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  1. thebrettski

    Is it weird that VCX100 is cheaper than a Defender?

    A naked defender is already effective right out of the gate. A vcx needs some points pumped into it before it becomes worth fielding.
  2. thebrettski

    Store champs list

    Dropping the OS titles will give you the room you need.
  3. thebrettski

    TIE Aggressor 2.0

    The linked barrel/evade with a turret makes for a good blocking ship.
  4. These TIE pilots need to fly right back to the academy...
  5. thebrettski

    Pre 2.0 clearout

    Makes for good art. I've been making nameplates for my co-workers with target locks and other tokens. I'm also working on covering my dice tray in cardboard. Shucks, y'gotta do something to pass the time... Might as well have fun with your garbage. You can also use all that punchboard for scenery bits in Legion. We may be playing in a galaxy far, far away; but our own planet wouldn't mind one less cardboard laser from a thousand tiny death stars.
  6. thebrettski

    The reboot affect - 1.0 -> 2.0 -> 3.0?

    The most important thing we can do is play. Play 1.0. 1.x, house rules. Then.... when 2.0 arrives, play that, too. And My Little X Wing. And X Wing: Rising Tide. Play more. Worry less. Enjoy the drive, or you'll miss out on the best part....
  7. Spoiled Card! Major Rhymer [TIE Bomber] "The expensive one" "When measuring in arc, of course it is 0-3. Not even the Allmightly Major can change that. During the Listbuilding Phase, when you add this Pilot to your list, add 10 points"
  8. thebrettski

    Scum got nerfed hard

    How is the medium base a disadvantage? It makes the firespray more nimble, the G1A more in-your-face, and the Kimogila fits the midsize bomber role that the punisher and K fill for our friends. Y'all keep missing the forest for the trees.
  9. thebrettski

    Guri, Fenn, and ??????

    Genesis Red with a HLC.
  10. thebrettski

    Since the reveal, no interest in playing 1e.

    Getting bored? BRING OUT YOUR JANK.
  11. thebrettski

    Conversion Kit Unboxing on 5/18

    I'm banking this is going to be more of an "OMG look at all this cardboard!" kind of unboxing, and less of a card by card inventory check. We still have so much time go, and i can't believe they'd blow their whole load now. I'm still thrilled to see what gets spoiled!
  12. thebrettski

    Scum Core Set 2nd Edition

    So..... You're "boycotting" the set by bumming a deck from somebody, tossing the savings to a 3rd party acrylic maker, and are still playing the game. Good for you. Asmodee hears your protest.
  13. thebrettski

    Converting to 2.0 maneuver templates ... ?

    I'll be using this as an excuse to get another set from Curled Paw in a different color.
  14. thebrettski

    Tracking demand for Conversion Kits ...

    It is instructive to take a beat and consider the Starviper. She is the postergirl of 1.0. The ONLY reason everybody's short on Starvipers is because nobody bought Starvipers... they bought autothrusters, titles, and harpoon missiles (and a beautiful model to paint). As each conversion is coming with a mountain of upgrade cards, at least you're getting a good return on all those autothrusters. The most important thing to consider when considering a day 1 full fleet upgrade: EPIC is not yet supported. Do you think those huge ship conversion kits will make it rain generics? I think they might.... Another thing: Ladies and gentlemen, we have FOUR MONTHS of marketing and spoiling and Organized Play on the horizon. Our collective jaws will drop countless times, who knows.... Maybe we'll even stop picking on the quads (how many scavenger cranes/ASTS did you own?). Their jank was fun, now it could be delightful in this action economy. #UnkarFel
  15. thebrettski

    What 2.0 ship are you most excited about?

    Firespray uber alles. And my baby, the holy Scyk (gimme back some mindlink. Stay alive, Sunny)!