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  1. I would agree with that. Rebels do have some nasty ships against Empire - Wedge reducing your agility hurts the many Imperial ships which rely on it and Luke/R2D2 is frustrating if you take TIE/ln. I play Empire and have been winning more than I lose recently against Rebels but I feel it’s down to player experience in our casual group.
  2. Personally, I find the Adaptive Ailerons ability much more useful than Autothrusters at lower Initiatives. In the Interceptor I prefer arc dodging and getting a shot so I get more value out of Autothrusters at higher Initiatives. Now I’m sure an Alpha as a blocker is nasty but I’d much rather take a TIE/ln in that role. The Striker in general seems more durable to one shots and I’m more likely to take a shield upgrade as it’s cheaper than on an Interceptor. I also like the flexibility of upgrade slots on the Striker and don’t like the two mod slots on an Interceptor. I don’t think any points decrease would encourage me to take them. I don’t like the role Alphas fill.
  3. It felt wrong as I net listed the RAC/Vader and Whisper build and crushed the Rebellion twice BUT the theme was everyone had to take a large base ship so, although always outnumbered, I wasn’t up against swarms.
  4. I normally don’t like feeding necro threads but you ask an interesting question 😂 (maybe start anew thread next time 😉) The issue I would have with the Auzituk would be the first edition reinforce action. It is very bad for 2 dice attack ship... which I’m sure you’ll appreciate is bad for the many TIE Fighters you’ll encounter in HotAC and could make the game too easy. I’d allow it using second edition reinforce rules.
  5. @Reklawyad don’t tell anyone but tonight is my first Deci 2.0 outing 😂 I’ll let you know how I get on. On the swarm side I can confirm they are most viable; I particularly enjoy mini-swarms lead by Howlrunner/Iden or a pure Inferno squadron. I have 3 TIE Advanced x1. Of course Vader is still the best. The biggest weakness for the lower initiative pilots is getting that target lock so I often take Jendon and I’m looking forward to using Passive Sensors once I have the card (pity me I detest proxying).
  6. You’re gonna love the improved TIE Advanced x1 and Lambda. There’s so much Imperial 2.0 awesomeness. I’m quite excited for you 😆
  7. I really don’t know why I’m so bothered how it was though now it’s coming to second edition 🤣 but I really don’t remember it like you 😂
  8. First edition epic was all a bit confusing... huge ships had an epic icon to denote they could only be played in epic games or cinematic play. Each huge ship also had an epic point value. A “normal” epic game, as defined in the epic tournament rules, was 300 points limit and a 5 Epic point limit which would allow eg a Gozanti and Raider. My list above, taking a Gozanti, used 2 epic points out of the 5 available. By releasing an epic set and huge ships separately second edition has managed to clearly define the differences which were already there in first edition. I hope not. I want firm and play tested rules for standardised epic (multi-player/scenario) play. It will make organising these things much easier. Of course they can be used as a guide for creating our own stuff too but we need a firm core of official stuff for us casuals to feed off.
  9. There have been other examples of fighters causing mass damage though
  10. Difficult to say without the huge ship point values and upgrades and also what the point cost is for the squadron upgrades. In first edition below is one of my favourite 300 point lists, which may give an indication of what a 600 point list may look like (although I believe Epic games will be 500 points). TIE/D Epic (297) Gozanti-class Cruiser (58) - Gozanti-class Cruiser •Grand Moff Tarkin (6), Dual Laser Turret (5), Docking Clamps (0), •Vector (2), Automated Protocols (5) Storm Squadron Pilot (23) - TIE Advanced TIE/x1 (0), Accuracy Corrector (3) Storm Squadron Pilot (23) - TIE Advanced TIE/x1 (0), Accuracy Corrector (3) Storm Squadron Pilot (23) - TIE AdvancedTIE/x1 (0), Accuracy Corrector (3) Glaive Squadron Pilot (41) - TIE Defender Predator (3), Ion Cannon (3), TIE/D (0), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) Glaive Squadron Pilot (41) - TIE Defender Predator (3), Ion Cannon (3), TIE/D (0), Twin Ion Engine Mk. II (1) Royal Guard Pilot (22) - TIE Interceptor Adaptability (0) Royal Guard Pilot (22) - TIE Interceptor Adaptability (0) Royal Guard Pilot (22) - TIE Interceptor Adaptability (0) Royal Guard Pilot (22) - TIE Interceptor Adaptability (0)
  11. Just like Armada. Shield dials that go up to 6 and there were no ships with 6 shields when the game released.
  12. Our casual group is gonna live these additions. When we play standard 200 point games attendance halves. Now we’ve got environmental cards in these new packs and multiplayer and objectives in Epic. We no longer have to come up with our own weird and wacky (and often flawed due to no testing) scenarios. Official content will make a big difference.
  13. Uncouth. My grandma packed tea cups and saucers to drink the thermos tea from. Once it was so windy on Blackpool beach one of the cups flew off the saucer 😆
  14. It is really quite ugly (the reason you barely see it in ROTJ). A Hammerhead Corvette on the other hand is more palatable. Still it matters not, why not both? Scum, rebel scum, republic scum, separatist scum, resistance scum huge ships will melt like butter in a British summer when faced with the superior Imperial/First Order ships. Speaking of which I’d quite like to see the IGV55 with the sensor dishes with some nice Jam/Co-ordinate enhancements. And I suppose I’d let the Resistance (maybe Rebels) have the modified Raider, the Corvus
  15. An 8 point shield upgrade on Soontir is better value on him than an Alpha Squadron Pilot - a shield upgrade being about 8% of total cost for Soontir compared to 19% of an Alpha... and that doesn’t include any additional Mod or Talent.
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