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  1. Bonjour Shirys It’s probably both. But this is just the internet. DavidFairbanks doesn’t actually see me as a real person. I am just a screen name. He saw someone else be obnoxious to me and just decided to jump on the bandwagon. Maybe he is having a bad day. That’s why I offered him a hug. Do you think he could use a hug? I think he could use a hug. Merci
  2. Exactly. My point was I am not DECLARING an attack but moving a ring. It is just like cannot be declared as a defender and then being moved to into conflict as a defender. “If three of a player’s four non-stronghold provinces are broken, attacks may be declared against that player’s stronghold province.” It doesn’t say you can’t change the location of the conflict to the stronghold province merely you cannot declare one there. And it doesn’t say that very well. I just found the lack of clarity surprising for such a fundamental tenet and was wondering if I missed it. Happy internetting.
  3. Aww, personal attacks. Now I feel like a real community member. Cheers dude. Let’s have a big hug! My username is older than these forums and saw no reason to change it when the game changed publishers. And coincidentally the card it refers to has a similar effect to the one I posted about. Spooky eh?
  4. Apologies for any clickbaitiness in the title. I have just spent the last 30 minutes looking through the rulebook for the answer and can find nothing so I am naturally turning to you wise elders. I have looked through the Rules Reference in both the Glossary and Framework Steps and can find no prohibition on attacking my opponent’s stronghold province. You would think this would be an important stipulation they may wish to explain. In the Learn to Play guide it says: “During the game, players declare attacks against one another’s provinces, and successful attacks can result in a province breaking. If three of a player’s four non-stronghold provinces are broken, attacks may be declared against that player’s stronghold province. As soon as a player’s stronghold province is broken, that player loses the game.” Stronghold Provinces and Non-stronghold Provinces have no entry in the RR and the Province entry doesn’t help either. But I will take it that I can’t DECLARE an attack against the Stronghold province (still undefined) until three non-stronghold provinces (also still undefined in the RR) have been broken. So now we have Chasing the Sun (Unicorn Event) that allows me to change the province I am attacking to another eligible one. It doesn’t say cancel and re-declare the conflict. It’s says move. Naturally eligible is not defined anywhere either. It’s all a bit woolly, and I for one would welcome some red text in the next RR that makes this clearer than clear. Lest one assume that this has become the world’s most eligible splash card and games have got a lot shorter.
  5. We do. It was one of the first announced. June 1-3, 2018 Grand Kotei Birmingham, England Or are you assuming Britain won’t be part of the Eu then...
  6. How are you using Cavalry Reserves to bring in an Infantry card? And our clan Champion is a lady samurai not a gentleman samurai. It might be time we sent you off on your ‘warriors pilgrimage’ eh samurai? We can also move you into a conflict even if you are bowed but you won’t be contributing any military or political strength because you are bowed. The only thing you can’t do to a bowed card is bow it again.
  7. Why not help yourself too. https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/7f/31/7f312668-cc12-4493-8948-56ae6cc913fe/ahc01_faqv10_web.pdf Enjoy!
  8. Just giving dewbie420’s excellent advice and channel recommendation a bump.
  9. Banzai indeed! Its great to hear I am not alone. Watch the Skies is the most famous instance of a megagame just as L5R is one of the most famous of the CCG’s. It’s the event that launched a thousand megagames. But there are all sorts of genres and varieties from Napoleonic, post-apocalyptic, WW2, illuminati, and more. I am looking at about 12 players per clan depending on how many families they have and 100 players in total. Tasks are split into Bushi, Shugenja, Courtier and general. So the Phoenix would have more resources to put to Shugenja tasks, the Crab toward Bushi tasks and the Crane to Courtier tasks. General would be things that advance your clan status as a whole such as matchmaking and Imperial gifts. It’s a daylong event without a break for lunch. You decide when you stop or eat on the go as time management is one of the key challenges of a megagame. It’s a non-profit event with all money raised going back into improving the game. It will be funded by a Kickstarter happening August/ September and run at the end of October 2016. Any questions? Shiryo no Otaku
  10. Some years ago L5R did something they called a Megagame where the results of the Kotei’s fed into a giant campaign map. Here in the UK Megagame has a different meaning. It is a large scale face to face event that combines elements of war gaming, live roleplay and tabletop games. It’s like some of the L5R convention LARPS (Live Roleplays) you may have seen where people stand around talking, plotting and scheming. Rather than playing a normal character with individual goals however you have a position such as president, ambassador, minister for war, etc. and you belong to a group, such as a nation, global organisation or corporation and you are working to advance its goals. I have long thought this format would be perfect for L5R with players taking the roles of heads of the Clan families and have thousands of koku and samurai at their disposal in a strategic and resource management focussed epic. If you are new to megagames and haven’t heard of Watch the Skies then here are a couple of links I use to help people learn more. But you really need to watch the videos for the full majesty. A brief description and cool video to get you going. https://www.pixeldynamo.com/news/gaming/2014/05/25/11559/megagame-watch-skies/ Megagames have been going in the UK for more than 30 years as a natural offshoot of wargaming but only recently took off in the US. http://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/xcom-meets-model-un-in-the-first-american-megagame/ Over here they have even made it to the mainstream as this coverage in one of our national newspapers shows. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-news/welcome-to-the-world-of-megagames-300-players-take-part-in-watch-the-skies-board-game-10213384.html Anyway. Having been working on this for some time it looks like the stars are right for me to actually run an event. Following endless discussion in private I am opening up the floodgates to see what happens if I discuss it in public. Cheers, Shiryo no Otaku
  11. Did you have a great time? Christian T. Petersen was there and so was Steve Horvath. Maybe hoping to sway the EU Referendum
  12. Anything eh? I’m just wondering what your relationship with Fantasy Flight has been like? Have they given you any guidelines as to what a non-profit fan event is allowed to do with a licence they own? Have you had any kind of discussion with them at all? Have you tried to? L5R has a great tradition of fan created works such as Heroes of Rokugan but I am finding Fantasy Flight tight-lipped when it comes to granting official permission for such an event. Thanks for whatever details you can provide. Shiryo no Otaku
  13. Howdy All. Just wondering if there are any L5R enthusiasts attending the UK Games Expo next month. With up to 10,000 attendees statistically I can’t be the only one. Shiryo no Otaku
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