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  1. Well, I love that we're getting the Band back together!
  2. Sorry, ive been absent. But I'm still in! Ok, lets see this Hutt... and make a Deal!
  3. Sorry for the delayed response everyone! I concur with Caess. Let's follow for now and then fight later...
  4. Vigjlance Results 2eP: 2 successes [2eP=S/S, -] Also, I would argue against the setback die because Kai was intentionally hanging back, being unobtrusive and laying low, and sitting quietly and separate to specifically watch out for an ambush.
  5. Now that sounds like an Infiltration mission that we can certainly begin. The Black Sun HQ, is there a schematic diagram of the compounds that we can gain access to?
  6. (wow, you deserve XP for that... LOLOLOL ROFLMAO!)
  7. Yorik was quite surprised and found himself with his mouth agape. Realizing he was staring, he closed his mouth and smiled at the queen before bowing in respect. "Your Highness, it is quite an unexpected pleasure to make your acquaintance. So, you believe that this Alchemist has the answer to the genetic modifications made to you. Are you proposing that we approach the Alchemist as a neutral party and buy an antidote for your predicament or would you rather that we surreptitiously retrieve him from the safety of Brulak's compound while providing your Clan with plausible deniability?"
  8. YEAH, because we're STILL Playing the PBP! You can STILL play a Sentry Niman Seer... You can even make him a Polis Masson(sp?) from the same family as Morl... Just DON'T make him the EXACT Same character with the exact same backstory and exact same NAME from the other campaign! That's confusing and weird... Now, I for one am looking forward to seeing what combos you come up with in this new Campaign because you always have such AMAZING and ORIGINAL ideas that are sure to blow everyone out of the water with your Creativity and Uniqueness! Will your new character be Nature Oriented and focused on Mastery of the Force? Will he be a Deathstick wielding POWERHOUSE? Will he be a Battle Hardened Warrior of Space, Sea, & Sky? Will he be a Face man who has mastered all forms of Social Combat? Or, will he be the Ultimate Fixer who can find anyone and build anything in the seedy underworld that runs so much of the Star Wars Galaxy?
  9. Yorik had remained silent for most of this time. He quietly but carefully observed as much as he could of all the nuances of the Mandalorian culture he was being exposed to. He knew well their reputation as warriors and wanted to see for himself much of what had been rumored. However, this line of conversation was very familiar to him and he couldn't help but speak out regarding an old Dantooine saying. "On Dantooine, we have a saying about this sort of thing exactly. The true warrior needs to master the bow and the horse as well as the brush and the word. One must have not only focus and discipline to be a great leader but also imagination and oration in order to inspire others and to express oneself. Not all Combat takes place on the plains. Remember, Battlefields can be found inside as well as outside the walls...”
  10. Yorik appreciated the security of the building based on former banking structural security. "Good idea to use a Bank building for their security headquarters. Limited entry points and stronger overall structural integrity. Smart."
  11. Yorik spoke up thinking of their safety first in response, "I think it would be best if we stick together for now. We're strangers in a strange land and I think the very reason why we're here shows that it's leaning toward being potentially hostile. Together, we have a better chance of protecting each other in case that group tries to kidnap Shard and claim him as "property" or someone tried to start something with us for some ridiculous reason..." "If you want to head to the Citadel, then by all means let's all go to the Citadel together... "
  12. Yorik snapped out of his inner thoughts at mention of the knife and said, "Yeah, Bennar... Perhaps, you could enlighten us as to your particular unique heritage? We had no idea that you're Mandalorian! What are the protocols that we might have to know before we interact with either the Hutt's security team or if we head over to this Mando Citadel?"
  13. "You are without question, Doc, the finest grenadier I've ever had the pleasure of knowing..."
  14. "Thanks for the offer but I don't think we'll be here that long. Actually, we're just here to pick something up. Or someone?" Kaimer looked to the others for confirmation about their cargo.
  15. Yorik had spent his time wondering how a Jedi Knight came to be placed into a mechanical orb. For that matter, how did their new Sith Twi'lek "friend" come to find herself in a metal Hutt shell intentionally? There were many questions he had for Casandra, Dr. Ishton, and Bennar about his Mandalorian background but all he asked was, "Dr. Ishton? How do you find your new living arrangements in this place?" and "I certainly hope you've found fulfillment away from the Jedi Order." He was happy that Shard was finally better but much more worried now that the callous and careless regard of these locals toward his friend would end up finishing them all prematurely with thermal detonators. "Bennar, do you really think that one could obtain Mandalorian armor even if we're not Mandalorian blood? I would certainly be interested." "Astrid, what do you make of whatever the rituals of combat that our new benefactor, Rico, must undergo? Also, what's plan B if the old Slug does the unthinkable and fails?"
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