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  1. Want to show off the tokens we made for our local Star Wars Legion community Solar Legion in San Diego, CA. Link to pictures with video showing off the foil
  2. We run a weekly operation night and are about to start Deep Jungle. I know the rules allow you to add upgrades along the way but my question is do you have to start with the same "starting list" each week then add on. Or can you change your entire list (commander, corps, etc.) each week? The rules are a little vague on that point. Thanks!
  3. Glad you are spreading the word about these. So far they are a really good solution.
  4. 3-4 per inch depending on how tight you pack them. 4 would be pretty tight
  5. I found that coin boxes that hold 2"x2" coin envelopes work great. I still need to make dividers but I think it is my future dial stoarge. The picture is the core set plus the whole rebel conversion kit
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