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  1. I put 5th Bro on Echo and naked Duchess with team Quiz. 4-0 yesterday. This is easily the most fun i've had in 2.0. I saw a good mix of lists from Republic aces to CIS swarms and it handles anything that comes at it well. Duchess is the weaker link, but she's cheap, she contributes before she pops, and her ability really fits with all the other manuever shenanigans in the list. 5th Bro is alright. His crits mattered here and there, and being able to save the focus for defense was relevant at times. Not a terrible place to bank points, but those 9 points may be better spent. I don't think this list needs a bid, spend away!
  2. I'm sold. Coruscant always toys with the standard format, why not throw these into the mix in that and other competitive formats? (It would be AWESOME if each SOS had their own unique environments across the globe)
  3. <gasp> I see no crit tokens. Space Judge!
  4. While I've generally been trying to up my ship count to 5/6 ships, I'm wondering if 4 ships firing twice at I6 would be enough to soften your opponent. (34) Omega Squadron Expert [TIE/sf Fighter] (4) Advanced Optics (3) Swarm Tactics (5) Cluster Missiles (2) Fire-Control System Points: 48 (34) Omega Squadron Expert [TIE/sf Fighter] (4) Advanced Optics (3) Swarm Tactics (5) Cluster Missiles (2) Fire-Control System Points: 48 (32) Zeta Squadron Survivor [TIE/sf Fighter] (4) Advanced Optics (6) Concussion Missiles Points: 42 (45) "Quickdraw" [TIE/sf Fighter] (5) Swarm Tactics (2) Fire-Control System (6) Targeting Synchronizer (4) Ion Missiles Points: 62 Total points: 200
  5. I'm awful with Adv Sensors. While it can put you in nice spots, I tend to overuse it on an "oh crap, shouldn't be here" turn, which slides into a suboptimal next turn. Then, I realize I just spent 10 points to hand my opponent half points on a tokenless defender.
  6. I've been leaning into this list and variants; swapping defenders, trying the Sis for one of the Quizzes, prockets, etc. My fave so far is Trip Defenders (35) Inquisitor [TIE Advanced v1] (8) Supernatural Reflexes (2) Fire-Control System (7) Proton Rockets Points: 52 (84) Colonel Vessery [TIE/D Defender] (7) Juke (2) Tractor Beam (2) Fire-Control System Points: 95 (35) Inquisitor [TIE Advanced v1] (8) Supernatural Reflexes (2) Fire-Control System (7) Proton Rockets Points: 52 Total points: 199 It's not quite optimized, but the goal of trying feed a tractored opponent into two fragile I3 5 dice bullseyes is a swell way to spend a day of Xwing.
  7. C O U N T D O W N ! So enjoyable to say "nope" Echo, Soontir, and Duchess always guarantee a grand ol' time with their acrobatics. I miss the TL/evade TAP of days long past, and someday will make those inquisitors shine........ Someday.....
  8. Juke on Soontir is nice. It has the added benefit of helping me to remind myself to token up rather than reposition just cuz I can. If you're playing cagey with Vader, Sense might not be a terrible call, as your friends will also benefit with the intel, but there goes your bid. If I was swapping out Soontir, I'd take a chunk o' 100% certified Angus spacecow: (48) Captain Kagi [Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle] (4) ST-321 (0) Jamming Beam (3) ISB Slicer (3) Freelance Slicer Points: 58 Season your beef to taste. Your other two ships aren't exactly starving for actions, so you could drop the title, and consider Palp or mess around with trip 0 and BT1, Cienna's flying circus, or whatever else. Is Redline with clusters and BT-1 too cute? Barrage Deathrain with some bombs?
  9. As an Imperial player who loves salad lists, I am looking with a watchful eye on what is to happen to our phantoms. Being super efficient beasts, they are ripe for a nerf. But before they get points'ed out of existence, hear my plea: Let the Empire be the OG house of swarm, but also give it a place for unique frames to shine. The Empire's greatest strength lies in their ship abilities, behold the efficiencies of the Phantom's Stgyium Particle Array the Defender's Fulle Throttle, and Vader's fearsome ATC. Each of these ship abilities, and their respective pilots' skills can be formed to create a beautiful 4-5 ship list full of both utility and doom. But, since we see the spamming of these delicate frames, the easiest nerf answer is to cost them so that they cannot be abused. If we do that, then that also starts pricing them out of being a useful part of mixed lists. So let's make it easy. Let's make it thematic. Palpatine brings his lessons learned w/ CIS: make Empire ships Limited. You can only fly two Phantoms. Only one TIE/D, etc. Let the Imperial accountants have a breather (what Imperial Govenor sends 4 highly experimental Phantoms out on patrol?)... That way, you can keep all the base chassis cheaper, as a result, you can have more variety in list building. Empire is fun again. Whee! Do it.
  10. The Empire needs a drop in crew points. See: Leia vs Cienna. Without boost and affordable crew, I just cannot figure out the modern Deci. Aside from an expensive Sloane carrier, the only thing I've thought of is to lean into the control pieces at our disposal. Imperial AWACS (78) Captain Oicunn [VT-49 Decimator] (6) Death Troopers (4) Dauntless Points: 88 (47) Lieutenant Sai [Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle] (4) ST-321 (3) Freelance Slicer (3) ISB Slicer (0) Jamming Beam Points: 57 (47) Captain Feroph [TIE Reaper] (3) ISB Slicer (5) Director Krennic Points: 55 Total points: 200 Large and medium bases tie up real estate, freelance says "sure, hit the shuttle." and slicers and death troopers keep mods from your opponent... And then you pray that is enough to let your beef prevail, but probably not. BUT, you get to go home thinking about those few turns each match where you utterly dominated the activation phase, and take solace in small victories because you brought a dull blade to a laser fight.
  11. Hux doesn't mesh well with this list due to stress. It will turn off Scorch's ability, and Maulrus will be double stressed if he's spending energy.
  12. The hash marks are there. There is plently of design space for power creep. We'll see a ship with a broadsides bonus, there will be some ship that can reinforce port/starboard. If it is limited it can be janky goodness, but as an overall shield mechanic...... That's Armada.
  13. Outshoot them: low initiative. They are six hull behind 2 agi. using their focus defensively might save them for a round, but cripples their attack. So kick them in the bomber-nards and let the crits crumple. Jonus also happens to be a bomber. Kill him. Duh. Deny actions: they need a focus. Get them stressed, keep them stressed. You can block (not on the initial engagement, knucklehead) You can strip. You can jam. YES, you can! Outfly: it is a heavy swarm. It has a very clear no-fly zone: in front of it. Use rocks. Have higher I, have more maneuverable ships. Reposition. Range control. Anti-swarm tech: cluster missiles, rock placement, trajectory simulator, etc. There are plenty of toys that can wreck a mass of ships. Use them? The list is strong, but going all-in on its strengths means mixing metaphors and doubling down on its weaknesses. It is a 1.0 mindset list, "how much of the x can i cram into a list?" Just take it's 2.0 counterpart and you might be alright. Take the core of Jonus and 2-3 other bombers. Then, instead of MORE barrage bombers, throw in Jendon, some better ordnance, and a bid. Or if support doesn't suit you, grab one of those juicy cheap aces like whisper/fel. Your bombers are instantly better than their bombers.
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