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  1. I have hopes they can do this. Descent app is mostly played on the board because it is pretty much a pure strategy game. It cares less about where stuff is, just let me know when you kill it. Mansions of Madness is played much more on the app because of the strong story element. It keeps track of more things it seemed to me when playing yesterday. Hoping IA has a middle ground and they take everything they have learned from the previous 2. I'm kinda in the camp that they are still having to work things out with the licensing and 'we are working on it' could mean working on the legal issues or actually putting some code time in. Fingers crossed.
  2. Really bothers me that they deleted the Tweet as well. Maybe someone will be able to ask about the deleted tweet on the floor today and get something other than "We do not comment on unreleased content."
  3. And since they said they slowed peril in the patch notes then Hard is probably the old Normal... hehe
  4. Plan on playing it tomorrow and promised friends I wouldn't peek or start anything. Can someone tell me the difference between starting a Normal campaign and a Hard one? Thanks in advance. Edit : Google is my friend... Normal difficulty gives players additional gold at the start of the campaign. Hard difficulty progress peril at a slightly faster rate than the Normal difficulty.
  5. Awesome sticky. Thanks for adding the RtL app links. Came here looking for the rules to the app but didn't see them. Don't know why I am having so much trouble, but Google shows me original descent rules only. Thanks!
  6. I have played more Descent 2.0 in the past 2 weeks than I have in the past 3 years because of this app. Did a Google search about Imperial Assault App and came here. Really glad to hear about the 'sly' comment at GAMA as it seems to say a lot without committing to anything. Agree that if the app makes a ton of money they will have to give the IA a look as it has only been played once since day one and would play the heck out of it on the app. Human overlord just causes too many problems in my group. At $9.95 I think it will be a smash hit and they won't be able to release content fast enough. I have seen so many posts that people are buying the game and expansions JUST because of this app and I am one of them. Please FFG take our money and make an IA app.
  7. Sadly for people owning the conversion kit, that's pretty unlikely.... Because they WANT you to buy the newer versions. But to be fair on that topic: the monsters have been gotten rebalanced in the H&M packs, because of feedback and new added rules (from expansions and so on). So from their viewpoint out, why would they allow the use of "game breaking /inbalanced stuff" if they gave you the oppertunity to get the "better" ones? (IMHO that's kinda their standpoint on that topic?) Why would they give us the opportunity? Maybe in good will because some of us owned the entire 1st edition run before they introduced 2nd edition AND paid for the conversion kit on top of it? I was thrilled about the Road to Legend app, but less so if I can't use the ton of stuff I invested in years ago with original descent. If you have all the expansions, figures, etc, then I would add all of the Hero's and Monster packs to the app's collection as they all seem to be 1st edition monsters and Heroes. Yes, I know some hero's abilities got changed or reworded, but that's what my label maker is for. I understand that it's not ALL the Hero's and monsters, but I think you will get more added over time as FFG releases more packs. But yes, would be good to be able to click Conversion Pack and have everything show up, but as stated, some cards have been changed pretty drastically so in FFG's mind they are probably not 'supporting' them anymore?
  8. Chromecast Support would be unbelievable!
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