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  1. The map is just the Outer Rim region of a larger map, the border that runs around the map doesn't enclose one side. I just thought this was interesting! Presumably that means they are considering a third campaign for the classic trilogy Rebel vs Imperial factions.
  2. The upgrade is cheap, but the ship itself is expensive to make up for that.
  3. That's the Greek alphabet. 🙂 I meant Latin as in ABCD, I'm not sure if that is 100% correct though.
  4. It's pretty funny to think that the Latin alphabet doesn't exist in Star Wars anymore...
  5. Rogue One is the only Star Wars movie that I think was designed for the Armada audience, fans of Star Wars from the 80s and 90s who like the technical and military aspects of science fiction. I like the movie. That said I've only seen it once and I think both of the CGI characters were very poorly done and somewhat tasteless as an inclusion to begin with.
  6. This does seem very good, although it's somewhat unavoidable that fleet + objective synergies would become tighter and tighter as more content is released. SSD + Advanced Gunnery is probably the most obscene combo that exists now- I think that objective is essentially unpickable. The same is probably true of Hyperspace Migration as you describe it, but in my personal experience (I haven't played in about a year) there was very little Blue objective variety, I only ever saw Solar Corona and Superior Positions. For that reason I'm not immediately put off by a super powerful Blue objective. You can run an SSD and two flotillas in 400 points. With Advanced Gunnery, Hyperspace Migration, and a bid for second player you could force your opponent to pick Yellow. I wonder how bad that would be? What would be the worst you could do?
  7. Yes, I think so. Defense tokens are very valuable.
  8. Playing Deathmatch (as described in the manual) is actually pretty fun. You just alternate first player every round, and play until one side forfeits or loses all ships. It's a good way to teach someone new.
  9. Why? I don't see the connection. Do you mean because the Imperial and Rebel factions have a large number of faction specific upgrades, and so new factions will have fewer in comparison?
  10. I left work early yesterday to pick mine up at my FLGS at 4 pm. When I got there they told me I was the last preorder to come in and pick up the SSD. Haha, we're all bunch of addicts I guess.
  11. Yes but you are assuming FFG reprints expansions, which they clearly don't.
  12. The price increase isn't really due to tariffs. 10% of $50 is only $5, plus FFG doesn't isn't paying their manufacturers anywhere near what they are charging us, so assuming the Onager model is roughly equivalent to an ISD in production cost the tariffs should probably only add 2 or 3 dollars to the cost, not 10. This is just prices going up because prices go up. It's probably made worse because FFG probably sees Armada less as a game that attracts new players nowadays, and almost nothing is too expensive for deeply enfranchised players.
  13. Wow does she really only affect your flagship? That's what it sounds like now. That seems pretty expensive honestly, compared to ECM. Yeah you get an extra token, but still.
  14. This is actually the first huge cannon ship, i'm not sure what you're referring to.
  15. Naturally the large numbers of salvo tokens is because these expansions have upgrade cards that let you equip these tokens on other types of ships.
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