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  1. I will. That rift is deceptively insidious. It's a big footprint with a range 2 in every direction. I can't wait to use Ezra to shove it onto the path of an incoming SSD. Eat THIS redundant defense tokens...
  2. Funnily enough my friend managed 10 activations. Impressive considering the heavy firepower and he still had a bigger bid.
  3. My Friend's full build (8 or 12 point bid) 1. Kuat (Chimaera) All fleet commands, Jerjerrod, Strat Adv, Reserve Hangar Deck, Leading Shots, APts, Ordnance Experts 2/3. VSD2 (two identical builds) Gunnery Teams, Dcaps, Quad Battery Turrets, Leading shots 4. Quasar (Squall) Flight Commander, Boosted Comms, Expanded Hangar Bay, Flight Controllers 5. Gladiator (Demo) Captain Brunson, Ordnance Experts, APTs, Engine Techs 6. Raider I (Corvus) Iden Versio, Reserve Hangar Deck, Ordnance Experts, External Racks 7./8./9. Gozanti I Comms Net on all, Reserve Hangar Deck on all, one with Vader (officer) Squads: Howlrunner, Mauler, Ciena Ree, Valen Rudor, two generic interceptors, one or two generic ties, one jumpmaster My Build (799) 1. Liberty Star Cruiser (Mon Karren) Madine, Bail, Caitken and Shollan, Engine Techs, SW-7s, Spinal, XI7s 2. MC-75 Ordnance Strategic Adviser, Flight Controllers, Boosted Comms, ECM 3. MC30 Torpedo (Admonition) Major Derlin, Ordnance Experts, External Racks, H9s 4. Pelta Assault Ship Projection Experts, Entrapment Formation 5. CR90A (Liberator) Engine Techs, ECM, TRCs, Take Evasive Action 6. GR-75 Medium Leia, Comms Net 7. GR-75 Medium Toryn Farr, BCC 8. GR-&5 Medium Comms Net Squadrons: Interceptor Group (Tycho, Shara, 1 x A-wing) Cover Group (Lando, Biggs, 2 x X-wings) Bomber Group (Norra, Gold, 2 x Scruggs, 2 x Y-wings) The Breakdown Sceanario: Rift Ambush (Surprise Attack and Doomed Station were the others) My friend picked first and so got the last-first position which put me on the back foot going in desperately seeking a chance to lower his activation count before Demolisher could get into range. My friend's group is meant to be a shoulder-to-shoulder wall of forward firepower with the ability to turn on a dime thanks to JJ and TEA. Demolisher and Chimaera ran side-by-side as a flanking group coming in hot on my right. All others moved forward with the Quasar tucked into the back with fighters ready to pounce on any bomber group. My fleet was designed according to the following: Rebels typically need bombers and positioning power to make up for usually coming up a little shorter on the ship-to-ship front when trading fire. Since the Imperials can jump my fighters with Squall and he got first player my squadron think was thus. Hold the bombers back until a large Imperial ship gets close then plant them in it's way and let them just keep getting run over so they can manage themselves. I want my carriers on interceptor/cover group control instead. To this end I put my interceptors forward far enough to be struck but also positioned them to cover the flight path between them and the first major target the bombers would travel towards. The cover group would stay out of range of Squall's fighters but close enough to cover the interceptors. This offers my opponent a choice which was intended to negate his range advantage somewhat: Attack the interceptors and be jumped by the cover group or attack the bombers and be jumped by the flight controller enabled interceptors and cover group. The MC-75 was largely given carrier duty as it would necessitate the imperials coming after it in force whereas the Pelta would simply be chased off and out of range of the fighters. I gave it projection experts to try and help the MC75 from afar. Mon Karren, Admonition and Liberator ran up the side opposite the Chimaera and Demolisher forcing the Imperials to wheel his line to face me but hopefully get in each other's way. Entrapment formation would hopefully help the flanking group position itself as necessary to entrap the left side of the Imperial line turning to face me. Note: The gravity rift COMPLETELY ruined my flanking attempt by forcing Liberty badly out of position and unfortunately really ended up mucking with my MC-75 as well when I gambled to try and keep it close to command the interceptor/cover group and ended up overlapping it by only the tinniest sliver of my base thus dropping it to 0 speed and rendering it a sitting duck during turns 5 and 6. In hindsight I placed it really badly given what I was facing but my real screw-up was not realizing it would completely cancel engine techs until my friend pointed it out (AFTER I tried to engine techs near it). Originally, I read the card to mean that the normal movement rules for the rift wouldn't apply in this scenario. I do think the way the card is worded is a bit redundant (like saying the rift will force you into a move that the rift will not automatically cancel) and thus a bit easy to misread but whatever. My major problem to me is the fact that I'm outactivated and thus can't entrap anyone without first taking a major punch on the nose since the VSDs have long range shots. Kuat and Demolisher are moving up at full speed on my right and I can't turn anyone to face them without getting speared by the VSDs. I did manage to outdeploy him but his formation was pretty set from the get go. VSDs would come across straight and he only had to pick the side he wanted to flank from. He picked the side without the rift which left me to navigate it unfortunately. Since the Pelta in a last-first situation doesn't have a prayer against a demolisher it started to hightail out of there from the get go. MC-75 slow-rolled it to try and maintain fighter communications and to wait for a target to catchup but the nearby rift would make this tricky and ultimately fatal. Putting aside the rift however, what do people think of my build vs. my friend's? There are two mistakes in it from the get go. The MC-75 should've been the armored cruiser and the Pelta should've been the command version. The shot below is end of turn 1
  4. I just wish I could bring them and not bring the Pelta. I'm really glad Liberator is out since I usually only need AFFM once and I'm often bringing a corvette anyway.
  5. Don't get me wrong. I have them in most of my fleets too. But I resent them, especially in a squadron heavy build as I feel I have to push it into carrier service at that point and as a rebel typically facing down tons of scatter aces I would KILL to be able to bring flight controllers.
  6. I think we're going to have to agree to disagree: Regarding Demolisher: The Pelta can only get to speed 3 max. The Gladiator can get to 4 and is a lot more evasive and effective at doing what it does in just about any matchup across the table. A lot of the Gladiator's defense is in it's maneuverability and in the fact that it's hard to reliably stop it before it does what it does without devoting disproportionate resources to it. If at any point the empire can get or steal the first and last activation you can kiss even a fully upgraded home one goodbye. I've lived it. They may share the same defense token suite but the Pelta is nowhere near as threatening or evasive. Regarding Intensify Firepower: As a rebel player this card doesn't fit my playstyle (or I might argue even the rebels generally speaking except MSU). Entrapment Formation, Take Evasive Action and AFFM are all better choices to build around as the rebels and offer a lot more. Most other ships can get access to guaranteed damage some other way (except the Pelta!) and unlike the other cards above, there's a comparatively greater probability you'll never actually need Intensify Firepower despite bringing it along and setting up the apparatus to use it. Compared to the aforementioned commands it's harder to guarantee if an Intensify Firepower setup is going to deliver it's money's worth. Regarding Engine Techs, keep in mind the Pelta has to be resolving a nav command to do this. When taking along Entrapment or TEA this starts to become a tricky proposition if the Pelta actually needs the Nav command at some point itself unless you bring Raymus and Ahsoka and this brings us to an 81 point minimum starting value for the Pelta to be workable. Either that or you need to keep a flotilla with comms net constantly close by and have the flotilla feed it the token. I know there are other options (i.e. Hondo) but the setup is starting to get a little large. And that's the thing, given the investment the Pelta is too valuable to risk in the early game because often you've built around it's fleet command ability. That's probably around 3-4 rounds where it's armament will do nothing. Regarding the Nebulon being better. Barring the fleet command slot (which I realize is used to justify it's price) I do think the Nebulon is in fact a better choice as a combat chassis. Redundant brace is very helpful as brace cancels rather than moves damage and my typically partner is always bringing XI7s making the Nebulon one of the few ships that's a complete waste on. With Engine techs, the Nebulon can also maneuver better and and the support version has better flak. It slows rolls in then can jump to speed 4 (with dial, token and/or entrapment formation) to try and avoid the worst arc. The new aux shields team also helps though I haven't tried it yet. Now that said I don't love the Nebulon. I find them tricky to use but I can risk and sacrifice them early if need be whereas I typically want the Pelta alive because I've probably built my fleet around it to leverage whatever fleet command it's offering. I should point out that my regular opponent often (though not always) uses Demolishers and Cymoons packing H9s and XI7s or QTCs which tend to constantly ruin my Pelta's day because I can't close, I can't ECM and often I can't outrun. Good on people who can make them work and the beauty of Armada is that everything is more or less viable but given the choice I'd rather be bringing ISD Chimaera (Cymoon or II) and 5 fleet commands rather than the Pelta and just one.
  7. I 100% agree with that. I'm thinking about rolling mostly smalls (hammerheads, corvettes and MC30s and maybe nebulons next time). I'll outactivate him, entrap with the excess activations and try to pummel a target to death on the next round. God help me if he fields the SSD though. Gunnery team triple shotting my smalls will make for a miserable matchup. With regards to triple b-wings vs. Demolisher I have to admit I've never run it but does it actually work? They could theoretically roll 9 but between but are more likely to roll something like 5.25. Add say a double red shot with TRC from the carrier craft at .75 each and you work your way up 6.75. But demolisher packs 5 hull and 3 shields on it's front and can brace redirect. Will three b-wings really cut it? Not saying it won't I'm just saying the math makes me a bit hesitant. I'm looking to kill it BEFORE it can get it's shot off. Also maybe scurggs would be better? Farther interception range? Unless you're advocating b-wings as a close range guard but then of course, that won't prevent Demo from getting a shot off.
  8. For me it's the combination of no defensive retrofit+no defense token redundancy, no reroll ability and slow (sans engine techs). I'm ok with any two or maybe even three of those things but not all four. I'd probably think of it as decent if it could address one of those things but from a defensive and offensive standpoint it's the worst ship in the rebel lineup (not counting flotillas). No other rebel ship suffers from all those penalties at once and it's not a cheap ship. Once you bring a fleet command along you're looking at 61 pts minimum and keeping it fed usually means a flottila with comms net (common enough) or an officer setup like Raymus unless you only plan on using your fleet command say once. I figured that Liberator was a tacit admission on the part the designers that sometimes the pelta just doesn't generate enough value for the points it costs so they gave us a much cheaper option in those case where you really want a fleet command but won't need it for the whole game. Also, the imperials get the benefit of being able to rotate through the entire fleet command suite if they want in a game. For the rebels to get even three you'd need a second Pelta, and that's just crazy talk. 🙃 It's not a terrible ship, but it's the definitely the ship I feel the most uneasy about using in a combat scenario barring as a carrier with AFFM. Typically though I only need that once so Liberator totally floats my boat. I feel sorta similarly about Nebulons not named Yavaris but I'm totally open to giving the Vanguard a shot. It's like a half small/half medium ship with good potential options and at least it's native speed 3.
  9. Funny you should say that. I brought 9 activations and he brought 10 and Jerry and still had 3 large/medium to his name to my two.
  10. I'm really hoping the volley tokens essentially allow us to ease up on Rieekan. I'm not a fan of his crutch like ability or Raddus' bomb drop. They both seem like big edges whose value is hard to screw up and as such they don't feel "fair" in a sense. My preferred commander at the moment is Madine because it feels more like he only allows me the ability to largely do what I'd be able to do normally without him if I was just a better forward planner. Back to Harrow for a sec, I just realized it throws more long range forward facing dice than the executor II, a ship that doesn't even fit in a standard game! Put gunnery teams on that... As a rebel we generally don't match the Empire shot for shot and often have to make up the difference with bombers but Squall's ability to tie those guys up really tends to ruin my day(s). The traditional trade off has been the rebel get maneuverability while the Imperials get firepower. Recently I feel like the Imperials have gotten a big boost to both (TEA, Harrow, SSD) but I'm not sure the rebels got much.
  11. It's because the pelta is fairly useless platform unless you upgrade it. My friend typically wants to bring an ISD anyway so it's no skin off his nose. And he's made room for Demolisher, and a pair of raiders on top. I suppose in a sense both sides have to make a point commitment to bring them along but the Imperials get a useful ship that can leverage those commands in and of itself. I don't think the Pelta can say the same as generally it's not going to enter the think of the fight until late. In my case it's also a constant victim of Demolisher. I start out with more activations but one transport or corvette out of place and poof. Activation count shifts and suddenly I can be last-firsted and down goes the Pelta. Typically this happens at the hands of a flanking cymoon travelling at high speed running gunnery teams, h9s and QTCs. He'll catch a flotilla just the edge of his firing arc and it's gone. Now that the Harrow has arrived I really shudder as a rebel player. A long range shot of six base with dcaps and then it can close and pound rapidly. I'm happy to have Liberator and Vanguard but I do think the imps got the better end of the deal. Corvus with iden makes for one sneaky HIE platform.
  12. So putting aside the terrific stats put together by CGYSO, what are people's thoughts on where things currently stand? Who seems to have the edge. What's popular and what's dead where you are? For my money I more or less hate the Pelta (the command vesion can be "ok") and am thrilled to have the Liberator around now so I don't always have to drag it along. I always feel like this thing is a point sink. It's squishy, slow, only has a moderate defense token suite, no def retrofit and is an unreliable damage dealer at best. Engine Techs and Aux Shields Team help but this seems like trying to make a poor chassis passable rather than truly effective. I keep bringing it because my opponent (imp) always seems to be leveraging fleet commands himself but he's doing that from the bridge of an ISD or an SSD which seems a tad unfair. Also is Squall a bit too much? Between it's fighters and Demolisher the rebels can't really outmaneuver or stall either before a lot of damage has been done. I know the rebels have their tricks too but barring Raddus, they seem to take more work/luck to setup and seems to rely more on the enemy making a mistake rather than you maneuvering him into one which tends to put the rebels on the defensive a lot. Demolisher isn't invulnerable but I'm scared to death of not bringing fighters to deal with it. Squall also seems to give the Imperials a pretty ridiculous pounce range. Are the rebels playing the defense more where you are? Is it even? Rebel advantage? Would love to hear people's current thoughts.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions all. I'll definitely give this stuff a try. Yikes. 3 MC-75s? I'll probably have to substitute with Home One and maybe some MC30s. I've never been able to justify getting more than one of those. Anyone else here think that at higher point count, the game belongs more the Empire? I could be wrong. I just feel that typically the rebels need more room to operate so the less safe space, the worse off they are (and don't even get me started on Demolisher)...
  14. Ok so am looking for a bit of advice. Am exclusively a rebel player and a friend and I have recently been hitting 800 pt games and I need help from a strategy perspective. Rebel strategy for me is entrapping and then trying to move off and continue doing so from outside the Imperials main arc. Bombers are sometimes used as softeners though Squall and her threat range have made this a very tough proposition recently. To me the rebels typically can't match the Empire shot-for-shot and need to focus a lot more on flanking and clever maneuvering by multiple ships but flanking requires room and at 800 the number of ships on the board makes the number of fire zones much larger than a 400 point game. My opponent came at me with 2 VSDs (packing dcaps), an ISD, A raider, a Demolisher, squall and 3 gozantis along with Howlrunner, Mithel, Dengar, Cienna, Valen and a few generics supported by five reserve hangar decks. Jerjerrod in command along with TEA on a chimaera build and he still had a bid of about 9 points. His triangles project this wall of forward firepower and are close enough to each other that going in between wasn't an option. His fleet was highly maneuverable due to TEA and Jerjerrod. Demolisher and the raider could basically pull 180's while Squall's squadron threat range was enough to disrupt the bomber and interceptor group I had (he could jump me from anywhere really). Flanking on one side meant facing off against the ISD while flanking on the other brought me up against the gravity rift which completely destroyed my attempts to get behind him while his entire group simply pivoted to come at me. (This is partially my fault due to misunderstanding how the gravity well works under Rift Assault). At higher point counts it seems to be the Imperial's game to lose because of the sheer amount of space they start to occupy on the table which reduces traditionally safe approach options (which the more maneuverability-focused rebel really need). and guns that already start largely pointed in the 'right' direction allowing them to close and fire at their leisure while covering one another. Add that to massive squadron range and Jerjerrod maneuverability and....well I could use a hand. How should I play rebels at 800 points?
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