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  1. Yes -- I am trying to play them in order (also, I've been buying them in order so thats all I have!) -- I've been using H. Riversong and Rumour from the Earth but to make it all work, I still think you need a fair bit of luck to get thru this one. Thanks for the advice -- now I'm looking forward to some of those cards from later releases!
  2. Ouch -- I cannot figure out a way to beat this quest without using a Spirit deck - even with Burning Brand in play, I have managed to go down to defeat 4 times in a row.
  3. A Burning Brand text reads: "While attached character is defending, cancel any shadow effects on cards dealt to the attacking enemy". So I am not sure if it can be used to cancel a shadow effect dealt to an enemy attacking one of your other heroes? Specifically, I'm playing Road to Rivendell and I've got BB attached to Elrohir. I'm attacked by 3 enemies and Elrohir successfully defends against two of them (burned a resource for the 2nd defense) but then Glorfindel's attacker gets a Sleeping Sentry as a shadow effect. I am hoping I can use the BB attached to Elrohir to cancel this nasty effect.... legal play?
  4. Thats great -- thank you GS.
  5. I love this card!! - but I fear I may be mis-playing it.... I often use it in an early turn action window to peak at the upcoming encounter card, then pay a lore resource to return it to my hand. Later, in the combat phase, can I use it again to peak at an encounter card I know will be my next shadow effect card? It just seems like using it twice in the same round gives me an unfair (but much needed) advantage.
  6. I think I played this incorrectly the first time I tried Redhorn Gate -- When I traveled to the Dimrill Stair, I properly reshuffled two locations back into the encounter deck and reduced my threat by 11 -- I then sorted through the encounter deck, found 3 copies of Freezing Cold, discarded them, and reshuffled.... but in retrospect that didn't seem right to me. The second time I played RG, when I traveled to the Dimrill Stair, I only discarded the one copy of Freezing cold that was already in play and attached to a hero. Thus, I left the other copies in the encounter deck. I think the latter is correct but can anyone confirm for me? Thanks!
  7. Thanks, NH
  8. I've read all the threads I could find re: Landroval but for some reason I cannot determine if any attachments (good or bad!) will come back with your rescued Hero -- Example: Legolas, with 3 damage, the condition attachment "Freezing Cold', and the 'Support of the Eagles' attachment was just killed and I know I can use Landroval to bring him back with only one point of damage, but what happens to his 2 attachments?
  9. In the example above, Theodred gets a -1 from Caradhras and dies... but what if you had Faramir along on the quest to boost his willpower to 2? I guess the question is does his willpower go up before it goes down (and he lives) or does it go down before it goes up (and he dies)?
  10. Thanks -- I think I was playing wrong -- I've got it now!
  11. Am playing Into the Pit and I've got East Gate in the staging area and a Northern Tracker in play -- if I commit him to the quest, can I place a progress token on East Gate? Am not sure exactly what East Gate is immune to/from?
  12. I'm sorry, I worded that incorrectly -- I want to use Sneak Attack and bring him in to "deal 4 damage to one enemy in play" and then have him hang around to defend during the Combat phase as well. Just wanted to make sure this was legal? Also, is it OK to assign his automatic 4 damage to an emeny in the staging area? Thanks
  13. If you use Sneak attack for Gandalf in the Combat phase, can he be used for both defense and attack before returning to your hand?
  14. Oh -- that makes perfect sense -- thank you !
  15. I have seen several references in this forum and others that state Henamarth Riversong is great when used near the end of the round to peak at what Encounter card will be revealed in the following turn. Wouldn't it be just as useful to use him during an action window in the beginning of a round to see what Encounter card will be coming at you later later that same round? I Just want to confirm this is a legal play.