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  1. Hello everyone i got some questions to you, how you handle some situations in your Groups 1. at first we startet way back in first edition, the main part of the player characters was at level 7, wich is relativly high, than we startet Second adition and Simply Portet them into the different rules,wich ment they become much more powerfull, but only two charakters of them are my problem, if they hit, they kill Space Marines, the first uses a Astartes Flametrower (he got a special rule to do so) and the other one is a Techpriest wit the two handet version of this power Axe, my question is, how do you handle "overpowerd" characters, i never will trow this charackters out of the party, because in Roleplaying the best part is in my opionion evolve your charackter, how can i fix this problem, take away the axe is a bad idear because it is the symbol of the adeptus mechanicus 2. what is the most powerfull charackter you ever had in your groups? you read about my Flametrower priest and axe murder techpriest, but my own charackter has now a really high Fellowship 60 or so, in a game with a d100 it seams relly high, but as long i am the GM my players preffer to fight their way trugh the adventure anyway, what is your experiance how the players work? i desperatly try to focus the storry the setting the adventure but a undercover mission once turnt into a dungeon crawler because the enemys only had AP0 weapons besides this, Dark herasy is my Faforite Game System, i tryed my best to write correctly im sorry if my english isn´t the best i try to improve it beyond the shool standart we have here.. .
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