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  1. Time.... It,s a game for bigg fleets...right? Is having 2ship,and some fighters a big fleet? Having multiple choises but not the points to but enough ships in a play.. Putting more point would increase gametime... but as said, the games would probably end sooner...adding points and maybe addingg a clock, ((how long you get time to make your turn)) (((((this would be nice to many boardgames))))) :-) or maybe somekind point victory... lets say you hhave a fleet that cost 500points... You would win when you destroy ship//fighters worth 250points.... (what i've seen on yuotube..people play with 2ships full of upgrades and expenssive fighters) Oh,i dont know... It's a great game, i love it :-) just talking :-) I'm not expert on armada, just a player.
  2. Helloy :-) Been playing armada for about six months ((love it)) I was wondering if there will be bigger fleetpoints as wawe 3and4 hit the strores. After these wawes 400 seems quite small.... you got ships, but no points to get in play...? So to you who master armada,what do you think? I've found a lot answers from here when ive have troubles with the rules//cards :-)
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