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  1. Sasajak

    Need MathWing Help: Juke scenarios

    Yes, offensively, you are worse off with Juke/Evade than a Focus. But Juke gives you an offensive buff without having to spend a token which can then be used for defense. Also there is nothing more fun and satisfying than your opponent rolling evades and then Juking one to a focus. This makes them spend a focus to prevent a hit and loose their offensive bonus or take more damage then they would’ve. For me 4 points is just the right price. Not so cheap I’ll take it every time and not so expensive that I’d just take an extra TIE or upgrade to a ship instead.
  2. Sasajak

    Need MathWing Help: Juke scenarios

    I’m taking Howlrunner for re-rolls this week. Have no maths to back up whether this is any good 😂 Juking TIEs (40) "Howlrunner" (4) Juke Points 44 (26) Black Squadron Ace (4) Juke Points 30 (40) Iden Versio (4) Juke Points 44 (30) Del Meeko (4) Juke Points 34 (42) "Duchess" (1) Crack Shot (5) Proton Bombs Points 48 Total points: 200
  3. Sasajak


    At this stage I’d say this is the best reason for not upgrading. FFG have continued to push the competitive scene, however, I do consider that 2.0 is a much healthier game (not perfect but much healthier). Having played a 2v2 400 point Imp v Scum list and winning with upgrade light ships against scum jank was refreshing. The platform seems to be there for better cinematic play - when you can take TIE Fighters that actually stand a chance of doing something before being blown away you know you’re onto a winner! 😂
  4. Sasajak

    TiE Brute

    I’m not Alex Davy has continually professed his fondness of all things Scum.
  5. Political polls are usually based on a 1000 people here in the U.K. on a voting population of 45 million... laughably small or statistically enough to draw conclusions?
  6. Sasajak

    Most wanted: Missions for 2.0

    Meanie you are on the rampage again aren’t you. I enjoy your posts as they are so Sith like. Please continue 😉 I’m enjoying 2.0 quite a lot and preparing for a 400 point epic dogfight next week. 2.0 really has breathed new life into the game. I’m also busy converting my Scarif scenario to 2.0. 2.0 Epic should be awesome. All you need is hope that they’ll remake the amazing Gozanti campaign.
  7. Sasajak

    So, how’s the app working for everyone else?

    I’ve tried it and abandoned it on iPhone and iPad. So frustrating to use. I’m now on Launch Bay Next (https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/launch-bay-next/id1422488966?mt=8) which has just updated to include an iPad version. It’s like night and day. Simple and easy to use. Constantly being improved.
  8. Sasajak

    How big is your collection?

    It would be a lot bigger if FFG actually re-printed old stuff 😔 seriously my FLGS can only order in the core set, VSD and ISD. Everything else is out of stock in the UK.
  9. On paper Interceptors seem really good in 2e. No need for Autothrusters as they can arc dodge turrets now. All of them have a built in repositioning PTL. Token stacking not required - if you’re out of arc you don’t need a pile of tokens. Interceptors seem to have the tools needed to make them playable. Also small price reductions compared to 1e. Have your experiences taught you otherwise?
  10. Sasajak

    Help me buy my last big hurrah for the game!

    @Desslok if you’re more Imperial, TIE Strikers are pretty awesome and have the movable wings. I flew three last night (2e) with a TIE Reaper (which, sadly, is not on your list) as a Rogue One homage. They are a lot of fun to fly with their Adaptive Aileron skill. I flew them loads in 1e too. They have access to Lightweight Frame upgrade in 1e to help with survival and the named pilots are great. Reaper is also a good ship too, nice alternative to the Lambda, and flies well with 1e Strikers, less so in 2e as it is medium base. On the First Order (they are a separate faction in 2e if that makes any difference to you) front the TIE/SF and Silencer are neat. Two SFs and a Silencer won me my last store league. The Silencer is a lot of fun (amazing dial) and SFs are nice and tanky (with LWF), have the nice rear firing arcs and Quickdraw 😲.
  11. Sasajak

    Question about the Hyperspace Marker

    No - beyond range 0 means not overlapping or touching HTH
  12. App Store is giving version of 1.0.1. In app says 1.0.3... but I’m assuming that because, like the rest of this hopeless “app”, it’s pulling that from the internet.
  13. +1. The competitive X-Wingers haven’t been in our store since 2.0 announcement. The casuals, like me, played with their Reapers/Renegades a couple of times and then we decided to play another Corellian Conflict. Armada is so well done (although not perfect) and even though X-Wing 2.0 has arrived no-one seems interested as we’re having too much fun. By the time we’ve finished the campaign FFG might have these <italics> annoyances </italics> sorted.
  14. The fact they rolled out 1.0.1 hours after the initial release tells us no-one had tested their product thoroughly, if at all, before launch. Also, as an iOS user I still don’t have an app and the web app is pants on an iPad and doesn’t format properly on a smaller screen iPhone. To top it all off, after preordering the day after the announcement (lesson learnt), the U.K. distributor failed to get any 2e stuff to my FLGS. So my launch party was five X-Wingers stood around the shop having a good old moan about FFG, mocking the web app (which at that stage was giving free shield and hull upgrades and Countess Ryad at the Battle of Yavin 😂) and all of us hoping Armada would stay at 1.0. X-Wing is FFG’s premiere product and they’ve had a long lead in time... and they can’t get it right. They really don’t deserve any slack for this.
  15. Thanks, I was thinking about changing to ECMs and DCO so glad someone else did! Never thought of Brunson. Very interesting I’ll give her a bit of thought.