 1 command dialing begins (Reminder Objective is Fleet ambush)
  4. *Looks at A-wing listing and explaination.* That's lighting a match in a barn and walking away level of I want to make people angry for sake of making people angry. Not interested in engaging in such argument.
  5. One of the things to consider is Raid and stack munipulation attack different elements of the games ship resource system. Raid attacks the resource managment of your ship. Getting you to spend command tokens or dials to remove. It also gets in the way of cards generating extra cmd dials (Thrawn, Piett, and Pursuant). We now have enough strong tools in the raid catigory a player can build a list and discover how they are going to take advantage of the stumble the resource draining causes. Seems like a nice space for a close combat ship heavy aggro list to shine.
  6. Because this one of the funnest things to do here with Armada's long development cycles. Time to do some speculation and theorycrafting on things we don't have yet. Lets first approch the wording in the reveal with caution. More or less it attempts to communicate a token which is a offensive rebuttal to a attack. Lets see if we can ascertain the design of this token and glimpse its possible strenghts and weaknesses. Possiblity 1: Automatic damage resolve to attacker. This is first version to come to mind if you read the reveal as is. This reason alone should make me discard this version but you never know. If this version is true then Agate(officer) ability is reading your oppenents dice when it resolves(Seems odd and weird). Weaknesses: ship based plink damage, fighters Lack of varing and engaging weaknesses is another reason to discount this version. The way this version is leveraged is its High risk, high reward swinging. This take is most streamlined but more unfun, less engaging. It's ability to punch way out of wieght maybe too much for the game. Possiblity 2: Attack generation There is alot making me lean towards this version since the game has precedence with counter. This would make it an outside activation attack. Meaning no CF token usage. With the limitations possibly gleamed from Agate (officer) taken to the extreme this leads to an limited to unmodifyed attack roll. leaning towards the defending arc generating the dice. Weaknesses: Positional play, Natural dice reliablity, fighters I see themematic allure in this approch in how it communicates ship gunners discarding firing solutions for ripid fire. The Future of Salvo Salvo seems to be an interesting way to increase the intensity of the game heading into the Clone Wars era. An out of activation attack(s) tied to defence token could help bring the hectic captial ship engagements seen onscreen. I expect both faction to have decent proliferation of this new token. The Republic might be in the best position to build faction identity off regaining some power during a salvo. Would be a good way to express the elite trained and drilled clone crewmen.
  7. As far Imperial ideaology goes, hyperspacing ships in is often reinforcing a attack or garrison. In gameplay terms this is hard to do without breaking the game as reinforcements would seem to be A)Going outside a matchss agreed upon point value. or B) Going beyond the games 6 turn limit. In the Devastater and Death Star arrival example often sited in this thread that maybe X(100+) amount of extra points arriving in turn seven. As for trying to find something within game contraints. I feel as suddently hyperspacing something in is agianst Imperial belief in overt displays of force and resource allocation. Either you bring your ship to battle or you hold back for the next one.
  8. I have some interest in Starhawk. Agate provides strong "Protect the King" power which I atleast will try out in a MC80H carrier fleet. With Wedge apart the cards in the Starhawk I am currious with its possibilities as carrier. My current guesses put it in the same carrier power range as a MC75 (since its main design is being a brawly Warship).
  9. Maybe with Exrax but not APT. Agate's officer card is making the suggestion that rules are you cannot spend crit dice for effects durring salvos.
  10. Some reads I've caught overlooking spreads Heavy fire zone(TL): While attacking a squadron before gathering dice if the defender is not engaged with a friendly squadron you may replace all your blue dice in your squadron armament with red dice. Krysta (officer): Red or blue crit(?). you can resolve spend critical effects... salvo interesting refence of this card is possibly salvo attacks can not naturally spend crit dice for effects. Wede(?)(officer) before... squadron... may spend... choose...sqaud(?)... strategic(?)...thoose...cloak Gunnery Chief Varine(weapons team) After you deploy place 1... die set to a blank face on this card. If you are second player set it to any face instead. While attacking a ship (you) may exchange 1 dice from (your) attack pool with the die (on) this card. Both dice ??? set to the same face
  11. Pretty hyped for this ship. I've been trying to theorycraft an offensive carrier MC75. Lots of thought on what has become the main conflict of overlaping interest in ion and weapon teams. This is mainly general thought for Dodonna, Garm, and Rieek. Strong double arc potential perfers rerolls over gun teams between MonCal bros. and leading shots I have a hard time choosing one over the other. What if I go Overload pulse for more double arc punch? What about flight controllers?(As a rebel with proficent squad play I've never felt the need for FC combo) So far the cheap option is MonCal bros. plus empty ion slot. Generalist option is FC plus leading shots.
  12. Since everyone here is jumping on the "Why don't hyperspace cruise missles exist?" I think I will note a few counter points to it. Things more often then not are in constant motion and thus would require constant recalibaration of hyperspace cordinates if projectile is luanched several systems away. All we have seen are daring captians turning off hyperspace safties. One would need powerful long range scanners which either do not exist or are far and few in Star Wars. Without scanners the need changes to powerful and expansive spy networks to ultimatly track patrols and hack communications. Also we tend to have every ship having sensors that can sence a hyperspace engage and disengage near the ship. What if Star Wars gets its Machine uprising because droids decry this tactic for its inhuman use of machine life? If still used, this would limit engagements to within a system. You would still need carriers and fighters to protect the weapon system while it did its work.
  13. *A Wild Anti-Capitalist appears* Darth Sanguis, I wish to impart sympathy and/or empathy to the plight of the working consumer. Microtranaction lootbox systems are anti-consumer in their ability to decrease the buying power of the consumer. P2W forces even more burden if they seek to find enjoyment from thier game. Battlefront was P2W preadjustments. Boba Fett had access to a star card making him invulnerable durring one of his abilities. On-topic: The additonal points of view on a starship some of us saw from differnt trend gives me intrest in its future inclusion in Star Wars: Armada.
  14. I have not participated in any armada tournament in the last 48 hours. So is this error or random person who is using my name?
  15. We have seen the top part of the card for Armored Cruiser and its squadron is 3. There are two forum thrends that show this pic. One is showing french spread found first and the other is HD english spread.
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