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  1. Can't tell if you're talking about the game or the movies.
  2. We play with option 3. If you've got more units, you place 2 instead of 1. Edit: We place 2 each deployment until you no longer have more units. Example, I've got 12 units, my opponent has 7. I place first and place 2, he places 1, I place 2... and so on. We also tend to play 300 points, so 7 units is fairly normal, and 10-12 units is usually msu. It seems to balance out msu better than a total nerf.
  3. Maybe order of the silver mist should get a bonus to disengage rather than fight? It would better fit the theme of spies and saboteurs.
  4. I'm not sure Ardus is worth it rather than just running 4 more carrion lancers.
  5. What I'd do, is if range is greater than 2, and the shooter is rolling more than 1 die, the shooter chooses and discards 1 die. Edit: AFTER Re-rolls. You won't avoid damage, but you'll soften those really big hits. Order of the silver mist is just silly. The idea of a punchy version is good, but this isn't it. I'm ok with the signal intercept; but lets add in line of sight to the choose an enemy. With all that said, the base unit seems to really under perform for the cost. It looks like it has no use outside of the unique upgrades; which leads me to believe that the unique upgrades are too cheap and the base unit is too expensive. I think adding 3 points to all the unique upgrades, and dropping the base unit cost by 3 might be a good fix. It won't change the total cost of the upgraded unit hitting the table, but if somebody wanted to run a bare-bones unit, that comes in a bit cheaper.
  6. I've got a stupid number of reanimates, I think I could do 50 trays. We normally play 300 points as we like bigger games so 30 trays isn't that crazy.
  7. I've played missions and terrain random, and had very few bad games. It usually involves a narrow pass and a draw of large terrain that holds few or no trays.
  8. Awesome. Game needs new content. Somebody posted in the tactics thread today, and the previous post was me on march 1st. Many/most of the topics is use of new units, and new ideas. With nothing new, the game stagnates; which is a shame, it's a great game.
  9. I had best success without the 4 wide block. Too easy to make useless with terrain. Instead, try: 6 trays reanimates, with Ankaur Maro, cursed signets (no stunning to stop skill), metered march 6 trays reanimates 6 trays reanimates 6 trays reanimates 6 trays reanimates I found again mobile armies, I would shift sideways (init 7) into units that tried to dance around me; then reform the form the following turn (init 4) and have maro boost the unit up to replace losses. Two red and triple damage was more than enough to deal with most threats, and it's kind of a silly durable army. Most trays I got on the table at one time was 38.
  10. I've been really happy with dispatch kethra. She's got the ability to murder those opponents lighter units that are grabbing objectives. Dispatch will let her get a first strike off, and likely two more rounds of shooting the next turn. While the damage output is better with some other options, Kethra is really easy to get where you need her, and her timing means you can triple tap a single enemy before they can respond.
  11. For "flying units" I like the protected vs melee, and I like the wraith like ability to move over units. I think most flyers shouldn't be able to hover, so I'd make the entire left dial movement. Maybe add in if move blue, may change strait to to bank. If move green may change strait to turn. It would give flyers a very different feel. Green moves, blue moves, and red moves, and then on the right side, charge, melee attack, skill, rally, shift, move another 2, and armor up (dodge). Blue could be short moves, green medium and red long.
  12. No, a 2x2 spear does not deliver. They have great options for upgrades, and you don't have the points for any.
  13. I'd rather see heavy infantry with a slower dial and a double surge = vitality token.
  14. I'd keep barron and the xbows, and trade both the spears and the scouts for 2 units of 2 rune golems and another solo golem.
  15. The spearmen seem unsupported. Looks like 2x shooty, + barron and the rest won't do what you need it to. I like spearmen with corruption rune as blockers; they seem to get in the way just as well as anything else, but can actually do something useful as well.
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