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  1. TIE/D’s in Epic

    One night only!
  2. TIE/D’s in Epic

    “...the Imperial fleet spread out across the galaxy in a vain effort to engage us...” personally I’d run the Gozanti up the middle - the TIEs can can deploy to the side of the board needing support. I hardly ever use large base ships so that could be crummy advice for your list but spreading out across your deployment zone could make you susceptible to your opponent focussing on one side and then moving to another. It takes a long time to move from one side of a 6’ board to another to support your engaged ships.
  3. TIE/D’s in Epic

    I’ve tried Snap Shot TIEs and they can be pretty good backed with Operations Specialist but Advanced with Accuracy Corrector are my favourites.
  4. TIE/D’s in Epic

    I’ve ran a pair of Glaive TIE/D with Ion Cannons/Predator/TIE Mk II a few of times. They’re pretty sweet in epic. It’s very important to run them as Glaives though - PS6 is very powerful in epic. Predator/TIE Mk II gives them some stress resistance (I often face the stress bomb GR75). I back them up with Interceptors (docked on Gozanti) and Advanceds.
  5. I just decided to get into this game and ordered the core set yesterday. These mats are just so beautiful they’ll have to an immediate addition (sorry wallet).
  6. Rebels Y-Wing

    Unlikely for cost reasons but it would be cool. Maybe you can get it from Shapeways?
  7. Beautiful model but poor paint job IMO compared to all my other ships. The Lambda doesn’t appear to be creamy-white in ROTJ and the shading is awful. The Lambda, to me, is a complete irrelevance to standard and epic games. I don’t take Palp and prefer small base ships. I’ve really tried to find a way to use it but have given up. In game it’s totally outclassed. The only reason I take it out is for HotAC. I don’t think the TIE Reaper will change anything for the Lambda, as it will probably still be the Palpmobile of choice, but will, hopefully, give us Imperials a nice, mid-range support ship that doesn’t fly like a brick.
  8. Imperial Raider Ordnance Build

    Liked for correct spelling of ordnance As mentioned Toryn, Expert Handling, Black One, Captain Kagi, Jamming Beam all mess up target locks.
  9. top 5 fixes?

    @period3 You could always print the errata cards if you don’t want to refer to the FAQ
  10. The Firespray Fix!

    Barrel rolling and boosting large ships is ridiculously powerful. That’s why Vectored Thrusters and Cloaking are only on small ships and why Engine Upgrade is 4 points.
  11. Never played Epic-Looking for Raider build

    Huge ship rules and FAQ Epic regulations
  12. Rating all the ships

    Great ships TIE Fighter, TIE Advanced, TIE Bomber, TIE Interceptor, Lambda-class Shuttle, TIE/FO Fighter, TIE/SF Fighter, TIE Silencer, Upsilon-Class Shuttle, A-Wing, B-Wing, X-Wing, Y-Wing, U-Wing, YT1300, T-70 X-Wing, B/SF-17 Bomber, CR90, GR-75, VCX-100
  13. Imperials, I finally get it...

    As a new player I think you were doing him a disservice by allowing this to run. The “your ship” rule is pretty fundamental to the game. This would only take a minute to explain and is part of learning the game when new to it. If he takes a huff and stops playing it’s not the sort of person you want to play with anyway.
  14. Star Wars The Resistance just got Trademarked

    That name has no meaning to me.