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  1. I think boarding works well as is for normal games. It's a powerful, non-repeatable short range attack. If you were using Armada rules to play a pen and paper RPG, the standard boarding rules would be completely unworkable. But then, so would a lot of rules for a normal skirmish. Almost none of the objectives would work, neither would the station, ships would be jumping in and out of hyperspace throughout the battle, etc. It would have the feel of the old Lucasarts Xwing/TIE fighter games. If you were playing an Armada campaign (CC, RR, or custom) it might be fun to try something closer to narrative campaign boarding. Maybe if an enemy ship in destroyed, and it was subjected to a boarding action by a ship of at least the same size or greater, you can spend some large number of campaign points to add it to your fleet. (Rebels only) Or capture/execute the officers so they can't be used again (Imperial only)
  2. Even ignoring all other considerations- every Commander and any ship with a Fleet Command slot will be better at higher point values. This is unavoidable. So it's natural that the SSD, with two Fleet Command slots, is better at higher point values. For it to not be broken at 800 or 1000 points, it has to be underwhelming at 400 points. The same is true with more expensive Commanders. On top of that, every ship is more effective when it has more upgrades, and the better it is the more you should upgrade it to get your points worth. For example, it's usually a bad investment to run a naked ISD. If a fully upgraded SSD prototype is nearly 300 points, and then you don't have room for enough squadrons to take advantage of your squadron value of 5, and you don't have enough ships to take advantage of its double Fleet Commands. So of course it is bad. For it to be good at 400 points it would either need to be (a) completely busted at 800 points, or (b) not a ship that synergizes with other ships and squadrons, which is the exact opposite of what it is designed to be! An SSD should be a cool inclusion in a game at 800+ points, but it would be boring to fight over and over again at 400 points. Because it would be basically the entire list. So you would be fighting the same thing over and over again! So it SHOULD be bad! Sorry guys, I'm a true SSD fanboy and no one will bring me down!
  3. Well not every ship is equally valuable at every point total. I'm a huge SSD fan, but I'd rather it not be a tournament staple. However I'd be very disappointed if it wasn't a good pick at 800+ points.
  4. This campaign is an amazing release, in my opinion as good as it gets. New titles for the Victory and other old ships. An officer to support the Raider. Yes please! Why would I want FFG to release "Imperial Torpedo Corvette v2" so I can buy a bunch of copies to have a more effective version of the Raider when I could just buy this campaign, get the new upgrades, and use them on the ships I already have?
  5. Sorry, but I don't think new ships are going to draw new players either. Wave 1, 2, 4, and the SSD are the only releases that will draw new players. "Wow, a Star Wars minis game where I can have a fleet of Star Destroyers! A fleet of Mon Cal ships! A SUPER Star Destroyer!" That might draw new players. But, "Wow, an Imperial Support Vessel, just like from those old Timothy Zahn books!", or "Wow, prequel ships from those movies I love to complain about online!", or "Wow, a Nebulon B-2, just like maybe was in the old Lucasarts games, I don't even remember!"? In all likelihood that guy is already playing Armada, or else he never will because it is too expensive. I honestly think an "RPG-style" campaign has a better chance of bringing new players into the game than a wave of ships. New ships will actually probably push new players away. Provided that new upgrade cards are enough to keep local Armada scenes running, so that new players have a place to go, then they will be more likely to start when the total set of available ships is smaller. No one wants to start a collectible game without format rotations when they need to buy 10 years worth of stuff.
  6. Ah that would be an interesting strategy, I hadn't thought about that. I'm assuming that all of the upgrades in the campaign are unique, so that people aren't expected to buy multiple campaigns. But it would be nice of them to give people an opportunity to get some of the unique imperial officers that would otherwise only be available in the $200 SSD. But for die hard likes most of us on the forum, it would be a disappointment because we will just buy everything no matter what.
  7. Without being facetious at all, the end of this year will be the biggest release Armada has had since wave 2, or possibly even the biggest release of all time. From the campaign: 28 new upgrade cards. 12 new objective cards. 8 new squadrons. From the SSD: 12 new upgrade cards. 2 new ship cards And for special scenarios and whatnot we get: 2 additional new ship cards (the 400+ SSDs) 11 new objective cards 1 complete campaign Yes, this is lighter on the total number of new hulls than past waves, but keep in mind that there is a limited number of configurations of different hulls, dice, and upgrade slots that can make a ship interesting and unique. Each new ship, sans upgrades, adds less and less to Armada. Only new upgrades really bring in big change at this point in Armada's life. The SSD is a significant outlier, being something that for better or for worse, is radically different from all other existing ships. So yes, I think this holiday season is the second biggest release we have ever had. Only wave 2 will probably go down in history as being a bigger splash.
  8. With all these new campaign obstacles, flotilla rules, huge ship rules, raid tokens, chaff tokens, squadron keywords, I wish FFG would put a revised rulebook in one of these campaigns, or maybe with the SSD.
  9. When does the announcement start?
  10. Wow. I'm amazed they are not printing new cards with the errata, especially after such a long time.
  11. Oh god. I'm going to have to buy a new custom sized sleeve- just for ONE card? FFG please. Please ship this expansion with a sleeve. Please. Just one sleeve.
  12. My instinct would be to apply 10 minutes of RPG 'real time' to each round of Armada. However I think it depends on the set of RPG rules you are using. In AD&D, each round is 1 minute. In 5th edition D&D, each round is 6 seconds. (Yet just as much or more can occur in each round of 5th edition!) For this reason I think that you should also take into account your RPG's round length.
  13. I agree with others who have said it- the pamphlet was at LEAST as good an article, maybe two. There is not much left to spoil, maybe there are special scenarios that come with the SSD, maybe there are additional huge ship rules or accompanying errata for Motti or something. But they have already spoiled all of the hulls and upgrades, so... thanks FFG?
  14. If boarding party Vader slices one of your officers in half, they probably shouldn't be available for the next battle either.
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