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  1. I like it for theme, I'm guessing the Imperial admiral who allowed 4 experimental TIE/ph to fly a patrol together would've been force choked before they left the hangar.... And does anyone wonder why the Jedi order had been reduced to Luke/Obighost or Lukeghost/Rey when we allow so many force users to fly in a single engagement? I like it for listbuilding since I love TIE Salad and the min/maxers costed the /ph out of most 5 ship lists when a ship limit could've worked... But here we are: the game was not made for my whims, there is a whole playerbase to consider, and building around the ruleset we already have is quite fine and a nice puzzle. As far as cost of implementation, I could see the next card pack being Hotshots and Aces and DOTS! Throw in a 10x10 sheet of white dots in a card pack: boom, you can add limited to your cards. But I'd prefer to not apply this retroactively. I would rather see more pilots, titles, and configurations be introduced that allow us to manipulate the existing framework, then let the points balance sort out how many of x we can take. Like @GeneralVryth said, you can create more specialized versions of a certain chassis. Perhaps you make those configs/titles unique/limited and then you can open up the design space a little.
  2. You can drop the FCS and clusters to sub SNR for the Inquisitors. That keeps the boat, but it may not survive January points. Bumping Tempest up to Storm and Inqs down to (gasp!) Barons, you'll have all I3's and can season to taste with passive/FCS/crack/predator.
  3. Krayt Confessionals (late to the party edition): I work for the online arm of a national retailer, and when our in-store side ***** us, "same team!" has been my battle cry this holiday season. Thank you, community.
  4. Do you have a community college/library/main street/bars? Play in public!
  5. Talk to your TOs, your FLGS, your league, your local group. Make it happen at your game nights. FFG doesn't need to do it. I believe in you!
  6. A group of slicers can be quite fun. I ran this at a jank tourney and it worked well. Two large and a fast medium base made that 1-2 slicer range blanket the field. I could easily pop some jams on my target of choice which is great for TL denial and keeping a ship without actions for a turn or two. The problem is the tradeoff, it turns engagements into a battle of wet noodles when you're using your own actions/TLs/force/attack to deny theirs. I don't think I'd go all in on the jams, but the slicers do have some merit on crucial turns. Imperial Dead Jam Band (74) Captain Oicunn [VT-49 Decimator] (3) ISB Slicer (9) Seventh Sister (3) Freelance Slicer (4) Dauntless Points: 93 (47) Lieutenant Sai [Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle] (0) Jamming Beam (3) ISB Slicer (3) Freelance Slicer (4) ST-321 Points: 57 (47) Captain Feroph [TIE Reaper] (3) ISB Slicer Points: 50 Total points: 200
  7. Stop talking about v1's. They're already going back up in points next pass. Let my beautiful babies be!
  8. Over a year later, and we are still flogging this poor dead horse? You don't get to have ALL THE THINGS, just an ultra convenient way to get MOST THE THINGS.
  9. Sai's TIEs (30) Del Meeko [TIE/ln Fighter] Points: 30 (30) Seyn Marana [TIE/ln Fighter] (1) Marksmanship Points: 31 (23) Academy Pilot [TIE/ln Fighter] Points: 23 (30) Gideon Hask [TIE/ln Fighter] Points: 30 (47) Lieutenant Sai [Lambda-class T-4a Shuttle] (4) Director Krennic (4) ST-321 Points: 55 (30) "Wampa" [TIE/ln Fighter] Points: 30 Total points: 199 I flew this for a bit. I would always give the academy Optimized to make target priority annoying. My opponent could gun for my 23 pt TIE, or let it run amok.
  10. I just saw a GEO Metro on the road. I drove an International pickup truck last year. #takecareofyourtransportation
  11. Composure, anyone? It's not a problem per se; but there are a few pilots that can massage extra economy out of it. It's a steal at 1 point, the cheapest action you can get.
  12. How are you planning to fly it? What do you think is missing in your list? Do you have any alternate options you are considering? You have a solid block of 5 ships that can do work. So what input are you seeking?
  13. RE: Jake. I don't think a failed action counts as an action, so likely not. And I don't think it's a combo worth trying to milk, anyway; as you want the Composure on the named B's so they can fail a roll, get a focus and rerolls.
  14. I'm secretly in love with this list, and want to put it on the table. I used to have a (1.0 getoffmylawntalk) jonus and TIE/D ion list that would try to walk opponents off the table, and instead creating a Jacob's Ladder of conner nets to get it there kinda sounds like a good time, to me! I need more connor cardboard!
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