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  1. Sasajak

    More Galactic Civil War movies...

    The Chimaera would have also been a good opportunity for an ISD I model from R1/ANH.
  2. Sasajak

    Star Wars Canon (in reference to Armada)

    I would agree with what you’re saying. The Raider to me was already in my personal Star Wars canon having got it in X-Wing and then Armada before it was officially canonised in some video game. Also Victory Star Destroyers were in my personal canon starting with Deciphers CCG. It’s all personal meaning and there’s nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t make something more or less canon officially though. And FFG, I’m sure, is bound to support official canon first and foremost which is why I think people go on about canon.
  3. Sasajak


    It’s psychology. FFG give the impression something is a free pre-order bonus (simply by not stating they’ll be an extra charge gives the appearance of being free). This creates an expectation (certainly everyone at my FLGS expected no charge). Then it appears it will be charged for dashing those expectations. This makes people annoyed - not the paltry amount they may be charged but the that something appeared to be free but now appears to be not. Also uncertainty. Is it still free or not? 😂 FFG really have dropped the customer service ball on this matter.
  4. Sasajak

    Ways to revitalize Armada

    Last time I ran a Corellian Campaign there were two of us. This did encourage the shop owner and so he now stocks Armada. I left it a few months playing the odd game then decided to start a new campaign - this time 6 players! Simply turning up and playing that campaign every week was enough to push Armada forward.
  5. Sasajak

    Nebulon - B????

    These “discrepancies” matter not. In Armada the way the ships feel to play and look in relative proportion to each other is more important than being at exact matching scales (which would make it impossible to play). The whole of Armada is proof sliding scales work. Just like the CR90, Raider and GR75 are not to standard X-Wing scale. Problem is cost - roughly £160 for the SSD I’m being told. Would you pay that for a Nebulon or Arquitens? I would. Many others are sensible though so it’s a riskier business proposition. If the SSD sells well the Nebulon and Arquitens are inevitable.
  6. Sasajak

    Tie Advanced 2.0 seems meh

    My word that’s a nice combo. And I’m sure that’s what FFG want. They don’t want 8 TIEs or 3 aces only but combos of ships. Stale meta be gone! Maybe the generics aren’t too bad when you think of them working with other ships. I still think they’d be rubbish without support though. But that’s OK if they’re OK with support I can live with that. They’re generics they can’t function independently. 😆
  7. Sasajak

    Are players in your gaming club staying with 1.0?

    No. Everyone at my FLGS has stopped playing X-Wing completely until 2.0 comes. Even the 2.0 moaners aren’t playing 1.0 (bags of hot air). In the meantime Kill Team is taking up our X-Wing night! First 40k I’ve played for 20 years. 😂
  8. Sasajak

    Tie Advanced 2.0 seems meh

    On the one hand you have 3 attack with optional target lock with full reroll, regen and an extra hull. On the other hand 3 attack with required target lock but only one reroll, change a hit to a crit and an extra agility. Only 3 points less. That’s 1.5 points in old money. X1 “problem” is it needs a target lock for 3 attack. This is difficult for generics. 1.0 x1 generics with ATC we’re pretty useless; they thrived on Accuracy Corrector (even so I’m NOT advocating a return of AC!). On this basis I think generics are overpriced. Named pilots should be OK. Luckily points can be changed now. We shall see!
  9. Sasajak

    Can Ved (Tie Advance 2.0 pilot) forward zero stop?

    This is fun let’s sum up my current thoughts: TIE Advanced 1.0 was decent overall, post TIE/x1 title. Certainly the PS4s with (free) Accuracy Corrector were good in Epic and Vader has remained reasonably competitive throughout the 14 waves. But decent doesn’t cut the 1.0 meta. Juno Eclipse was a mostly dud, competitively Juno Eclipse could be fun to fly, casually (I particularly liked her with Cruise Missiles) Darth Vader was a much better option - no matter what combo, two actions combined with ATC and PS9 with an EPT which didn’t need to be PTL, made that extra 1 point a bargain. A Krennic/Juno combo is pitiful next to a Krennic/Vader/Juke combo, for example. Ved Foslo on the other hand could be a much more viable option and if the price isn’t right they can reduce it further, and Force users like Vader are going to pay for their skills, however... All Ved is gaining over Juno are speed 2 and 3 Talon rolls and blue speed 3 banks (which Juno could get with TIE MkII). Ved’s initiative is middling at 4 compared to Juno’s PS8. I believe, however, this could be compensated for by taking a lot of I4 ships to make sure at least that he moves after all the other I4 ships? So Ved is going to have to be much cheaper then Juno to stand a chance Both Juno and Ved are minor inconsequential characters whether canon or not. Unlike Phasma. 😉
  10. Sasajak

    Can Ved (Tie Advance 2.0 pilot) forward zero stop?

    Well we all thought Juno Eclipse was amazing. Get used to disappointment.
  11. Sasajak

    TIE Advanced article up!

    I thought you could barrel roll in three positions... all the way to the front or back or lined up with the middle markers?
  12. Sasajak

    Ideas for new or reworded huge ship weapons?

    I’ve always thought about using Armada red dice for Huge ship attacks. An Accuracy result would prevent use of evade, reinforce or focus tokens. I must try it someday. @Marinealver‘s post inspired two thoughts for me. First Huge ships taking ordnance without Ordnance Tubes. Secondly, the idea of charges used as energy. So I would think any 2.0 ordnance could very easily be adapted for use on a 1.0 Huge ship. Big buff for 1.0 Huge ships as you get to keep your Target Locks on all 2.0 ordnance. Doesn’t really get more casual or home brew than mixing two editions 😂
  13. Sasajak

    cr90 primary turret weapon and general hux

    Just to expand on @Dabirdisdaword’s comments see page 2 of the Huge ship rules (https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/ec/2d/ec2dfbd5-1f30-40c1-af79-48013d54e20c/x-wing_huge_ship_rules_40.pdf) “Some huge ships have a primary weapon that is a turret. Thus, the Ship card will show the turret primary weapon icon, and the ship token will show a circular red arrow as a reminder. When that ship attacks with its turret primary weapon, it may target an enemy ship inside or outside its firing arc, and it measures range from the corresponding section’s base. [on the Corvette this is the fore section] When that ship targets a ship outside of its firing arc, measure a line from the exact center of the chosen ship’s base to the exact center of the huge ship’s corresponding base. If this line is not obstructed by the blue center line on the huge ship’s token, the huge ship can declare the chosen ship as the defender.” I hate this rule it’s so anti-thematic but it makes sense considering how attackers can target a Huge ship section. And, as this will probably come up when you’re playing Epic, this does not apply to, for example, the Gozanti Dual Laser Turret. It is a secondary weapon turret as detailed on page 3. A huge ship can take Hux and use the action, it then receives the stress token but it is immediately removed. The difference with Maul is “...huge ships cannot pay costs that require being assigned one of these [focus/evade/stress] tokens (such as the “Zuckuss” Upgrade card).” (page 4 of the Huge ship rules). I really wish the they’d sort this out but not much chance with 2.0. At least we’ll have an official 2.0 squad builder. “Each ship is limited to one modification.” page 13 of the Rules Reference. There are no specific rules for number of Modifications on a Huge ship so standard rules apply. Hope that helps.
  14. Sasajak

    Reapers too dang hard to kill (rant)

    This was my line of reasoning - I’d had an opportunity to roll dice, even though I didn’t roll anything, so LWF triggers. The opposing view, the majority view at my FLGS, was reading the card as written, that is you only roll LWF after you’ve rolled defense dice (not the “Roll Defense Dice step”) - so if you’re not rolling defense dice LWF doesn’t trigger. Also LWF is not in the “Modify Defense Dice step” unlike the Ghost adding an evade. I couldn’t think of a compelling counter argument at the time so just accepted it.
  15. Sasajak

    Reapers too dang hard to kill (rant)

    Especially Wedge as he can shutdown LWF as well (when unobstructed range 1-2). Can we /rant now? While a tough ship there are tools to combat it. If Reapers become a menance in the final weeks of the 1.0 meta then people need to adapt and use those tools to counter them.