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  1. Given the choice here, I would have chosen the smaller cards anyway. Reason being table space. I use them a lot in Descent and have never minded it. I am thinking of putting these in sleeves. Any thoughts on that from people who've done this in other games with small cards?
  2. Just confirmed via phone call reply from Asmodee that the mats are shipping later. No ETA given. They indicated an email regarding this went out, but I cannot find mine (yes I checked spam and all that).
  3. That's a good point. I did pre-order them in the same transaction but when I look at the pre orders at broke it into to separate transactions. The one for the game change the processing then my card was charged and now it's shipping the one for the mat has not changed it all.
  4. Hi. My game preorder just got a tracking number but the preorder for the mat still says pending. Is it shipping later then?
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