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  1. Sasajak

    Using Sai to replace Redline?

    I’ve been playing Jendon with ST321 and Collision Detector with TIE Advanceds recently. The Lambda is very surprising to both to me and my opponents. Collision Detector is so useful on the ship and getting a lock after co-ordinating means you’re boosting the offensive power whilst also helping another ship. That rear arc is very useful too. I rarely trigger Jendon twice but getting the locks out there on round 1 for the Advanceds early makes such a difference. The space cow now has horns.
  2. Sasajak

    Do I need it?

    You don’t need it. On the whole I’ve found it so. You don’t need to buy a conversion kit. But all the cool kids have and if you don’t they’ll pick on you and won’t play with you. In 2.0 I switch between First Order and Empire all the time. They are equally viable against the Scum, Rebel and Resistance lists I play against.
  3. Sasajak

    Campaign Play

    If you are thinking of the Epic campaigns you can download the sheets from the X-Wing first edition page under Player Resources https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/products/x-wing/. However if your after a longer, RPG like campaign for first edition you should really check out Heroes of the Aturi Cluster http://dockingbay416.com/campaign/. It’s pretty awesome.
  4. Sasajak

    Special Forces Gunner worth it?

    😂 what was I thinking... missiles or primary as normal attack from either front of back arc depending on turret direction then primary or primary turret if QDs ability triggers that’s how I played it anyway... is that wrong? Forgive me I have a wee cold and the paracetamols haven’t kicked in.
  5. Sasajak

    Special Forces Gunner worth it?

    I’ve run Quickdraw with Hotshot Gunner and Cluster Missiles a few times. It worked quite well. First attack is a primary stripping any focus token. Any Quickdraw second attack is then with the missiles. I back up with Backdraft and Juke. Major Stridan then co-ordinates most of the time but also comes with the Upsilons high health and 4 dice primary. I enjoy it and think it’s a decent build although @MegaSilver @player3010587 @Magnus Grendel @Okapi show us most disagree and probably with good reason. Luckily I don’t belong to the loathsome Republic so I don’t have to go with majority rule 😝 (45) "Quickdraw" (7) Hotshot Gunner (5) Cluster Missiles (2) Fire-Control System (2) Fanatical Points 61 (41) "Backdraft" (10) Special Forces Gunner (2) Fire-Control System (5) Juke Points 58 (63) Major Stridan (6) Collision Detector (5) Pattern Analyzer (5) Captain Phasma Points 79 Total points: 198
  6. Sasajak

    Casual X-Wing is Dead/Casual Player Bemoans Changes

    There are positives for casual players as well. I don’t play tournaments and I’ve been waiting, for example, for Proton Torps to be upped in price to balance them a bit. They’ve been pretty ridiculous. Also generic TIE Advanced x1 price decrease it might help them in my casual games. I mean only a nutter like me wants to take a whole squadron of TIE/x1s and FFG have helped me. These changes are good for the whole game and we don’t have to wait for the next wave with new cards. Now if only they’d get a wiggle on with Epic...
  7. Sasajak

    A 2.0 Campaign

    Nice but why is this needed in 1.0 when Empire/FO are one faction? Putting that aside I would like to see some FO inspired ability like 2.0 Fanatical - would be hilarious on a huge ship. 😂
  8. Kylo Ren with Hate and Predictive Shot
  9. Sasajak

    Making Upsilon Work

    Yes as per page 8 of the rules reference “For each damage a ship suffers, it loses a shield by flipping the shield to its inactive side.” and then of course further damage suffered starts on the hull. I remember this by contrasting with Null’s ability which is switched off when he is “damaged” not when he suffers damage which is absorbed by shields (“A ship is damaged while it has at least one damage card.”).
  10. Sasajak

    Happy Friday

    Last night consecutive rolls for various attacks and defence, in total 10 dice were rolled... all natural blanks. Honestly I felt like tipping the table over 😂 I’ve never had such a poor streak of luck. I suppose I was playing First Order so them being blown out of the sky is thematic. Back to Imperials next week I think.
  11. Sasajak

    The obscure ships that wont ever see a re-release

    Rebel ships?! Lies, deceptions! Currently the only Imperial ship with a turret slot so in game fills a unique slot in the Imperial fleet. Pretty sure it’ll get re-released... at some point. If the TIE/rb gets a turret slot this may push it release but I see it more as a TIE/sf precursor and so may only be able to fire front and back (and even then I’m really not sure if those canons move at all 😆).
  12. Sasajak

    It isn’t Guardians of the Republic.

    I will make it legal... by playing in Extended format.
  13. Sasajak

    Initiative/Ps should have been 1-5

    No, I was commenting on the assertion made that there is an increased need for a bid and proposed that the reason why maybe the removal of VI. However, I don’t disagree with your line of reasoning that removing VI also opened up the talent slot.
  14. Sasajak

    Initiative/Ps should have been 1-5

    I suspect the lack of Veteran Instincts makes a bid more important. Anyway @Blail Blerg I see the init 6 pilots as having Veteran Instincts built in so from a certain point of view the standard range is 1-5 (no explanation for init 0 though 😂).
  15. Sasajak

    New Epic Line Star Destroyer Reveal

    Amazing. Every word of what you just said was wrong