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  1. what do you mean by extended rolls.... sorry for n00b questions... because I want her to be able to keep this cat around, but not immediately be able to fight with her and not follow too many orders. any ideas on that?. maybe it follows her around becuase she fed it and it was being deprived of food and over time she can work with it and train it to hunt and retrieve items for her.... basically what I am seeing is she would have to go down the pathfinder tree to ultimately train the cat to do things for her?
  2. I dont think she wants it specifically for fighting. More having a cute companion that can retrieve items and roleplay with. Maybe the loth cat could follow her around but not able to fight for her yet?
  3. Hi all! My girlfriend has always loved the loth-cat sense seeing it in star wars rebels. And i recently bought the nexus of power book and flipped through to Lothal amd saw they have stats for a loth-cat! So i am just looking for Ideas for how i should present her going about this... Was going to have a villiager on spintir have it in a cage with a wolf pelt covering it. As they brought it to this planet to help rid their camp of rodents but the loth-cat was never happy about being taken away from its home planet and would always act out and wouldnt let people get close to it.(like a feral cat or a cat that is not use to people handling it/telling it what to do). So i was thinkg about having her get to engaged range and have her to a possible average survial check? Any other advice/tips on how to make this work and more interesting! Thanks everyone!
  4. Thanks again. So the player doesn't spend their advantages and triumphs in a check like this like they do in combat? So I, as the GM, see there is extra advantage and triumphs after the success and say something like " because you also have 1 advantage not canceled out, so you see they are holding a thermal detonator, you also have 1 triumph, and noticed a flawed design in their armor which you can exploit, you are given a Boost die on all further checks in the encounter" something like that?
  5. Thank you for the speedy response. for #2 there. Could you maybe give me an example of a perception check to get more information.... If a player says "I want to see what kind of armor/clothes they are wearing" I would reply with something like. " You can do that. It requires a perception check" and if it passed would I be actually giving them a number on how much defense the actually piece of armor the NPC is wearing, or just describe the clothing in a way that might represent the number that the NPC has. or maybe do both of those things to role play a little and give them the stat number?
  6. I just got done running the beginner game adventure "Mountaintop rescue" and I am now going to attempt running " Lure of the lost" and just would like some advice/tips for running a set adventure. 1. Good tips for keeping players on track with the story and not getting story derailed by choices the PC's want to make that will completely change the story and leave me no where to go... 2. How much information to inform the players about that is going on in the story. I had the 1 person in my group who has played a lot of RPG's in the past warned me once on "information overload". example would be Me telling the PC's the NPC's stats that they are going up against. 3. Adjusting the story on the fly if it seems better? is this kosher at an RPG table when dealing with an adventure module? I am still pretty new to this and would like some advice on how to run these type of pre made adventures in a fun/challenging ways for the PC's. I don't plan on running a pre made adventure everytime but would like any pointers any of you can throw my way on this subject would be HIGHLY appreciated. Thanks everyone!!!!
  7. n00b question. So let me apologize up front as I am sure everyone is tired of seeing on here... Just want a basic example of how force leap works. How I am understanding it........and using the character I created skills. I use my athletics(2 green, 1 yellow) and add 1 Force die to this check. I get 2 lightside force results. I can use 1 force result to gain a success or an advantage result AND use 1 force to use a force Jump. Am I understand this correctly? Thank you in advance!
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