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    great job
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    I've start this week with my own scenario. I take several months to complete, but i want to make it good so the time doesn't matter

    i've just started also paint the miniatures

    i'll show it on my blog http://wizwarmastered.blogspot.it/2016/05/customization.html
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    A few more views of the maze.



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    Rules for mantained spells counting against your hand size are not optional, they are core. Variants could consider this in a modified way, but not core rules
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    Picking up items drains an action, so, you can't actually farm your whole deck in one round.
    In any case, the card reads "the first time you cast or acquire" so in any case I'd say it works only for the first time (even if it's difficult to keep into account how many times you did this in the game). Regardless of whether my reading is correct, I'd suggest your friend to play the game so that all the players have fun, so, without trying to lawyering the cards to skew them in his favor. Had the sense of the card been coincident with your friend's reading, then the wording would have been really different
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