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  1. My FLGS told me Saturday that they expected it the end of this month so May 30 could be a good date for the US as well.
  2. It is completely dead in my FLGS and in my own house where my kids and wife all played with me at the start. Now not even the kids want to play. The cost was too much to be competitive and if you aren't at least somewhat competitive it can be a big NPE. My last game in store was against a Yoda and some other jedi (sorry don't remember who) after the second turn he had 4 shields on both characters and had already killed one of mine. That was just a stupid game. Add to that the speed of the rotation when it was announced and we just gave up. Not sure why the rest of the store quit but attendance was dying fast even before they announced the rotation. Adding that I am not really even sure why I looked in this forum. It has been a long time since I last even looked in here.
  3. Come on in, we play Thursday evenings!
  4. No, we play on Dec. 1 in Waco. My practice games on Thursday were with two sabers with predator and two Sigmas with juke and collision detector at 194 points. I have been flying rebels only for more than a year now so I am out of practice with my first love ships that make up this list. However I was able to fly fairly well in both games and even pushed the best player in our group to a close match even after blanking out on defence on both of the squints in the first round of engagement. Fun night, I will be playing this list some more to knock some more of the dust off of my arc dodger flying.
  5. I actually started the build with four Sabers but then remembered that I only have stuff for two. Although once again, I might be able to borrow stuff, it would just make test flying harder. Thanks everyone for the ideas, I get my first test flying tonight.
  6. I would have liked to have a second Sigma, unfortunately I only have the one model, though I could probably borrow one for the tournament. The Scimitar was really more of a distraction / bait filler but yea that probably is too many points for that roll.
  7. Our next tournament at my FLGS will be a No Glory theme where none of the pilots can be unique so I put the below together because I think it will be fun more than I think I can win with it but what does everyone else think? TIE/in Interceptor - Saber Squadron Ace - 46 Saber Squadron Ace - (40) Outmaneuver (6) TIE/in Interceptor - Saber Squadron Ace - 46 Saber Squadron Ace - (40) Outmaneuver (6) TIE/ph Phantom - Sigma Squadron Ace - 61 Sigma Squadron Ace - (46) Juke (4) Collision Detector (5) Stealth Device (6) TIE/sa Bomber - Scimitar Squadron Pilot - 42 Scimitar Squadron Pilot - (28) Barrage Rockets (6) Proximity Mines (6) Skilled Bombardier (2) Total: 195/200 View in the X-Wing Squad Builder
  8. OOPS!!! OK, Yep. Missed the part where he was asking about 1e. Just looked at the date and figured 2e. Please carry on.
  9. I am confused here. How does rerolling with the Rebel Han pilot ability keep you from rerolling one die with Lone Wolf. Han's ability specifically states "This does not count as rerolling for the purpose of other effects." This allows you to reroll with ability, then use target lock so why not Lone Wolf?
  10. Will have to see if any have showed up at my FLGS when I go tomorrow for our weekly X-Wing night but they didn't get any of the promo decks at release and so far none have shown up after.
  11. It only shows up when you print a PDF. You only get to the PDF by going to the Share tab first. It's not exactly the easiest thing to find. Edit: Yes in the official app from FFG. (sorry should have said that first)
  12. I only included Composure because it was pointed out to me by a buddy that it was a second card that only came in Lando's Falcon pack. I was trying to include the Agile Gunner on my Rebel Han Falcon flying alongside Luke. And being able to move the arc during the end phase was amazing for action economy. To say well it will be in a rebel pack someday just feels like a cop out for day one when they could have had these two cards included in the conversion kits, at least for the empire and rebels anyway. They are going to sell PLENTY of Lando's Falcons to scum players, they didn't need to do it this way right off the bat. If there is another topic already I apologize. I didn't look past the first page of posts to see if there was one open already since I figured if there was it would be being discussed.
  13. So what happened FFG? You were adamant about the idea that we would no longer have to buy expansion packs that weren't in our faction of choice just to get a card, and here we are wave one and already I have to buy Lando's Falcon if I want to have an Agile Gunner or Composure card for my Rebel squad. ?
  14. Looks like Finn is the same as well, wonder what that means for Rey....
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