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  1. Sasajak

    This bickering is pointless....

    Fear of how much he will cost
  2. Sasajak

    HotAC Rules Supplement

    Never gets old 😆
  3. Sasajak

    HotAC Rules Supplement

    In my experience there are too many fellow pilots you’ll hit - having been damaged by one in my A-wing I’ll never forgive the Y-wing scum 😂 then again we usually have at least 4 players which makes bomblets difficult to place without collateral damage
  4. Sasajak

    HotAC Rules Supplement

    Hmmmm... what about Twin Laser Turret and Predator. Although Predator might not be as much of a problem on Veteran difficulty. I do find the easy fix to the experience issue is to simply pool the XP and divide evenly between participants. Nothing extra to track. Love the difficulty setting ideas although there is some of that in the game I think this would add some real challenge. PS6 TIE Fighters seem a bit... improbable in large numbers. How about adding Crack Shot to PS4s for the Hero setting?
  5. Sasajak

    Tie/Sh in V2.0?

    As well as being cheap, in 2.0 it would be the only small base crew carrier for the Empire. This is very handy when flying in formation with TIE Fighters. As well as being medium based Adaptive Ailerons eliminates any hope of easily flying in tight formation with a Reaper.
  6. On the one hand we’ve got some cool abilities. On the other the chassis from the trash compactor. Light. Darkness. A balance.
  7. Sasajak

    Happy Friday ...... Maybe .....

    My last victim was a TIE Bomber which I swiped off the table. Of course the peg broke off when it hit the floor. Most memorable though was another swiping incident where a TIE Fighter solar panel came off when it hit the floor. Must’ve been a Friday job. It’s always the fault of the floor too. Nothing a bit of epoxy resin couldn’t fix though. I’ve learnt super glue is usually useless for these repair jobs.
  8. Sasajak

    TIE Advanced X1 -- For real this time

    If you only believe it when you see it you’ll never make it through the night. 😊 The devs really have been clear that they’ll adjust points if needed. IIRC they have said they’ll adjust points 3 to 4 times a year. I’d expect the first adjustment in January 2019 on that basis. Although you’re right to be concerned about the quality and consistency of these changes. They do seem sincere in wanting to make the game balanced and they particularly seem concerned that “iconic” ships and pilots are viable. I’m hoping, in time, the 2.0 generic is going to be cheaper than the 1.0 equivalent. Getting a Target Lock with Initiative 2 to get that 3 attack could be troublesome. I’ve always took Accuracy Corrector on the 1.0 low PS generics for that reason.
  9. Sasajak

    TIE Advanced X1 -- For real this time

    If I could have one change I would have liked to see a barrel roll linked to a red evade. That makes a lot of sense @Commander Kaine and I like the thematics of it. Otherwise I’m happy with it and it’s too late now anyway!
  10. Sasajak

    2.0 Defenders

    Not my impression. The majority of ships seem to have been buffed. None as much as the Defender though. Well maybe the HWK-290 but those buffs just make it a normal ship. The Defender does lack in one area - it has no linked actions presumably because of its Full Throttle ability.
  11. Sasajak

    New (old) pilot spoilers (Rexler looks good)

    Things to bear in mind 1. FFG can up the Defender cost if it proves too strong 2. The Defender has no linked actions and there is no Push the Limit. More actions requires Co-ordinate from another ship. Taking a focus also denies repositioning and boost is really useful for the Defender to change facing. 3. Evade token only changes an evade die to an evade. It no longer adds an evade result. 4. Blocking stops the Full Throttle ability. 4K is very predictable. Well that’s what I think 😂
  12. Pre-ordered* day after announcement as 1. If I was responsible I wouldn’t even play X-Wing. It’s a frivolous activity that I have fun with. I’m not buying a new car 2. I’d made my mind up months before the announcement that if second edition came along I was in as long as there were conversion kits *one core, one Imperial conversion kit. Will also be getting the First Order and Epic kits once available. If I can’t run something with one kit it’s tough luck.
  13. Well the Special Editions were released theatrically so what you are looking for are the original (Oscar winning) versions of the OT. They don’t not exist on blu-ray. As mentioned there are many fan based HD (and a UHD) restorations who advise you should own a blu-ray copy before downloading and the last official release was on DVD in letterbox (not anamorphic). The chances of an official HD release are very low. I recall Kathleen Kennedy in an interview looking quite confused when asked the question of whether they’d be released - the factor being the SE are the ‘directors’ cut and so why would she authorise a change back as it’s what George Lucas wanted. He’s even refused to hand a copy of the original cuts to the US National Film Preservation Board (and they rejected the copies of the SEs 😆). Who knows if there is even a negative of the original cuts anymore. Feels like a missed business opportunity not to release a dual version disc though.
  14. Sasajak

    Squad Selection Article

    Exactly. Imperials - prepare for disappointment. We’re underpowered in 1.0 and 2.0 is looking like business as usual. 😉 I would think individual card cost changes are not likely going to be enough to change a threat level. These cards are for quick, app free games. I suspect these cards are not for those looking for the finely tuned values.
  15. Sasajak

    Epic 2.0

    The best huge ship I’ve come up against is the Rebel transport jamming away merrily (may I add better than your TIE Aggressor rap jams 😉). My experience is so much different than yours! Duty Free, Frequency Jammer and to rub salt into the wounds a more spendy version with Toryn Farr (and Automated Protcols). With Combat Retrofit it’s a tough ship you don’t want to shoot, having no offensive power, but has a big game impact. I get your points (although I’m pretty convinced there isn’t a dedicated Jam Officer 😂) but I don’t think more actions are the best way forward. I’d prefer higher quality actions that offer compelling alternatives. Why not coordinate with 2 ships? And why not have the Duty Free/Frequency Jammer as the standard Jam action (if Epic Jam survives in its current form)?