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  1. It was the Subtype : Concentration that had me unclear. Thanks!
  2. Can psychic powers be used with Overwatch, or just ranged weapons?
  3. Is it possible to use the White Scars solo mode ability "As Swift as the Wind" in conjunction with ranged psychic abilities? The ability is stated as follows : As Swift as the Wind Type: Active Required Rank: 1 Effects: The White Scars are renowned for their lightning assaults, their attacks delivered with precise timing and intense focus, unleashing their fury against the enemy and then withdrawing to prepare for another attack from a different direction. After making a ranged attack, a successful Challenging (+0) Agility Test (or Drive or Pilot Test, if operating a vehicle) allows the Battle-Brother to make a standard Half Move (or move half his vehicle’s Tactical Speed, rounding up) as a Free Action. The character may only make this move once per Round.
  4. Thanks, you have answered some questions players have been quizzing me on!
  5. The particular wording of the Bolter mastery ability of the Tactical marine has me a little unsure of its meaning. It says : The Tactical Marine gains a +10 bonus to all Ballistic Skill Tests and +2 to Damage when firing a Bolt weapon. This ability only functions in Solo Mode. Does this mean that you get a +10 bonus to ALL BS tests (any ranged weapon), and a +2 dmg bonus with bolters? Or just that you get a +10 bonus to BS and +2 dmg with bolters?
  6. Hi, I was wondering if it's possible to combine the Hip shooting Talent with Psychic Powers. For example, take a Full move and use the Smite power?
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