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    Sasajak got a reaction from Gupa-nupa in X-Wing Moments (Expressed in the form of GIF's)   
    Me trying to use Adaptive Ailerons 

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    Sasajak got a reaction from PanchoX1 in New Thrawn Trilogy 2020   
    He certainly did.  However, I revisited the books recently and was disappointed in them.  The ideas and themes are much better than the writing conveying them.
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    Sasajak reacted to Darth Meanie in yet another forum dumpsterfire, move along   
    Like one so deadly there really aren't choices??
    Intervention is why this isn't killing 2-3% of the world.  Ergo, 200 million people.
    That not deadly enough for you??
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    Sasajak reacted to Darth Meanie in TIE Vanguard   
    Sure enough.
    Although, I'll still say that if the major malfunction is that this ship can't bang out a 2 die primary, you're missing the point.

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    Sasajak reacted to RedSpiderr in Vision of the Palantir: Solo Player Quests   
    Stuck at home with no-one to play with? Here’s one or two suggestions for what may be the best quests to experience in solo play.
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    Sasajak reacted to dalestephenson in A Stereotypical Hobbit Deck   
    No, this sadly isn't the long-awaited tribal Hobbit deck.  This is the well worn Hobbit hero deck, with the very stereotypical Sam/LoPippin/TaMerry lineup.  This is by far the deck based on the largest sample, as I used decks by 91 different creators to build it.  The numbers are in the end of this thread:
    And the deck can be found here:
    The only ally tribes left are Hobbits and Dale, but both suffer from small sample size at the moment.  I'm not sure what to tackle next -- I was thinking a nice mining deck might be good, but the most common lineups with the Zigil Miner/Imaldris Stargazer combo are Caldara decks, and she's really her own type.  Whatever it is, I want a sample much smaller than 91 decks....
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    Sasajak reacted to Bobbymcbobface in Observations from a Novice   
    I picked up the Lord of the Rings card game on May 2 of last year. And I'm not kidding when I say it changed my life. I have now collected roughly half of the expansions, and considered myself fairly experienced. But there are a few observations that I would like to make about the world of Middle-Earth.
    Apparently, courage is actually expected. In almost every hero.
    Apparently, orcs are dumb. Like, extremely dumb. This game has been out for at least a decade, and THEY STILL DON'T SEE SNEAK ATTACKS COMING. I mean come on, you would think they would learn! Yes, young orcses, there WILL be a hobbit coming from behind you out of that tree. NO, NOT THAT ONE! THAT ONE!
    Enemies also fall for feints in combat. Every time.
    Apparently, Gandalf is more powerful than Eru Iluvatar. I mean, I don't know exactly how many people play LOTR LCG every day, but Gandalf apparently has the ability of omnipresence. He appears in every part of Middle-Earth, every day, from the ruins of Númenor to Rhún. That man (Istari, for the nerds) has GOT to be tired. Do you guys not realize why he leaves at the end of the round?! He needs a nap! And if you don't let him leave, you are 2 points more susceptible to the threat of the Dark Lord because he's trying to fall asleep on your shoulders.
    I don't know what the players at large have against that poor orc, but seriously, y'all (sorry, I'm from Oklahoma) need to give Will a break. Everyone seems to find the greatest delight in testing him. He just wants to live his life. He worked hard to graduate high school. He doesn't need any more tests!
    That's all for now. My main point is that you guys need to take more thought, and be nicer to the peoples of Middle-Earth. A person is a person no matter how small, or ugly, or tall. Take thought for the needs of everyone, and together we can make Middle-Earth great again. Keep your nose out of trouble, and no trouble will come to you!
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    Sasajak reacted to Preotet in Saga's in europe   
    Maybe this will help.
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    Sasajak reacted to Odanan in Aces Packs Redux: Refreshed and Revisited for 2.0   
    This. ^
    And Ciena Ree.
    Also, I wouldn't mind if some 1st edition EU characters were back... (even if just their abilities)
    EDIT: dang, I forgot Vult Skerris! Here is the alternative painting:

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    Sasajak reacted to sappidus in The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game: The Magazine   
    From the person who originally actually got the thing in hand…
    heroes Sam, Tactics Merry, Spirit Pippin, Fatty, & TBR Frodo 3x Hobbit Pipe 3x Hobbit Cloak 3x Frodo’s Intuition 2x Strength of Will 2x Ever Vigilant 3x Smoke Rings 2x Take No Notice 2x Common Cause 3x Halfling Determination 1x Grim Resolve 1x Farmer Maggot 2x A Test of Will 2x Valiant Sacrifice 2x Blade Mastery 2x Secret Paths 2x Lore of Imladris 2x Sneak Attack 2x Quick Strike 1x Self Preservation 1x Unexpected Courage 1x Northern Tracker 1x Celebrian’s Stone As well as:
    the Saga One Ring 3x Black Rider 3x Evil Crow 2x Crawling Towards Him 2x Lure of the Ring 1x Piercing Cry (with slightly modified text on a couple of the encounter cards)
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    Sasajak reacted to Vince79 in The Lord of the Rings: The Card Game: The Magazine   
    I don't see how this can be a bad thing because it is a way of bringing new people into the game.  
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    Sasajak reacted to Darth Meanie in The Imperial Response to Alphabet Squadron   
    Vari-A-Ball Squadron:

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    Sasajak got a reaction from Archangelspiv in X-Wing Moments (Expressed in the form of GIF's)   
    Me trying to use Adaptive Ailerons 

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    Sasajak reacted to Darth Meanie in FFG seems to be really pushing legion lately!!   
    I think some of their notions about reprinting 1.0 stuff is becoming less than ideal, and they are back burnering some stuff to get on with the new. 
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    Sasajak reacted to Darth Seridur in Possible pilots/expansions for Fallen Order?   
    What pilots/crew do you think could come from Fallen Order?
    2nd Sister TIE Interceptor 
    [Feels like she could be the extra Interceptor pilot Imperial players have been crying out for. And canon, unlike dear departed Carnor!]
    Ninth Sister crew more likely than pilot for the TIE Reaper?
    All the Mantis crew? With Greez as pilot?
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    Sasajak reacted to Prosk_019 in Train thoughts: Come on FFG.....Carnor Jax....   
    Hot take: normal 1.0 ability, 1/2 force.
    But his ability is only active when his force is full, similar to Dooku
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    Sasajak reacted to Amc879 in Train thoughts: Come on FFG.....Carnor Jax....   
    He could spend one force (or recurring charge) to prevent an enemy from spending a token/force. 2 force/charges on Jax. That way he can shoot and defend once without any mods applying against him
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    Sasajak reacted to BrownCoat84 in Another what to buy next?   
    So I went ahead and picked up a Y-wing, another X-wing, and a B-wing for my Rebel faction. 
    For my imperial faction, I grabbed the Tie Advanced, and Tie Striker. 
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    Sasajak reacted to Autosketch in Creating Interceptor art: "Targets of Opportunity" (Updated with Art Card)   
    Hi Folks, 

    With the exciting news about 2.0 I thought I'd turn my attention back to some other projects beyond game mods. I'd like to add to the collection of free alt arts I've been building on, and I thought you might like to see the next one. As soon as I've got information on the statistics of Soontir Fel I'll get this drafted up as a 2.0-compliant alt art card for you all.

    In the meantime, I'll use this thread to walk through the process of painting an alt art. I'll post progress here. I'll put the state of the finished piece at thefront with each major iteration, and post clips and crops below.
    If you're interested in what this will look like when finished, to see some other paintings, please visit https://citrus7workshop.wordpress.com/downloads/
    Black and white:

    Colour Blocking: 

    Interceptor first pass:

    Interceptor pass 2:

    Starting to work through the backdrop details like the flameout on the x-wing engines, the smoke trail, debris, and the fields below:

    Tidied up the smoke, the horizon line, and put in the guns and hardware.

    Undercoat layer for the clouds:

    Detailing on the clouds and starting work on the high altitude clouds:

    Blood stripes, more cloud detailing, tidying up edges across the whole image:

    with a test card for 2.0:

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    Sasajak got a reaction from Vontoothskie in X-Wing Moments (Expressed in the form of GIF's)   
    Me trying to use Adaptive Ailerons 

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    Sasajak got a reaction from fantomenos in X-Wing Moments (Expressed in the form of GIF's)   
    Me trying to use Adaptive Ailerons 

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    Sasajak got a reaction from StriderZessei in Losing interest: Hyperspace is stale, and I’m uninterested   
    @Cgriffith Hyperspace =/= X-Wing.  It’s one of three formats.  Have a break from Hyperspace and fly what you want in Extended or Epic.
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    Sasajak reacted to theBitterFig in X-Wings: Why am I so bad at them?   
    I almost want to say 2 green dice is awkward.  Not consistent like 1 green die ships like Y-Wings or B-Wings, but you can't highroll as well as a 3 green dice ship like a Fang or Silencer.
    But then again, I generally do well with TIE/sf, and those are 2-green ships... And I love all the toys generic T-70s get these days...
    I tend to think everyone has a style of flying, and not every ship fits that style.  Y-Wings have tools and turrets, as do TIE/sf, and X-Wings kinda don't.  Some folks are Soontir Fel players, some are Fenn Rau.  Some folks are Striker players, some are generic Interceptor players.  I've seen folks onhere arguing that either side of that Planetary Sentinel/Alpha Interceptor pair should be cheaper than the other.  I think they're probably best at the same
    So where does this leave the humble T-65?  I dunno.
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    Sasajak got a reaction from fantomenos in Hyperspace Has a pH of 7   
    I play pew pew pew format.  It’s pretty awesome.
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