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  1. 1) yes, and it's part of great strategies 2) http://wizwarmastered.blogspot.it/2014/02/conjuring-counter-shield.html as i wrote, shield block a minimum amount of 3 damage. remember that shield block source of damages, so multi-source spells like Fire Darts are harder to counter, although you use a counter that affect spell itself
  2. trust me, the walls and stones system it's one of the less discussed in my playing group. i think it's one of the few perfectly balanced rules of entire game, expansions included. julia take this aspect in a real-game side, but i want to speak about game-mechanics implications. first of all, walls and stone block normally are designed to are UNBREAKABLE, so the fact that in WW you can destroy it it's awesome. second, although map walls, every created wall and stone block are maintained spells (if you play real WW, not child's version), so it's a choice of players to spend 1 spell slot to maintain one of these. third, shutter in the base game, a lot of stuff in MC and BF allow you to give damages like cracks, so it becomes easy to destroy. fourth, the maze are designed MOSTLY to make your play harder, and in a normal 2-points game, if you have 2 destroy wall you have almost win (depending of maze composition and other player behavior). five, one of the most efficient strategy, specially in Deathmatch games, are to build walls and other obstacle around you or your treasure. six, remember the tense you speak at the beginning, " This is more damage than it takes to kill a wizard!!!". you are right, so why you don't kill then? walls and stone block are conceived to stay here and, if you want or need, to be destroyed, but if you want this you must work hard
  3. it's funny because wiz-war have theme and mechanics that several years later become the basis for MTG. sometimes i explain this to my friends and their reaction it's like: "no, maybe is WW that have copied MTG" it's since 2012 that i try to convince people to play WW, but with few results. Recently my group of d&d sessions are happy to play, but they are an oasis in the desert. When i had a game club i tried also to make a tournament, without any result, and in the last year i start a customization work that involve also people working on warhammer's stuff, so someone are knowing this game, but it's hard. by the way, my blog it's in a great moment of views, everyday someone fros US, Canada, Germany, Spain, and other countries are follow my jobs, so ithink there are few players around the world, and i hope my jobs on the blog can help the sharing of this game.
  4. true, adrenaline permit to make 2 attack, and those can be physical, magical or any combinations. wizardblade tells you that, when you perform an attack, you can "boost" it with energy cards. so, when performed, the energy are lost.
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    don't mess up with minotaur more more than it really is. the text explain exactly how it works: - during minotaur's turn, it CAN'T ATTACK - during other wizard's turn, it CAN ATTACK ONLY IF wizard enters in a square that is on LOS of minotaur - after performed attack on any wizard, it CAN'T ATTACK until next wizard's turn, even if wizard move out and back the square in LOS there are only 2 things that require attention about it: - when it attack, he move, so after attack you must check new LOS - different is if a wizard push other one into LOS of minotaur. as long as minotaur CAN'T ATTACK MORE THAN ONE TIMES PER TURN, a wizard can be attacked multiple times, one in it's turn and one in other player's turn
  6. listening to this article TJ had made the expansion itself, or almost tried to do: http://www.leagueofgamemakers.com/a-brief-history-of-wiz-war/ so the possible roads are two: it create and we must wait, or it not create. for the second, a lot of people have tried before (also before 8th edition) to make custom expansion, but most of them are focused only on board sector. in this days i start a personal project about a possible 6th player expansion that include: - 6th player, orange colour, with miniature and coloured base - 6th player's orange themed board sector, also double-faced - 6th player's token and other player's stuffs (treasures, etc...) - 84 new cards, cointain 1 new grey cantrip (base schools, 12 cards, the same as b/w ones) and 3 new schools (24 cards each) - a new type of boards, made by triangle, doublefaced with corridors on one side (like portals) and half room on others (i'll explain later) concept on this project are: - made possible to play in 6 players - made possible to play with 3 different decks - made possible team's matches, with different solution i'll try to write something more specific about in next days
  7. beacuse i think every sector have a particular wall's disposition. the labyrinths are different in every colours, both in classic and modern version, so like the blue modern sector that isn't touching any border walls, the red's classic have 2 doors. remember that usually the sector's labyrinths are made for not advantage/disadvantage too much the players
  8. rotate sector nullify effect that affect walls such as wall created near 2 sector border line and cracks on adjacent border line's walls.
  9. mmm no, i think Fire Cloak damage you only 1 time, because on card it's written "... after damaging you", so reading this i understand after the attacker perform it's complete attack
  10. i tried a modified on personal (1deck/player) deck's composition because 3 school for 1 player, for me, it's a little bit complicated to manage, so in lasts games we made personal decks in this way: 1 cantrip + 2 schools in this way you can find a deck more specialized than normal, you know also every card of deck and you play it like MTG, with a quick replacing of cards in hand i tried in past also a very personal deck for players taking every card and shuffle then into a 60 cards deck, but it was very like MTG and the choiche down on the same cards per player, without very variability of deck itself
  11. i think flash energy was concept to power the game through some schools, so i used to take the schools with flash energy into the fab-3 to use that, and not take the single flen i remember wrong or in BF there is some card with the sentence "use only flash energy to boosts this spell"? http://wizwarmastered.blogspot.it/2014/11/hexcraft-energy-6-flash-energy.html
  12. the fact is the choiche you make before plays with your friends. Maintained spell have optional rules that make them counting on your hand size (most used when play with expert players) or not, so in the first everything you have played and not discarded/ended count, like permanent/temporary spells or items, the second permit permanent/temporary spells to not take space in your hand size. wrote on rules, you can end any spell you cast in any moment of your turn before discard&draw phase
  13. Kymoi


    "the first time" is aka "once per turn" in card game, only change the time when it lasts, but it means only one time per turn
  14. I've start this week with my own scenario. I take several months to complete, but i want to make it good so the time doesn't matter i've just started also paint the miniatures i'll show it on my blog http://wizwarmastered.blogspot.it/2016/05/customization.html
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