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  1. Randyman

    Dunedain Warning

    Is it legal to attach multiple copies of this card to the same Hero?
  2. Randyman

    Grib Grab Pinch Nab question

    Woo-hoo -- lucky me !
  3. This treachery calls for searching thru the discard pile for a Goblin to add to the staging area When Revealed. What if there is no discard pile yet? (it was the first card pulled) Should I search thru the encounter deck instead?
  4. This deck worked: It was a bit of a struggle but I was able to beat Shadows and Flame on the first try! I continue to be amazed at how the Dwarf swarm seams to be able to deal with almost anything. Thanks to all on this thread for helping me progress through the Dwarrowdelf cycle with a gaggle of Dwarfs -- I am looking forward to acquiring Overhill/Underhill and On the Doorstep to create an even more effective Dwarf Deck. I am having a blast with these decks.
  5. What an amazing deck! I used the 56-card Thalin-Dain-Bifur deck outlined earlier in this thread to absolutely cruise through the first five quests in the Dwarrowdelf series with only one loss: Redhorn Gate 1/1, Road to Rivendell 1/2, Watcher in the Water 2/2, The Long Dark 3/3, and Foundations of Stone 1/1. I think the highlight was defeating FoS even after being forced to discard my entire hand of cards and having all three heroes saddled with Watchful Eyes! The deck works wonderfully to amass a mass of Dwarfs that can basically deal with anything -- err... that is, until I had to face the Balrog in Shadow and Flame. Problem is that he keeps wiping out allies before we have a chance to create a swarm. I tried replacing a few event cards with more allies and I also switched over to Gimli instead of Thalin (my guess is that this may be one of those quests where Thalin is not the best choice) but I have still lost 4 straight times. Any advice on ways to tweak the deck to take on SaF?
  6. Randyman

    Watcher in The Water Tentacle Question

    Wow - that is davastating -- what about the Thrashing Tentacle -- if I draw the trigger card when I attack it back, do I put my own damage on my character or his damage (3 pts) on my character?
  7. Randyman

    Watcher in The Water Tentacle Question

    In step 3 (above), if the attack indeed becomes undefended, then you must assign the damage to a Hero -- not the exhausted Character that you selected for defense, right? Just trying to clarify this
  8. It must be the Sleeping Sentry? It cost me dearly in on my first attempt but, I used Burning Brand to successfully cancel shadow effects the second time around -- I thought about just tossing some Hasty Strokes in the deck since I already had Narvi's Belt but decided that might be too complicated (two cards to get out instead of one). The Dwarf Deck is working great -- on to WitW...
  9. Randyman

    Warden of Healing multiple use?

    Thats fantastic -- I don't think I will ever use the Daughter of Nimrodel again!
  10. Is it OK to pay two resources to ready the Warden more than once per round? Say I've got 4 lore resources available -- I would like to use him in 2 different action windows to heal twice... not sure if thats legal....
  11. RX and DS -- You both have helped me tremendously with building an optimal pre-Hobbit Saga Solo Dwarf Deck -- I am really enjoying experimenting with the combinations you have both proposed. I started with the 'built-a dwarf-deck-randyman' (Dain-Bifur-Dwalin) and beat Redhorn Gate on the fourth try. Many of your points ring true -- when I finally did win, I had a nice swarm of 10 dwarves on the table and I ended up with 3 (!) unused Lure of Moria cards in my hand... Also, I did make use the cancelling cards quite a bit. I had to expand the deck to 54 cards as I added 2 copies each of Ancestral Knowledge and Shadow of the Past just specifically for Redhorn Gate. Is there an alternative to SotPast for this scenario? It seems like it is too easy to miss the needed victory points without it. Now I'm moving on to the Thalin-Dain-Bifur deck(s) from Beorns path and have made most of the suggested modifications. I hate to see the cancelling cards go away and it is very hard not to include certain cards that I have grown very attached to (e.g. Henamarth, Durins Song, Healing Herbs) and there are some new (to me) Tactics cards I'm dying to try out (Khazad Khazad, Erebor Battle Master, Ring Mail) so I'm probably going to go with a 55-56 card deck and be working with a several combinations for the next week or so. I seem to be having a very difficult time keeping the deck down to 50 so it begs the question -- maybe I'd be better off going with two spheres instead of three? I guess I'll tackle that issue after a few more tri-sphere quests....RM
  12. Wow -- thanks Rouxxor, this is exactly what I was looking for -- I am playing the tri-sphere deck you designed right now and it is great fun. One question, if I switch out Dwalin and go tactics to use 'Gimli, feint and small' -- which card do you mean by 'small' ?
  13. ...with very little success so far. I have 2 Core + 6 Mirkwood cycle + Khazad-Dum + 6 Dwarrowdelf cycle so I thought I would have enough cards to focus on Dwarves but after 8 tries and 8 fails it just isn't working very well. I find that I must mix in some Eagles to give the deck some clout -- and frankly I just feel a little silly bringing Eagles underground with my Dwarves. I am trying to get thru the Dwarrowdelf cycle with one basic Dwarf deck and just change out a few cards for each new adventure. Gimli-Dain-Bifor and Gimli-Dain-Dwalin have been my choices for heroes to date (ther are six to select from). I've seen several decks that include cards from Over Hill and Under Hill & On the Doorstep, but I am hoping to find a sturdy deck list that pre-dates those cards -- Basically, if anyone can point me in the right direction, I'd be forever grateful....
  14. Randyman

    Burning Brand clarification

    Yes -- I am trying to play them in order (also, I've been buying them in order so thats all I have!) -- I've been using H. Riversong and Rumour from the Earth but to make it all work, I still think you need a fair bit of luck to get thru this one. Thanks for the advice -- now I'm looking forward to some of those cards from later releases!
  15. Randyman

    Burning Brand clarification

    Ouch -- I cannot figure out a way to beat this quest without using a Spirit deck - even with Burning Brand in play, I have managed to go down to defeat 4 times in a row.