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  1. Welcome to the game. Unfortunately you’ve discovered it’s most frustrating aspect - getting the exact expansions you want when you want them if you’re outside of the US! But don’t be disheartened; the expansions are well worth it. You can either be patient and check checking your stores or buy from the US and pay a bit more (I used Amazon.com when I lost patience 😂). At the moment though Amazon.com isn’t shipping some non-essential items. eBay is a waste of time, unless you want to pay a lot more than normal prices. Hope that helps.
  2. @asgardianphil availability is also a factor. I really struggled to get hold of the sagas. If I was starting out I’d be seriously considering taking up on this. I’m even thinking about getting the first issues as I still don’t have the POD quests. UK stock levels are so bad ☹️ and, as a casual player, I’m not on the ball of when stock is in.
  3. Sasajak

    Too Many Cards

    Me too. I can’t bring myself to bin any and they all have to be sleeved 😂 I take them to every game just in case
  4. 1. Yes, unless you have sensor experts 2. Yes, wording is “acquire a lock” not take a target lock action 3. No, that’s a calculate action so no two actions the same rule applies 4. Measurement is closest to closest. If the Turbolaser is on the rear you measure the closest point from the rear section.
  5. Well, I feel I have to defend myself here because this is a valid point, but we totally underestimated how quickly the first game was over and only prepared one ship. As it was so quick we thought how would it play with other ships just to see if we’d hit on an unlucky combo... then came the “have we read the rules wrong” bit (we hadn’t) and let’s give it another go quick builds. I feel we gave this scenario a fair chance. You can’t like them all and we've thoroughly enjoyed the other scenarios we’ve played.
  6. We had 4 player at snub fighter level (75 points). So from what’s being said it’s a sub-optimal set up. Our group max is 6 so we’d rarely, if ever, get the right numbers you have all found optimal. We’re fine by it there’s plenty of stuff we enjoy in X-Wing so we don’t need to touch stuff we don’t. @heychadwick we knew dem rulz we’re first edition missions and HotAC vets, we had played other Epic scenarios without hiccup, and I watched the FFG stream when they played Aces High! The whole thing felt off so we went through them again and we hadn’t played it wrong. Also you make the mistakes so we don’t have to. 😀
  7. We were shocked after the hype in the forums. Seemed to take longer to set up than play (we played three games with different ships and getting together cards for one ship took longer than playing), generally we were bored and irritated, and the coarse rules didn’t help (at one point after the second win within 10 mins we spent a good 20 mins discussing whether we were playing it right). Honestly flying against triple Jumpmasters in first edition is the only worse X-Wing experience I can think of. We decided this was meant to be a filler game at large tournaments and nothing to do with real X-Wing aka Epic. It doesn’t belong in the Epic format of flying wings and huge ship and tactics. Still many think it’s the chosen one, it’s just not for us. Please no-one waste their breath on convincing me otherwise. My group hates it. It is sand. With thanks. May the Force be with you ✌️
  8. Ace High the scenario our group really tried to like it but it was simply awful. Waste of a gaming night, never to be played again!
  9. I play pew pew pew format. It’s pretty awesome.
  10. @Cgriffith Hyperspace =/= X-Wing. It’s one of three formats. Have a break from Hyperspace and fly what you want in Extended or Epic.
  11. @Gallanteer the Afterburners Boost is an action. Wing mates can’t perform Boosts or Barrel Rolls, they form up once the Wing Leader has performed their action(s) and then take an allowed action (if they can). SLAM actions are a special case, where wing mates need SLAM on their actions bars or they split from the wing if the wing leader SLAMs. Note though the wing mates can not perform SLAM actions and they form up as normal but gain a weapons disabled token. Have a look at pages 5-6 of the Epic Battles Rules Reference https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/69/e7/69e76fa5-61e1-4c8a-9c07-05a222b58420/01_swzepicrulesreference_v110.pdf Wings are very powerful, much like the dark side. Hope that helps.
  12. Only the wing leader needs afterburners. If used wing mates then form up as normal.
  13. @FatherTurin Give yourself a break and discover the freedom of Extended, the new Environments from the card packs, and why not try Epic at the same time (Epic =/= huge ships so anyone can play that format). These really are marvellous formats. You can go back to Hyperspace refreshed.
  14. @Parakitor You can already get four actions with this card and a team eg focus to red coordinate and then second action you have on a team eg damage control reinforce to a calculate. So I’d yes to either route as really it doesn’t matter. You can’t get more than 4 actions. Just to also add the Toryn Farr also link to a co-ordinate.
  15. I thought you can only voluntarily split during the planning phase and rejoin, with a stress token and if at range 0-1 of the wing leader, during the end phase. This exposes the wing leader during engagement and is a bit of a faff.
  16. 😂 made me giggle. More seriously they are kinda ridiculously priced too (therefore fairly priced!) @BenDay focus on wingmates, try to block, ionise the wing leader to break the wing if you want to get the wing leader.
  17. Well all systems will bow to us
  18. @KCDodger The TIE/ba is one ship breaking the rules, like any special ability. You’ve found this ability is your thing and it’s great to see someone so enthused for a change. But please let’s not give the devs more ideas about giving the player “agency”. Severe consequences, like losing an action after performing an amazing manoeuvre and then having to recover, make the game matter.
  19. Previously FFG have been very clear and specific about this e.g. on 1e Docking Clamps, which is what got me thinking. Targeting Battery have a range of 2-5 but you can only acquire locks at your normal range/range allowed by abilities or upgrades
  20. Another bout of my crazy rule interpretation. First Order Elite states: “Your wingmates must be 2 or 3 TIE/fo Fighters or TIE/sf Fighters.” Does that mean that the wingmates can be a mix of TIE/fo or TIE/sf fighters? If I can take one or the other should it be worded “Your wingmates must be either 2 or 3 TIE/fo Fighters or 2 or 3 TIE/sf Fighters.”? I mean the first time I’m taking it I’m sticking with one ship type but I just had this thought.
  21. In the case of Black One see P6 of the Epic Battles rules references After a wing leader performs a Slam action, each of its wingmates without Slam on its action bar splits from the wing (see Splitting), and each of its wingmates with Slam on its action bar gains a disarm token. Most of the time though the wingmates are simply put in position even with double reposition e.g. Interceptor Autothrusters see p5-6. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/69/e7/69e76fa5-61e1-4c8a-9c07-05a222b58420/01_swzepicrulesreference_v110.pdf
  22. I’m unsure why FFG chose the rewrite a core rule rather than increasing the cost of the offending items even further. I’m then uncertain why they rewrote to add complexity. Seems like a case of the tail wagging the dog. The game core mechanics should not be redesigned around one ship/upgrade. I found no problem with the original tractor rule (I rarely tractor but am often tractored) but no-one plays CIS in our regular group. I’m not saying I like being tractored but I accepted it as part of the game, like Ion or Jam. Are they going to introduce ways I can avoid Ion manoeuvres as I feel it takes away my agency to perform a manoeuvre I want to do? I’m with @Darth Meanie on this one. It’s hard cheese, old bean you got shot/bombed/ran through an obstacle deal with the consequences.
  23. An excellent faction in Epic games. You need to get the Epic Battles Expansion or proxy/borrow wing upgrade cards/squadron numbers. There is the standard Veteran Wing Leader which allows east formation flying and protection for the leader. A nice Imperial only wing card is Agent of the Empire which allows a TIE Advanced v1 or x1 to lead a bunch of TIE/ln Fighters Then throw in a Dreadnought Hunter or two, nice on an x1 with the critical generation (Maarek Stele is particularly good) or add Marksmanship. Precision Shots are pretty nasty on huge ships. Don’t be daunted by the huge ships - they are beasts but not indestructible.
  24. I had a horrible thought... that Full Throttle wouldn’t trigger for the wingmates but I now believe it does Full Throttle: After you fully execute a speed 3-5 maneuver, you may perform an evade action. Epic Battles page 5: After it is placed in formation, a wingmate is treated as having fully executed the maneuver on the wing leader’s dial. This includes the speed, color, and bearing of the wing leader’s maneuver. Now this got me thinking (a dangerous activity for me) if the wing leader doesn’t fully execute the manoeuvre but the wingmates can be placed in formation... technically they are treated are fully executing the manoeuvre and thus Full Throttle could trigger? Maybe this is a question for the rules forum or maybe it’s old news or more likely I have this wrong 😂
  25. When it comes the the Raider I shall double my efforts!
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