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  1. In the example above, Theodred gets a -1 from Caradhras and dies... but what if you had Faramir along on the quest to boost his willpower to 2? I guess the question is does his willpower go up before it goes down (and he lives) or does it go down before it goes up (and he dies)?
  2. Thanks -- I think I was playing wrong -- I've got it now!
  3. Am playing Into the Pit and I've got East Gate in the staging area and a Northern Tracker in play -- if I commit him to the quest, can I place a progress token on East Gate? Am not sure exactly what East Gate is immune to/from?
  4. I'm sorry, I worded that incorrectly -- I want to use Sneak Attack and bring him in to "deal 4 damage to one enemy in play" and then have him hang around to defend during the Combat phase as well. Just wanted to make sure this was legal? Also, is it OK to assign his automatic 4 damage to an emeny in the staging area? Thanks
  5. If you use Sneak attack for Gandalf in the Combat phase, can he be used for both defense and attack before returning to your hand?
  6. I have seen several references in this forum and others that state Henamarth Riversong is great when used near the end of the round to peak at what Encounter card will be revealed in the following turn. Wouldn't it be just as useful to use him during an action window in the beginning of a round to see what Encounter card will be coming at you later later that same round? I Just want to confirm this is a legal play.
  7. Furthermore, when you claim the Abandoned Tools as a result of putting a progress token on Narrow Paths, do you also pull an Encounter Card to attach to, and 'guard' the tools? ... or does this objective remain unguarded since it was not 'revealed'?
  8. OK -- does Thalins ability also put a hit point on the Goblins/Orcs as they are added to the staging area as a result of a Shadow effect?
  9. I'm probably not posting this in the right section of this forum but I have been having a lot of difficulty searching the forum since the change over to the new service on Tuesday morning. For example, a search of the Rules Questions & Answers section for 'Gandalf' or 'Sneak Attack' use to return dozens of posted threads and now turns up nothing - is anyone else experiencing difficulty searching? Or maybe I am just not doing it properly? Thanks...
  10. Thanks -- I will try adding Son of Arnor to the deck. I am also finding that this quest is pretty challenging if you are trying to stick to Dwarf heroes. Many more losses than wins at this point...
  11. Ouch -- While playing Seventh level, I just foolishly assigned Dain Ironfoot to defend against a Goblin Spearman (3 attack), thinking ole Dain can handle just about anything (even though he had 2 damage points already) but I pulled the Goblin Tunnels as a shadow card (+3 attack if attacking enemy is a Goblin). Game, set, match. I think I would have won if any other shadow card came up. **Sigh**
  12. When a Hero dies, do the remaining resource tokens in his resource pool get discarded too?
  13. I am playing the Seventh Level and trying to build a deck that includes a few different ways to kill those pesky Goblin Archers who have a defense strength of 4, cannot be optionally engaged, and have an Engagement cost of 48 (!). Also, they can only be attacked by ranged characters while in the staging area. I realize that a good choice of Hero would be Thalin who can kill the Goblin Archers (who only have 1 hit point) upon being revealed but I would like to use other Heros on this quest. I am only using cards from core + Mirkwood cycle + Khazad-dum expansion and since all the ranged characters have attack strengths less than 4, I am finding very few lethal possibilities. Several questions arise: 1) Since Gandalf is not ranged, can he still deal 4 damage when he enters play and wipe out the Goblin Archer ? 2) Similar to Gandalf -- can I Sneak attack Longbeard Orc Slayer in for a point of damage even tho he is not ranged? 3) If I can damage an engaged enemy, can I play Infighting to move damage to the Goblin Archers even though they are still in the staging area? 4) Dunedain Cache would add the ranged ability to any character but I don't really want to add 3 of these to the deck if I don't have to -- Are there any other combinations I have overlooked?
  14. Thanks -- finding odd combinations like this is why I love this game !
  15. Thanks, PW - one more thing to clarify... if the Book of Mazarbul is attached to Dain, and then a Watchful Eyes is revealed, can I also attach the Watchful Eyes to Dain? Since he will not need to exhaust to go Questing and would not be allowed to attack, only if he exhausts to defend would the Forced effect of Watchful Eyes ever get triggered (?). Feels a little bit gamey, but if I'm interpreting the cards right, its probably the best thing to do with the Watchful Eyes condition attachment...?
  16. Here's some confusion I am having with Dain during the Seventh Level -- if the Book of Mazarbul is attached to Dain, he does not need to exhaust to join the quest. So during the quest phase, all dwarves will get a +1 willpower, but since he is questing and still ready, can he also give that +1 willpower to himself?
  17. So does that mean that if Hidden Threat is revealed during 'The Seventh Level', I would need to discard (or in this case, return to the staging area) the Book of Mazarbul?
  18. The shadow affect on this card is a +1 attack with +2 if attacking the last player -- how does this work for solo play? Is a solo player the first player or the last player?
  19. You're right, PR -- with a little more time to reflect on this, I've actually grown quite proud of the accomplishment! I am a relatively inexperienced player and this was my first attempt at deck-building. I put together a deck with only the core set + 1st three Mirkwoods and it worked very well on the very first attempt. After I posted this, I tweaked the deck slightly and rattled off three more wins so I know now that its a solid deck (even if only for this scenario). For me, making the leap from playing this game with deck suggestions from others vs. actually constructing my own deck has opened up an entire new level of enjoyment/obsession with this game. I'm afraid I'm completely hooked now. So anyway, I appreciate your kind words of encouragement!
  20. Just to be sure -- I've got a Horseback Archer in my discard pile that I want to bring into play using a Stand and Fight card -- I should pay 3 Spirit (not Tactics) resource tokens to accomplish this (?) -- but can I use some of each?
  21. I finally won Rhosgobel after four tries....I think? I was able to get Radagast in play early to save up some healing points and on the final turn, I sacrificed him and played two copies of Lore of Imladris so that Wilyador was cleared of all damage tokens going into the quest phase. After successfully questing and moving on to stage 3B, there was no damage on Wilyador, so I think the winning conditions were met even though I was unable to claim any Athelas cards (one copy was still in the staging area, guarded by a King Spider). Can anyone confirm if indeed this is a legal victory? It feels a little empty, since I was unable to gather any Athelas...
  22. Thanks for the reply, dr00 -- I was unsure about Radagast since he came in the card pool for this quest and seemed like he was designed to be used to heal WIlyador. Maybe the only way to do this effeciently would be to get Radagast in play very early and let him build up a large pool of resource tokens - then use them all at once for healing Wilydor before removing Radagast entirely?
  23. I see that if Glorfindel is used to heal Wilyador, he is discarded -- but what about using resource tokens from Radagast for healing the wounded Eagle? -- would Radagast also be discarded if used in this way?
  24. I am having some trouble with the mechanics of Journey to Rhosgobel -- specifically, I realize that Wilyador starts the game in the staging area, but when does he leave the staging area and join you as an ally? Grimbeorn's card, in Conflict at the Carrock, is very clear in stating that you must pay resources, but I am not sure how to get Wilydor out of the staging area and thus joining my allies. I searched the forums for an answer but any help I can get on this topic is greatly appreciated...
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