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  1. Part 2B of this adventure has me looking at 2 cards "at the beginning of the quest phase" and then adding one to the staging area. Am I right to assume that since this occurs "at the beginning of the quest phase", I will not have the opportunity to commit a hero or character to the quest? The example I currently have in front of me is Thalin could commit to the quest and damage an enemy when revealed but I think he wont commit until after this card comes out so the opportunity for a "free" point of damage will be missed.
  2. I think I'm doing this properly but just want to confirm -- during an undefended attack, can the damage be assigned to any hero, even if you have one that is not exhausted and will then counterattack? This seems a little gamey but here's my current example: Playing solo, I have two heros committed to the quest but undamaged Gimli is not. An enemy card is drawn and must be engaged due to threat. I leave the attack undefended and it puts two points of damage on one hero -- I select Gimli to take the damage. He now can attack back with an attack strength of 4 due to his special ability (?!?) and ends up killing the attacking enemy. Just wanted to be sure this is legal !
  3. I have looked all over the forums for this one, but cannot find an answer -- I think this is a common question but I'm not sure -- if Gandalf takes some damaged after a sneak attack, does he go back to your hand with damage, or does the damage dissolve and he comes out fresh for his next use?
  4. I suspected that would be the answer but it looks like maybe this has caused a little confusion for others as well -- thank you !
  5. Am playing Conflict at the Carrock solo and this just came up -- If Roasted Slowly is drawn during the Quest phase but no Heroes are presently sacked, does it get reshuffled into the deck or (preferably!) discarded?
  6. Thanks - That helps a lot - what a card !
  7. This card states "...Limit 3 times per phase." -- can I interpret that as (after paying one resource to attach to a hero) I can discard three cards and increase the hero's willpower by 3 during the questing phase?
  8. Thanks -- with this clarification, I am now proceeding to get pounded by this Quest repeatedly. I am beginning to see why everyone says it can not be beaten with the CORE set!
  9. Am having a little trouble getting it all straight for the first turn -- after I deal 3 guards to the objectives, I realize I can optionally engage enemies later in the round, during the combat phase. But if their threat level is lower than mine (Dol Guldur Orcs for example are a threat of 10), do they automatically leave the staging area and engage me just like a normal enemy (thats not gaurding anything? Likewise, can I simply travel to a location-guard if that is what comes up? I think if a treachery card comes up as a guard, it gets resolved and then leaves the objective unguarded. Just need to make sure I'm playing these correctly....
  10. Thanks Old Gadger -- those Ninjadorg quests look like a great way to squeeze some more fun out of the core set -- can't wait to try them !
  11. I started playing this wonderful game about two weeks ago and finally - on the 9th try - beat Anduin !! I am playing single handed solo with just the CORE set and the single sphere, 30 card decks that come with it. I thought this may be the best way to get familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of each sphere before I tried my hand at deck building. After failing 2-3 times with mono Tactics, Lore, and Leadership decks, the Spirit deck is the one that helped me conquer this quest (on the first try). Now on to some duel-sphere decks -- this is exciting! It feels like I've graduated to the next level....
  12. Thanks for the clarification -- I think I will get the hang of this quickly -- sorry for so many questions, but once Son of Arnor engages an enemy in the Staging area, would that enemy remain in the staging area?
  13. Thanks, that makes sense now -- I am also having trouble deciphering the Son of Arnor card -- is the response mandatory or optional? Also, it seems nearly impossible to engage an enemy alone with this card since he has a zero defense and will die quickly -- can other heroes and Allies join in the combat?
  14. In part 1B of this quest, I've got Ungoliant's Spawn captured in a Forest Snare so by the time I get to 3B he's damaged but still in the snare. If I draw "Don't Leave the Path" for 3B, it says I must find and defeat him to win the game -- since he's already in play (albeit ensnared), do I just need to finish him off for the win?
  15. Can Dunhere use his special ability to attack the Goblin Sniper in the staging area even if there is still another enemy in the staging area? Not sure whos ability trumps whos....
  16. I have also been playing about a week but am only using the four 30 card single faction decks that come with the core set -- I am also having trouble with the Anduin scenario with these decks (6 straight defeats so far). Can you point me to the source for the 40 card deck? I only have the core set at present.
  17. Thanks -- and thanks for the link -- just printed it out -- is there any other source for official rules clarification/corrections that I should have handy?
  18. Wow -- that would be a great way to get thru Anduin quickly -- thanks for the tip!
  19. I think I'm doing this correctly but wanted to check -- when you exhaust Faramir to use his action for the Quest phase, he cannot also be counted as part of this quest can he? I'd like to sneak in two (three if he gets to use his own bonus) more WIllpower points but don't think its legal....
  20. Thanks, SGF -- but wouldn't it be OK to attach it to the enemy in the Player action window after it is engaged but before it actually attacks?
  21. I am very new to this game and still trying to learn the rules -- can anyone tell me when the Forest Snare attachment expires? Thanks!
  22. I am very new to this game and I just love it! -- just got the core set and having a hard time beating Anduin -- is there a natural progression of what the next purchase should be to develop a newbie? I'd like to mix in some challanging quests with some beatable ones but still learn some deck-building strategy. So far, I've only done the mono decks so I think after a few more tries of Anduin and Dol Guldor I'll be ready for an Adventure pack or two or possibly an expansion -- any suggestions? Thanks !
  23. Am very new to this game - but I love it ! Question is: After you attach a (Core Set) Forest Snare to an enemy, when does it expire/ get discarded ? There is no text on the card stating how or when it expires which makes it look permanent but that doesn't seem right.
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