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  1. Darth Matthew

    Ardus Ix'Erebus VS Baron Zacareth

    Metered march is really good with the disco. It lets you move up to just within range and pop off both the Carrions blight and then the death caller. You can then do it again at init 3 or 4 (depending on what banner you take). Combo'd with meter march, I pretty much always get off at least 2 shots, if not 3 with the death caller.
  2. Darth Matthew

    The Land Endures

    And they wont announce it. As long as they have stock to sell, they won't say that they are ending a game. They will simply stop talking about it.
  3. Darth Matthew

    The Land Endures

    I got mine from a store, but search around. Starter sets of Uthuk are $25 on amazon right now. That's cheap enough I was thinking about picking them up just to have the trays.
  4. Darth Matthew

    The Land Endures

    Keep an eye out online. I just picked up 4 boxes of ventala at half off.
  5. Should have encircled an archer block. Could have appeared in range for a brutal triple tap.
  6. Darth Matthew

    Init 8 Wall of Spears

    If you were forced to deploy sideways, id just go 2x2 instead of wide. Iirc, you know mission and deployment before you set you shape with hawthorn.
  7. Darth Matthew

    Cow-like Beasts and How to Use Them

    Valor isn't for bane mitigation, its for inspiration to untap a few Shourds.
  8. Darth Matthew

    Cow-like Beasts and How to Use Them

    Brick house build. 5 sets of 2 trays with hedge shroud 6 trays darnati with green watch, verdant sorc, hedge shoud, path walker Prince faolon, wth malcorns and valor of the fallen. Gives 3 over growths, lots of inspiration, and is really hard to grind through. With enough small units, they can hit flanks.
  9. Darth Matthew

    Battle Report: Chicago - Golemstar In Action

    Really nice terrain and report. Good to see everything painted up.
  10. Darth Matthew

    Battle Report: Chicago - Golemstar In Action

    In turn 6, when the stun dummy collides with the terrain and enters it, its activation should have ended immediately, no swinging.
  11. Darth Matthew

    The Land Endures

    Look at activity and releases. The game surged when new units came out, and then stalled. No new releases means we can expect interest to linger and die. Its really tough to get new players when they cant buy the product in local stores.
  12. Darth Matthew

    The Land Endures

    **** thats a big wall of text. Try paraphrasing.
  13. Darth Matthew

    Host of Crows Ravens and Worms

    Fire rune is a shooting attack. You count surges, panics... everything. The only thing that is special is your threat = red runes.
  14. Darth Matthew

    Host of Crows Ravens and Worms

    Ive been kicking around fire rune and combat ingenuity. Ive liked it. With no red runes, you can still roll up a panic or blight out of the fire rune. Or a blight or two with the normal shooting.
  15. Darth Matthew

    Star Castle

    I tried the crossbow star, and it was alright. Lord H isn't bringing a lot to this game, you can get better punching for 45 points; 4 tray cav with raven tabards, moment of inspiration and tempered steel is 44, and punches a lot harder than Lord H. For 47 points, you can get 6 trays of pathfinders with a seasoned pathfinder. That would be pretty scary to have coming in on a flank. IMO, if you aren't using "Lessons of Seragant" you are most likely better off without Hawthorn.