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  1. I agree with that. After years of TI 3.2 always played with all options activated I found TI4 almost perfect. The only things I really need are a "less farmville" objective deck and an improvement of choices in the tecnology tree wich is quite streamlined as it is. Obviusly I would like to see new races too but i rather have a balaced eight hours supergame than a "runewars: banners of war" with sci-fi falvour
  2. Goodmorning everybody, do anyone know if theres some rumors, information or hint that an expansion is actually on development? What if TI4 was designed as a standalone game? Seems to me quite strange that we didn see any news about ti4 in almost an year.. maybe it did not sell well?
  3. So, this mean no eight player expansion.. or no expansion at all?
  4. In our play, everybody achieve every objective, ( the match ended with one player at 10 points, three players at 9 and one at 8) . The winner had three planet with tecnology discount adiacent to his home system and that was his way to achieve victory with the stage one objective " i control three planets with tecnology discount" . Thing is that that objective was not easy or hard but luck related only! I know that building galaxy is actually an important part.. but it's kinda strange to arrive at the end of six hour plays and thinking " oh yeah, did everything almost perfect.. but I did not draw the right planets at the beginning and now i'm out of the game.." I really love how this game works and how the different parts of the game work togheter in the costruction of the empire, however seems to me that the objective system is too disconected from the game, too aleatory and too abastract.
  5. Dont you find that the new public objectives are quite too easy to achieve? We did our first play yesterday and we find that the game has been very weel refined and streamlined, fact is that the objectives are too easy eveyone can achieve them and is very difficoult to stop them.. Hope they soon release a new objective deck like they do with shattered Empire... Harder, more esclusive or war related. Maybe also some.. Win the game objective like in "fall of the empire" scenario...
  6. In the third edition of TI they actually pay less.. Maybe is a print error? I doubt it because i do not find anything on the web related to a cheap dreadnought in the 4th ed.
  7. In the most recent new on ffg homepage in which they present some of TI races talking about the L1z1x they say "The L1ZIX’s signature ship is their Super Dreadnought, which not only costs less to build than a regular dreadnought, but is enhanced by other abilities. " Looking at the race's sheet seems to me that nothing suggest a lesser cost for the dreadnought, it costs 4 as for the other races...
  8. Are you going to update valkyr for the new stuff from "streets of arkham" ? It's a shame that this topic remain hidden in the second page..
  9. Do anyone got a chance to take a view of the lorebook compendium at gencon? Im pretty curious to see what is inside since the history of the Galaxy is already in the learn to play and the lore of the various races behind each race sheet.
  10. Maybe is possible to use the distant suns tokens from third edition in this one.. rules seem similari enough to avoid unbalancement
  11. All of this is great, maybe a little tutorial for the editor would make easier to make new scenarios.. Many peoples are not used to events, trigger etc. Would be great if this app was more popular, did you try to spam it over facebook fun club? More players , more scenarios, more fun. If you write any kind of tutorial I could traslate it in italian
  12. I know there are some problems with the italian publisher. ( So che ci sono alcuni problemi con il distributore italiano)
  13. They are definetly bigger than descent minis. They do fit well in the squares of descent tiles though so you can use them if you are not upset by differences beetween scales.
  14. Maybe enlist the role of the investigators ( the explore, the mariner, the soldier etc.) will let the people to add theri playing investigators easely, I simply cant't remember all the first names!
  15. We also roll the OL role beetween us in every campaings and if one of them (shadow rune) was not a great gamer the others are very good. The fact is we are used to play with games like runewars, twilight imperium and forbidden star ( but we like a lot different style games like eldritch horror or mansion of madness) maybe our game approach is too powerplayer and we simply "****" the game system. We thought about drag heroes randomly isteat of choose them..
  16. Shadow rune, nerekhall and labyrinth of ruin. Now we are up with mist of bilehall but after three quest Heroes are already very strong, the Monster do not offer any challenge and often die without even Attack. We thought about add a 20% of Life points at the Mosters to raise the difficult but se wanna check in the community have already find something
  17. Did community develop any fix or balancing for the game? after 3 campains the Heroes are Just too strong.
  18. What if my unit is too big for the deployement area at the begininnig of the game? Must I let a part of the unit out of the game area? Or I must let a part out the deployement area istead?
  19. I own both descent and runewars and i can confirm what you say. Only the last release are more or less close to runewars mini size. It's a pity because using descent Heroes in descent would have been very cool
  20. Looking at the cover of the lorebook guide book we see the uthuk scrabble-like unit.. For me we Will have four trays of fleshripper, Two trays of berserk, one scrabble (cannot recall his true name) and Ravos Sorry @Klaxas, I did a mess with the quotes and totally overlap your post
  21. What intrigues me must is if we Will finally see a flying unit for the uthuk.. It would be totally new
  22. I'm a bit confused about descent, the setting of the campaign seems not to suggest that a war is going on, it's more like a 'mantaining peace" scheme( save the Baronies from zacharet cospiration, undoing the evil rising in nerekhall, fight the ancient Queen of Sudania..) and also the two "undead" campaign are set inside the mistland with the Force of waiqar that seems still confined inside. However the young black haired girl of rmg rule book is clearly Runewitch Astarra, who in descent is an experienced magician. Or again, zacharet that dies at the end of Shadow rune campaign and write the letter in the runewars lorebook.. Maybe zacharet wrote that letter before die and the Runewitch Astarra was the grandmother of the young Astarra of rmg
  23. Up to now, no faction can deploy flyng units. I wont be surprised if they will release a future wave totally focused on flying units adding, roc warrior for humans, pegasus for elfs, crypt dragon for undead and.. something for the uthuk ( I cannot recall any flyng units for them)
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