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  1. thebrettski

    FO Advice - Hux and Friends

    Hux doesn't mesh well with this list due to stress. It will turn off Scorch's ability, and Maulrus will be double stressed if he's spending energy.
  2. thebrettski

    Why can't you reinforce to the side?

    The hash marks are there. There is plently of design space for power creep. We'll see a ship with a broadsides bonus, there will be some ship that can reinforce port/starboard. If it is limited it can be janky goodness, but as an overall shield mechanic...... That's Armada.
  3. thebrettski

    So what strategy to use against bomber swarms?

    Outshoot them: low initiative. They are six hull behind 2 agi. using their focus defensively might save them for a round, but cripples their attack. So kick them in the bomber-nards and let the crits crumple. Jonus also happens to be a bomber. Kill him. Duh. Deny actions: they need a focus. Get them stressed, keep them stressed. You can block (not on the initial engagement, knucklehead) You can strip. You can jam. YES, you can! Outfly: it is a heavy swarm. It has a very clear no-fly zone: in front of it. Use rocks. Have higher I, have more maneuverable ships. Reposition. Range control. Anti-swarm tech: cluster missiles, rock placement, trajectory simulator, etc. There are plenty of toys that can wreck a mass of ships. Use them? The list is strong, but going all-in on its strengths means mixing metaphors and doubling down on its weaknesses. It is a 1.0 mindset list, "how much of the x can i cram into a list?" Just take it's 2.0 counterpart and you might be alright. Take the core of Jonus and 2-3 other bombers. Then, instead of MORE barrage bombers, throw in Jendon, some better ordnance, and a bid. Or if support doesn't suit you, grab one of those juicy cheap aces like whisper/fel. Your bombers are instantly better than their bombers.
  4. Jendon does not allow target locks to be acquired by ships that cannot lock, so he's not doing much here. Maybe Sai?
  5. thebrettski

    Imperial punchboard

    1. Take an upsilon silhouette. 2. Flip it up-side down. 3. It almost looks like a striker. B+ for effort.
  6. thebrettski

    Imperial punchboard

    That makes sense. File under: where muh bombs, krennic, etc. They are in the expansions you already have... Glad I didn't superglue all my tokens to my dice tray.
  7. thebrettski

    Imperial punchboard

    In the Empire conversion kit, i seem to be missing striker silhouettes for the dial upgrades. Am i blind, am i missing something, or did we run out of space?
  8. thebrettski

    We wish you safety, pilots.

    Let's take a pause from all this glorious new cardboard. From Florence to Mangkhut, we have friends and co-pilots that are facing impending catastrophe. From life changing events, to loss of collections, to delays in partaking in the joy of our collective game; this will touch our community. Stay safe Krayts, NOVA, be safe in the Philippines and to all our pilots in the path of these storms. And to all the FLGS in the area, i wish you infinite dryness. To the rest of us: don't be a wiener. Fedex and UPS have major operations on the eastern seaboard. Shipping might get a little wonky. Be patient. Be cool.
  9. thebrettski

    1.0.1 Update Bugs

    XG-1 does not add cannon slots.
  10. thebrettski

    Imperial mini swarm

    If you swap Iden for another 30 pt tie, you can bump the reaper up to Vermiel, making for a larger flanking threat.
  11. thebrettski

    Drea Renthal + Scum Ace + Mini-swarm

    Torkil + a mess is a joy to fly. The key is to master its double edged sword; you need to remember to be very aggressive against your zeroed target whilst being wary to not put yourself in compromised positions to the enemy ships with likely higher initiative overall. I'm wondering if perceptive is worth it, going all in on a HWK's focus engine. Two one straights and you have the motor running, then for seven points less, you can get 0-0-0's calculate/control and build back up to a cloaking device or bombs for funsies.
  12. thebrettski

    Will Scum Have the Lion's Share in 2.0?

    Lions? That's Wing Commander...
  13. thebrettski

    Is it weird that VCX100 is cheaper than a Defender?

    A naked defender is already effective right out of the gate. A vcx needs some points pumped into it before it becomes worth fielding.
  14. thebrettski

    Store champs list

    Dropping the OS titles will give you the room you need.
  15. thebrettski

    TIE Aggressor 2.0

    The linked barrel/evade with a turret makes for a good blocking ship.