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  1. I'm sure Mario deserves a victory - but not in this way. May I propose a rematch because if Mario wins again in the future, people will always doubt the validity of the result. I also fear that from now on, the international X-wing community will never be able to take results coming out of Spain seriously. Because, hey - if you don't care then why should we care about what happens in Spain?
  2. I dont see perfect formation flying. What I see is one of the Spain Regionals finalists repeatedly breaking the game rules and winning the tournament. .
  3. Unfortunately your statements are not correct.It would have been impossible for Mario to keep formation if he moved his ships in the correct order. In the second move, there was an AP at the rear of the left hand group that would bave bumped the ship in front of it. This is not the only example. To say that this did not have an impact on the outcome is also very dangerous.
  4. 5. It looks like Mario moves his Howlrunner before a Black Sqn Pilot at points [30:22]. 6. He does it again at point [36:47]
  5. Hi I reviewed the video of the X-Wing Regional Madrid 2016 Final. 1. Note that Mario Nunez puts down his first Ties on the right side of his edge. I presume they must be his Academy pilots [14:01] as they are pilot skill 1. 2. In the first movement phase he start movement with left hand side group. I presume his Black Sqn Pilots at pilot skill 4. [18:28] 3. Note that Mario moves, what appears to be a pilot skill 4 ship before the pilot skill 1 ship on the right hand side of that block. [18:31] 4. In the second movement phase he starts movement with the right hand side group [21.59], I presume they must be the Academy pilots again. Surely this cannot be correct or am I mistaken?
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