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    bgrelle reacted to Dr Zoidberg in Building something forgiving for my son   
    3) Familiar with the game; might be an ok player for his age, but at the end of the day is still a child and so the OP wants a list that is enjoyable, but not too complex and can survive some 'user error'.
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    bgrelle reacted to Warpman in Turrets and 360° Firing Arcs   
    In our LGS we have a huge inflatable THUNDERHAMMER
    every time anyone calls Ghost a Pancake (PWT) or starts using the  360' Arc
    he gets hammered
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    bgrelle got a reaction from IG88E in Han vs OL   
    That is what I was thinking but felt bad telling my 8 year old daughter she couldn't do that outright and that I would ask the forum.
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    bgrelle reacted to Malasombra in New Rebel Player   
    The whiny terrorists... cowards relying on their shields...

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    bgrelle reacted to demoses in New Rebel Player   
    My Advice would be to not have a plan and as a new player do two things: fly things that look cool and try things to see how they work out but expect nothing. Until you learn your ships and find your style the game can feel very overwhelming. Have fun!
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    bgrelle reacted to CBMarkham in Triple T-70 X-Wing build   
    PS11 Vader is king of ace hunting, sir.
    Poe is durable, but there's only one king.
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    bgrelle reacted to Magnus Grendel in Pro Level TIE Swarming: Dallas Parker Fresno Regional Finals   
    Now that is one I was considering. Swapping Howlrunner for the 'dispersed bonus' of weapons guidance means you keep fighting better for longer. The only time I tried something similar it was with everyone given Wired - not the most effective but rather amusing as the first game I played was against a swarm of tactician TLTs. The frustrated yell of "I'm just firing bloody rerolls at them!!!" was very satisfying.
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    bgrelle reacted to Piscopas in 100!   
    Oh yeah?!  Well, I only have 7 ships!  
    2 TIE/ln
    2 TIE/FO
    2 T-65s
    1 T-70
    This party has just started!
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    bgrelle reacted to Quarrel in How does obstacle selection work in tournaments?   
    Also, when it's your turn to place an obstacle, you can choose any of the 6 that hasn't been placed yet. Players are not restricted to placing only their own 3.
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    bgrelle got a reaction from Stoneface in Han vs OL   
    LOL, He isn't as big a jerk as Carner but you are right he can be very irritating for an opponent.  
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    bgrelle reacted to ScottieATF in Han vs OL   
    Don't take denial effects against an 8 year old would be my advice.
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    bgrelle reacted to ThisIsDavin in Noob Marksmanship Question   
    Just ask him next time "Focus action eh? Focus on Who?".... that'll screw him over
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    bgrelle reacted to StevenO in Noob Marksmanship Question   
    Who and for what?  That should DEFINITELY confuse him and should illustrate how if something doesn't need a target there is no need to declare one.
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    bgrelle reacted to ThisIsDavin in Noob Marksmanship Question   
    Ahh yes! Ask him if he is Focusing for Evade, or Focusing for attack! ROFL!
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    bgrelle got a reaction from ThisIsDavin in Noob Marksmanship Question   
    Ok, that's what I thought. First time I declared marksmanship as my action the guy I was playing said ok so marksmanship on who and I just didn't argue. Next time I will.
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